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Sex Education is Key to America's Loss of Reality, Loss of Common Sense

President Jimmy Carter: "Deprived of proper sex education, American girls are five times as likely to have a baby as French girls, seven times as likely to have an abortion, and seventy times as likely to have gonorrhea as girls in the Netherlands. Also, the incidence of HIV/AIDS among American teenagers is five times that of the same age in Germany."

Sigmund Freud's "reality principle" states that children are meant to learn about sexuality and morals at the proper times as determined by nature and by real parents. The loss of reality in the American population is sourced to childhood brainwashing of myths, delusions and taboos which are directly linked to Republican Mind Control operations coming out of the Bohemian Grove death cult. These abuses to children stem from Nazi Mind Control brought to the U.S. in the 1940s. The Nazified bureaucrats who enforce this brainwashing are a tremendous threat to our children and it's high time to expose their horrific crimes against children.

Today, this Mind Control is normalized in much of U.S. Mockingbird media as the average Action Hero kills 50 people in the course of one movie and there are more pornography pages on the Internet than people in the United States. Americans have simply not been told how this brainwashing actually works. There is a direct link to these Mind Control operations and military PsyOps. Sexual repression is central to indoctrinating children for this Mind Control. The bigotry shown toward fathers in Bedford County is so profound as to suggest a broad eugenics operation where these children will be subjected to sexual myths and taboos which will destroy their own families over and over again. As this process of sexual repression often causes hysteria in children, few Americans are aware that such hysteria can lead to a lifetime of neurosis, family dysfunction, drug addiction and other major personal problems.

The sex magic tricks being used on women and children in Bedford County include sexual amplification where fathers will not be permitted to test or treat a child for a yeast infection as such treatment will be amplified as a sex act. He will have no recourse to a lawyer or any due process whatsoever, as he will be demonized as guilty until proven innocent, an impossible task as he will be required to prove a negative in a contrived environment of imposed hysteria and false drama. For a child that knows nothing about yeast infections, such amplification becomes useful for inflaming sex taboos in those mothers who have been deliberately raised sexually repressed and highly vulnerable to these sex magic tricks. Fathers will be unable to educate a child as necessary for proper subconscious emotional development of strong ego and sexual ethics because of these sex predators of the state. This intimidation and destruction of the parental duty represses the parental instincts of the entire community, turning these children into sexually repressed mind slaves easily programmed by mass media groupthink conformity and highly vulnerable to neurosis and sex taboo programming. This enforcement of banality and learned ignorance turns the entire community of children into conforming mind slaves.

As these children are raised sexually repressed and imbued with powerful sex taboos against fathers, this cycle of Nazi eugenics is amplified and their own families will suffer the same Nazi eugenics fate. Enormous divorce and family dysfunction is achieved through state force and a totalitarian scientific fraud. Science has proven that sex education between children and fathers is absolutely critical for building "elite" children. The state builds these sex taboos into the non-elite as powerful weapons of warfare and eugenics precisely as exposed by Freud 100 years ago. The destruction of families by employing Freudian sex taboos is no coincidence! This is psychological warfare advanced by America's own Mind Control operation.

Call President Obama and demand an investigation into these atrocities against children: 202-456-1414

The Justice Department requirements to prosecute corrupt child traffickers.

The fact that sexual education is much more advanced in Europe is no coincidence. Nazi Mind Control targets children for wrongful sexual repression away from normal sexual development. These problems can be resolved by the historically all-important parental duty of early and natural sex education which is now repressed by force and ignorance in much of America. By falsely advertising themselves as a healthcare organization, this eugenics operation attracts unsuspecting victims who believe they are meeting with professionals. This is in fact a Republican sex cult, creating child sex slaves and false orphans for profit, and destroying the most important empowerment tool for children in the entire community. The Nazification of American children is so obvious to the PsyOps expert, that such education is universally viewed as absolutely critical. These criminals routinely violate parents' most basic civil rights and patient bill of rights. As these parents seek healthcare elsewhere, they are subjected to absentee sex inquisitions as Nazi Mind Control is being employed against their hapless families. The smallest of children are coached into believing that they have been violated by basic and necessary parental duties. Their children are then trafficked like slaves with no legal recourse and certainly nothing remotely akin to due process of law.

