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Bedford Pennsylvania RICO Lawsuit: Slavery, Ritualistic Child Abuse, Conspiracy against Rights, 9/11 "War on Terror" Fraud

Citizens for Justice are advancing a RICO lawsuit against conspirators involved in the criminal negligence, emotional terrorism, slavery, trafficking and abuse of children in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. We are seeking criminal convictions, a multi-million dollar settlement and the freedom of child sex slaves. The bigotry used to destroy families in Bedford County and produce child sex slaves is precisely the same as the bigotries employed by the Nazi movement in Europe. The direct links between Nazi Mind Control and our own current government are overwhelming.

Thousands of American parents are learning the truth about Nazi Mind Control now used against American families by Nazified bureaucrats and they are choosing comprehensive sex education to educate and protect their children from these sex predators of the state.

In a society which brainwashes its children, the most enlightened and educated of families will be targeted first, just like in Nazi Germany. Other families who do not conform will soon follow. We need criminal convictions and court judgments in the hundreds of millions of dollars to save our children from government brainwashing operations. Governments now routinely employ terror and trauma to build wrongful authority over their populations. This is a basic Nazi sex scam for which Mengele perfected on children in concentration camps.

The parental duty of sex education through naturalistic methods is historically all-important because of thousands of years of slavery. The parental duty protects children from taboos, neurosis, intellectual blindness, drug addictions and many other evils. Yet the Nazified bigots in government are destroying the most important empowerment tool for children so that your children are thoroughly brainwashed by Mockingbird media. This matter goes to the heart of bigotry programming by the power elite which is normalized but extremely wrong and is why most Americans will react emotionally and not rationally. They have been deeply programmed as bigots in regard to the historically all-important parental duty and they can be de-programmed just as was necessary in Nazified Europe. Most bigotry and intellectual blindness is programmed at childhood through destruction of the parental duty. It deliberately sets children up as sexual idiots which is designed to repress them into superstition, dependency on government and deadly disease. The eugenicide of the ruling elite includes a dramatic attack against the parental duty in America, virtually wiping it out of the collective consciousness and replacing it with sex predator myths and Nazified bureaucrats.

Even though these bureaucrats are deeply programmed with sex myths and taboos, they insist that your children be programmed with them as well. The rational mind must forge into these sex taboos so as to fully understand why the taboos have been built. They have been specifically built for wrongful authority over parents. They were specifically designed to build a wrongful power system, a slavery system, over enlightened parents, something our Founding Fathers knew well as a threat by mesmerists. Mesmerists today use the mass media system which has been deliberately set up to take advantage of exploited children, those children who were not allowed to have real parents and were then indoctrinated into a television mythic system even though such television is illegally controlled and manipulated by secret government. This mythic system advances false wars, demonization of the individual and the Nazification of America and its power is rooted in the taboos which destroy real parents. Taboos are where religions steal children and taboos are where governments steal children. They build sadism, gullibility and alienation into a dumbed-down population of mass-media conformists. When mass media is controlled by a secretive death cult at the Bohemian Grove, this conformity produces broad eugenics results and the full Nazification of American society.

Taboos are therefore extremely important to understand and are irrational emotional responses to rational acts. It is a profoundly rational act for parental sex education in the modern world because your children are in fact being Nazified by mass media for "endless war." This taboo of parental sex education which represses the parental duty is so evil and wrong that good science tried to destroy it 100 years ago, but this taboo exists for only one reason: government brainwashing. Governments and authorities like religion build such taboos to protect their power sources. The sex taboo which destroys the parental duty has been built in order to hide the government's brainwashing source. American media is so obviously biased toward war, violence and death that only the brainwashed cannot see that it is all sourced at Pentagon PsyOps and requires the destruction of the reality principle in millions of children.

The fact that Darth Vader was later the voice of CNN is not coincidence. Deep programming of authority from the dark side was an ongoing mission of Mockingbird media for many decades. CNN now provides intellectual cover for advancing many, many false wars. This highly unconstitutional attack against our children has an enormous price tag. This is the transfer of authority from enlightened parents who fully understand the roots of neurosis, sadism and Nazi political power to the slave-making state. The slave-making state then fully represses the science which explains slave-making. As children are held in sexual ignorance about the human body, they are often traumatized and violated so that they will be programmed for authority that does not reside with the parent.

Such violation of the parental duty builds intellectual blindness into the child so that they will be unable to communicate about sexual matters as they are easily brainwashed by mass media. Intellectual blindness in regard to sexuality is why 500,000 Americans died of AIDS. The dumbing-down of children in regard to sexuality and the authority of the parent only serves wrongful government brainwashing. This is ancient slave-making programming which builds intellectual blindness into the population in regard to government atrocities. Those elite at the Bohemian Grove know this intellectual blindness very well. Did they then invent AIDS for eugenics population control? You may never research this if you are brainwashed to believe your government is "parental."

You may never discover this brainwashing of government unless you have a young child who suffers from hysteria. You will do anything for that child, and if you are educated as I was, you will understand that hysteria in children is sex based. It often indicates the violation of the parental duty as children are held in irrational fears in regard to sexuality. They may have been taken away from their natural father or may have been held in sexual repression as a cultural conditioning method. They often have deeply subconscious fears of being raped which is already pre-programmed into their minds by nature. This pre-programming of fear can be resolved by the parental duty, empowering that child to understand sexual truth. But through violation of the parental duty, this fear can be a powerful source of government manipulation and can now be easily employed by the state to build wrongful authority over that child. Such children are then doomed to banality of state domination and will never achieve the understanding of elite children. But because of brainwashing in America, your government never tells you this critical information, as this information is well known in Europe. The slave-makers in America are rarely challenged in real courts of law. Such a violation of our children must be reversed.

