Saturday, May 02, 2009

Monarch Mind Control's Covert Powers over American Children

"The mind is not shaped by logic or reason, but by attitude functioning through the sub-conscious mind. The mind can then be controlled, and by attitudes, this control can be fully denied." --Project MKULTRA Mind Control

When you mind control an entire culture, Hitler's entire eugenics operation can fly under the radar of the mind controlled. Where Republican power rules supreme, they do so with actual sex cults. Nazi Mind Control has the power to build intellectual blindness into the population through mass media sex and terror programming. As American children are held in sexual ignorance, they are actively programmed to believe media and government are "parental." Core gullibility programmed into American children was the mission of Operation Mockingbird. Such intellectual blindness produces enormous eugenics results. Direct parallels with Nazi Germany are no mere illusion, as such programming comes directly from Nazi Germany.

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