Much of what has been normalized in U.S. media serves to mask these operations and brainwash the population to believe that these sex predators are CSI-styled professionals as they function to attain underground military recruiting and eugenics goals. They are then empowered to build a broad underground child trafficking operation where the "sleight of hand" achieves child sacrifices to build powerful political powers which shape the subconscious fears of the entire community. Broad eugenics family dysfunction is achieved by this mass media programming of "parental government." As an expert in PsyOps, I chose to raise my own children in sexual truth and historical truth concerning the real threats to children at the proper times and with methods perfected in Europe and at Harvard to protect and empower children. My family was then attacked by American Nazis who are a major threat to your children. Dealing with those who suffer from sexual repression is very difficult, as most will live their entire lives in denial of the sadism caused by imposed ignorance in their childhoods.

Naturalistic parenting taught at Harvard and Yale, by Dr. Koop and around the world by the "elite" is simultaneously used as an excuse to traffic in children in the "non-elite" world. Is this a basic scam of the eugenics movement? Bedford children are denied parental empowerment and are deliberately raised sexually repressed to become mind slaves, even as 100 years of solid science has proven this indoctrination into ignorance is a basic Nazi sex scam. The Nazi Eugenics movement began in Bedford, Pennsylvania where it still thrives as hundreds of children are being Nazified by bigots and brainwashers who target their families with Nazi sex tricks and terror operations.

The Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove sex and death programming of "Mental Hygiene" goes much deeper than you will want to know. It has programmed deep bigotries and intellectual blindness into most Americans, making them one of the most mind-controlled cultures on earth. They are now too mind-controlled and Nazified to understand the real duty and real role of true fathers and the Constitution of the United States. They are thoroughly brainwashed by continual psychic violence in media that destroys the parental duty and constitutional clarity, the only thing that could have protected them from this powerful brainwashing. At no time in history is the parental duty more important to children!

Recent [O'Brien
and Phillips, TRANCE Formation of America (pp 170-1)
] information
may radically change this perception of Bohemian Grove. Not merely
drunkenness, unbounded use of alcohol and drugs with vague homosexual
tones (confirmed by our sources) but reported activities much more
serious - kidnapping, rape, pedophilia, sodomy, ritual murder.

Investigation is blocked under the 1947 National Security Act. (!) And
like the Omaha child abuse case, includes illegal detention of
children and broad use of Mind Control devices on children. Many of these child sex slaves are supplied by Child Services organizations which operate child sex slave mills as in Bedford, Pennsylvania. One purpose of such child abuse is to build Satanic arrogance into the New World Order bureaucrats. This is the arrogance and deception that will be necessary to kill hundreds of millions of victims around the world. If you do not report this child abuse by bureaucrats, you are empowering them for the next holocaust.

Understand that World War II demonstrated the profound power of Mind Control over a targeted population. The brainwashing of American P.O.W.s in Korea also proved the power of these methods. Those Americans like Eisenhower were fully aware of its inherent threats to the U.S. and chose to counter massive Soviet Alpha-level propaganda programming through use of Nazi mind controllers and mass media. The established science of psychology indicates that the conscious mind is not primary. The unconscious mind is primary. This fact makes subconscious programming all-powerful in the wrong hands. This is incredibly important to understand, as the subconscious mind is not rational and can be fully programmed through basic and common Alpha-level media en mass. The unconscious mind then dominates the person's core belief system. This "personal unconscious" layer of the mind includes all experiences which can be programmed. Such programming is extremely powerful over the long term, as this region of the mind stores this information as "literal," even information coming from pure "entertainment." Television was specifically designed by government to function at the perfect hypnotic flicker rate for this mass programming function.

