Saturday, May 09, 2009

Judge Threatens Amish Couple

Sandra K. Reabuck
The Tribune-Democrat
May 9, 2009
EBENSBURG — Cambria County Judge Norman Krumenacker today ordered two Amish couples to leave their homes by 10 a.m. Monday or face eviction by the sheriff because they’ve not complied with sewage and building code regulations.

Krumenacker said that sheriff deputies will padlock the houses and any barns or outbuildings on the properties, and the padlocks will remain in place until the properties are brought into compliance.

He held them in contempt of court for not following his January order that gave them 60 days to be in compliance.

The couples are Joely and Mary Swartzentruver, who, along with their three young children, live along Amadei Road in Barr Township, and John and Susan Miller, who with their one child, living along Duman Road in Blacklick Townships.

They are members of the ultraconservative Swartzentruver sect which does not use modern conveniences.

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