You will need to use your rational mind for an extended period of time just to understand this powerful programming as most Americans now suffer from very powerful taboo programming. This powerful subconscious programming has been employed through mass media since the 1950s. Its purpose is to build millions of top-down cyborgs, those who cannot understand the power system of our Constitution. This programming has worked so thoroughly, that entire mobs of cyborgs now operate child trafficking programs which are indistinguishable from Nazi programs, even as these cyborgs believe they are enforcing the Constitution of the United States. Their entire belief system now resides in the fog of war known as a top-down war-logic, advancing the delusion that our Constitution does not really apply. In this fog of war, they are profoundly delusional about the real threat to our children. You will initially understand this fact as a joke. Freud told our own "elite" how to program these facts as jokes. This is why you must become the exceptional patriot just to understand this powerful Mind Control.

There's a mockingbird in that Bush: Your Mockingbird media has been a totalitarian deception under the Bush administration making them criminally negligent. If you are turning on your television for "truth," you are turning on to a powerful drug.

Millions of U.S. children are now being programmed for "endless war," and their entire belief system will be manipulated into a profound delusion. This delusion will actually kill them, as they will be the first generation to enter into "the singularity" of absolute Mind Control: the absolute merging of mind and machine. The Pentagon is advancing such technology very rapidly. These childrens' families are being destroyed in the precise same manner as Nazi Germany, but cyborgs are fully programmed not to see it this way. Millions of U.S. parents are now waking up to the fact that subconscious programming produces the very same slaves that our Constitution was designed to eliminate. The full demonization of the individual through massive media programming now applies to virtually all individuals and never to government. This produces broad demoralization which fully enslaves and disenfranchises the vast non-elite population. Only intelligent parents can protect their children through effective sex education and careful monitoring of mass media programming. Such sex education is critically important for grounding children into the real power system so as to protect them from the false power systems of the Skull and Bones now everywhere in mass media.

Tavistock was the post WWII model for the CIA's more extensive Monarch Program, which comprises untold millions of unconscious, programmed assets now throughout N. America, Europe and parts of Asia. Mind-controlled bureaucrats now traffic in children on a massive scale. The CIA has now provided us with a massive paper trail to follow an "Enemies Domestic" agenda via subconscious psychological warfare in order to shape the nation. Demoralization, Crisis and Normalization. This is the shaping process used over and over employed by both CIA and KGB. They have actually "perfected" a "science of demoralization" used against millions of children and families employing actual Nazis to develop "sex magic" tricks. The problem is, both political organizations seemed to have the same agenda: groom us all away from constitutional clarity, seeking their "protection" as we all cower in our living rooms as mind-slaves. Many Americans are now bigots who trust mind-controlled bureaucrats more than parents. These Americans have been fully Nazified through mass media "news" and "entertainment."

Most Americans are too proud to admit that their deeply programmed attitudes regarding sex and authority are not their own. As your parents were afraid to teach you the real facts of life, this fear was programmed by their own government. Freud specifically exposed this taboo-building process used for thousands of years. Over generations, such fears become powerful taboos accepted by nearly everyone. The parental duty then became demonized, just as any bad word about the North Korean dictator will spark profoundly emotional programming in North Koreans. These attitudes which destroy the parental duty have been programmed because you were never allowed to have real parents who understood the profound importance of the parental duty of childhood sex education. Your government actively demonized it. You were then fully indoctrinated into mesmerist media which has been fully themed and controlled by our secret federal government to build the "parental government" mythic system which serves the same eugenics function as Hitler's death camps. But we now have the experts in Mind Control, psychology and PSYOPS who can deprogram an American jury and this jury will become outraged at their government for violating them! The parental duty is indeed a sacred duty of the highest import. At no time in history is the all-important parental duty of sex education more important to understand!

Understanding the deep programming of Americans over generations.

CAPTA: The Skull and Bones program for making Slaves.

Understand that the overwhelming majority of Americans have been deeply programmed by mass media not to understand our Constitution's power system and to become infantile through terror and such terror is fully programmed to serve wrongful government. Once any terror strikes, you will instinctively want to turn on your television and be programmed by those "parental" journalists who do not even investigate the most obvious and important aspects of the attack. We have all been thoroughly programmed to dial "911" and your "parental" government. These deeply programmed instincts are now used to drive all of us like cattle as Americans are fully programmed not to understand their own Constitution. These deep programming devices are all sourced to military Psyops operations used to manipulate and control society through groupthink conformity. This mind-controlled public will honor government "authority" over real parents and real facts and enter into the delusion of the "official story." This learned-ignorance is entirely emotion-based and has been programmed to serve wrongful government. But the rational mind can defeat this Mind Control scam.

When they terrorized my wife in order to traffic our children as sex slaves, to be held in sexual repression as ignorant peasants, they activated deep terror programming in my wife. This is called Nazi Mind Control. Being raised sexually repressed and programmed by mass media, she would then fully serve the government's media-based mythic system which has programmed all of us to serve government and not our children. Children actually need to be protected from this powerful brainwashing! By programming the mobs of North-Korean-like sexual repression enforcers, our government deliberately destroys the all-important parental duty of protecting children from the slave-maker. The military industrial complex which scammed us with 9/11 became the slave-maker of millions and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

To build this mythic system of "patriotism" for mass media deception, our children were forced to lose the reality principle which protects them from massive brainwashing operations. They have been deliberately set them up for subconscious slavery. This government then operates de facto eugenics operations, as police and social workers become the "parent" figures who destroy real parents by traumatizing them and activating deep programming. These criminals are fully programmed by mass media as "parental," therefore most Americans become intellectually blind to this Nazi activity by government. When the parental duty is totally lost in a targeted society, mind-controlled bureaucrats then rule over real parents and children and this population is fully repressed by actual slavery. This is the polar opposite power system of our Constitution and this coup of a death-cult elite is achieved by actual Nazi Mind Control.

But now this wrongful authority being programmed by mass media is easy to prove! It is massively documented as coming down from secret federal programs and the events of reality, as happened on the ground on 9/11, are over-powered by a mythic system which is now a theatre of the absurd. The real facts about 9/11 can easily deprogram an American jury. A real American jury of true patriots won't be fooled by Mockingbird media deception!

As I stood up for the truth and for constitutional rights, a programmed mob ruled over this truth like a North Korean mob, just as in Nazi Germany or any other highly mind-controlled society. Sexual repression at childhood is emotionally programmed and enforced by draconian measures to serve this wrongful government power system. But only an enlightened parent could have protected these children from a government that would utterly deceive and destroy them. My wife would be unable to understand why I would not want to advance such wrongful brainwashing into the next generation. After all, she had been set up and traumatized by actual Nazi Mind Control. To understand how police are empowered by this wrongful Nazi Mind Control, simply turn on your television. How does psychic violence in the most popular police shows serve the "parental government" mythic system? The psychic violence empowering government on television is profoundly important to understand as it now demonizes real parents by the millions while government "authority" is sexed-up as "parental" and "competent." This psychic violence is deeply programming your subconscious mind and now fully serves wrongful government which routinely gets away with atrocities.

I stood up against this wrongful programming even though exposing this military PSYOPS would endanger my own family. Those protecting this illegal programming are among the most evil people on earth. They have killed many brave patriots in the truth movement. Exposing the truth about Mind Control would even serve to expose the 9/11 fraud, its ultimate coup. But my family was literally surrounded by top-down cyborgs who were fully programmed by the Skull and Bones sex and death programming of "behaviorist science." They would only laugh at this horrible truth that such "science" is a basic Nazi sex scam. These bureaucrats are fully programmed as Nazis at the subconscious level as 60 years of Nazi Mind Control has been used against them. But as I stand up for basic constitutional rights, I demand the real context to how I raise children! This real context comes down from Harvard by those deeply opposed to Skull and Bones sex and death programming!

Audio: Media & Mind Control in America

by Steven Jacobson

(5.24MB) 22Min 52 Sec

(4.75MB) 20Min 45 Sec

Mixing politics and religion is extremely dangerous, as this gives birth to the Machiavellian manipulator. As this manipulator employs your own deeply programmed belief system against you, it becomes invisible to your rational mind. This is the true function of Nazi Mind Control, as the secret government will put on a "parental" public face, as it simultaneously commits horrendous crimes in near-totalitarian invisibility. As they dominate your press through powerful conformist attitudes, the truth of their crimes never reach a mass audience. As your own government manipulates the many, many sub-cults which attract your children, these all serve the elite death cult at the Bohemian Grove.

Few cults are as dangerous to our children as the "child services" sex cults, as they are now fully programmed as Nazi bigots who destroy the most enlightened of parents first. They fully believe they are "helping" and "saving" children, as they are really building mind-controlled cyborgs for elite eugenicists. Such bigotry programming now exists in places like the Jerry Springer show, but the programming of bigotry will not end at the doorstep of "white trash" or Harvard-educated liberals. After all, Nazis always start with the most enlightened and the most marginalized and work their way down. They eventually shoot their most loyal henchmen. 25 million non-custodial parents have been attacked by the witchcraft of the Skull and Bones "Mental Hygiene" and this attack is invisible to the rational minds of millions. They are not even told the "behaviorist science" which produces massive parental alienation is really masking the true science of Freud which is used against them since the 1950s. This powerful bigotry programming fully serves wrongful politics and eugenics and is powerful subconscious programming which effectively reverses our Constitution's power system without changing a single word of that document.

Deep programming of terror in movies like The Exorcist was all sourced at military and CIA PSYOPS operations. By demonizing the fertility archetypes within the subconscious mind, this film actually serves eugenics. Massive terror programming is now fully normalized as "entertainment" and can be studied for its true intent. As these Hollywood effects enter the subconscious mind, they are stored in terror-centers as "demons" of the mind which can be activated by government terror operations. Government is now empowered to terrorize your wife and children with Freudian sex taboos that were deliberately imposed on ignorant children. This terror activates deep programming where government becomes "parental" as conditioned through mass media. This is a basic weapon of Psyops advanced over generations which now functions as a powerful tool for eugenics. Freud fully explained this powerful Psyops to our "elite" many decades ago. Protecting your children from these devices will not be understood by mind-controlled bureaucrats, because the very science of Freud is now repressed in America.

The Bohemian Grove power cult builds thousands of sub-cults as top-down pyramids of power. These many pyramids of wrongful power all build the pyramid which supports the elite cult at the top in perpetual wrongful power. By understanding this subconscious power pyramid, you will notice that it is no different from a North Korean personality cult. Our many pyramids provide the illusion of political conflict and diversity but all serve the Bohemian Grove in total mental invisibility. Most Americans have not even heard of the Bohemian Grove by design. This power system is advanced through powerful sub-conscious programming making your own mind blind to our Constitution's true power system. Learn the truth!

I am demanding justice with the full context of terror and bigotry programming as the true backdrop of my decision to educate our children according to Harvard's sex education program. The full context to my decision to educate my children will expose the Mind Control which comes down from a Bohemian Grove death cult! Believe me, they do not want you to know the real truth about child trafficking in America: it fully serves the Pentagon on many, many levels. They have made these facts invisible to your rational mind. This truth is now profoundly important for parents to understand. Your family will be easily stolen and abused as my family has been, but you will be turned into a bogey-man in the process and absolutely none of your parental or civil rights will be honored. This is the Machiavellian manipulator at work and he is profoundly evil and powerful. Only a real parent could have protected you from this mythic system of the elite. It's time to wake up to the truth!

Read one of the "Bibles" of the Skull and Bones elite.

Skull and Bones: A Racial Nightmare at Yale.

Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove connection to occult Eugenics.

Celebrating Slavery at Bedford Springs.

Secret Government's Population Control Operations.

All you ever wanted to know about Operation Mockingbird Deception Media Mind Control.

The "Angel of Death" Joseph Mengele worked for the CIA for decades on Eugenics.

9/11: An Inside Job.

View No Smoke Without Fire: The 9/11 Truth Movement from a British Perspective..

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