Just after World War II, your government brought 600 Nazi mind controllers to America in order to invert our Constitution and program the entire society for eugenics and "endless war." The Constitution is so utterly inverted today, that parents are guilty until proven innocent in Kafkaesque false courts run largely by Nazified bigots, and the most enlightened of parents are having their children trafficked as sex slaves by actual Nazis. In America, most parents are literally replaced by the television as the emotional and rational mentor for the child and this was all planned by secret government many decades ago. Television today is full Nazification which demonizes the individual and makes government bureaucrats "parental." Television is then deeply programming these children with secret government "authority" agendas. These children will be driven into concentration camps lovingly depicted by their "parental" media and government as "freedom centers." These cyborg children will willingly march off to any emotionally engineered war created to kill them. They have no idea that their media parents are really CIA assets telling them lies. We now have sexual repression cults enforcing the indoctrination of children into this mass-media mythic system en mass. What is the true reason for American mass-media brainwashing?

It never occurred to you that your Constitution never set up your government as "parental," this has been programmed by Nazi Mind Control. You have a fundamental right to protect your children from Nazi sex cults.

World Trade Center Building 7 was home to the secret federal government, contained an enormous amount of evidence and was NOT hit by an aircraft. Most American are intellectually blind to this building's demise, because they have been deeply programmed to view their media and government as "parental" and can do no wrong. If you viewed this building's demise as an act of terrorism from a man living in a cave on the other side of the world, you may have suffered from very powerful Mind Control. Your brain may be infected with the Monarch Worm.

The most important news story in U.S. history has been completely covered up by an imposed delusion that your media and government are "parental." This omission of truth was criminal negligence of the highest order and was facilitated by mass brainwashing. To build this broad mythic system of mass deception required the destruction of millions of children, violating them at childhood away from the parental duty.

Controlled demolition freefall collapse (slow motion). For those who suffer the neurosis of mass media brainwashing, this building is invisible to the rational mind. It may take you some time to de-program yourself.

The "damage" done to Building 7 was done inside of the building, suspiciously. Not a single window was broken by the other towers' collapse. This was a super-fortified steel structure built as a bomb shelter for the secret government.

YouTube attempting to censor the 9/11 Truth Movement

My children were stolen by an actual Nazi sex cult to be held in sexual repression and programmed as sex slaves for Nazi war propaganda. I am mad as hell, and I will not be deterred.

Today's bureaucrats who target your children have been deeply programmed with Freudian sex taboos. This provides them with the energy and zeal to destroy the most important empowerment tool for early childhood: parental sex education. But such bigotry is precisely the same as found in Nazi Germany, and we can now prove it has the same source. These taboos are powerful weapons of warfare designed to destroy the parental duty of sex education and sophisticated development of children in the entire community. Children held in sexual ignorance at childhood become easily programmed by these taboos. But in Nazi-styled cultures, those parents who protect their children with comprehensive sex education will quickly become the victim of Nazi bigotry programming. This is literally a mob of Nazified political conformists who are crazed because they were denied real parents. The destruction of the parental duty has made them mad.

Enlightened parents in places like Bedford County are having their children stolen and given over to Nazi sex-cults to be raised on sexual repression farms or made into child sex slaves. These atrocities are invisible to the rational minds of the brainwashed. Once the parental duty is destroyed, the entire community is transformed into slaves of the state, as the state simply uses Nazi Mind Control and inflames the deeply embedded sex taboos in their sexually repressed parents. Over generations, this slave-making process becomes very powerful and fully normalized. This allows the state to traffic in the children "without leaving physical scares." This Nazi sex scam is actually an ancient slave-making device known as Black Widow Programming. By violating children's rights to learn about the human body in a normal fashion from real parents, the child is set-up for authoritarian indoctrination into subconscious slavery by the state. This weapon of war spreads the emotional contagion which fully represses the parental duty and sets children up for full media programming which is Nazifying them for "endless war," all based upon the fraud of 9/11. Such underground recruiting methods produces millions of "programmable" children for the Pentagon and funding for it is all sourced at the Bohemian Grove death cult.

Police are now gathering information on children through FaceBook and other "Sun King" secret government programs which serve the slave-makers at the Pentagon.

Destruction of the parental duty will fully invert our Constitution's power system from the enlightened parents of our Founding Fathers to the top-down thugs of Hitler. Yes, those who committed the horrible acts on 9/11 are Nazi thugs. Get the real facts about 9/11. Destruction of the parental duty for Nazification of children by "Behavioral science" is the true reason for massive alienation in Ameican culture today. 600 Nazi Mind Control operatives were brought to America in the 1940s to program Americans through their mass media. You will not understand this coup over the American parent in five minutes. You must become the exceptional patriot and study the real facts about Nazi Mind Control fully normalized in America.

Flight 93 was shot down over our skies on 9/11 and we were force-fed the cock-and-bull story about a man in a cave. We demand that the obstruction of justice by state officials into this mass murder be fully investigated. These murders must be avenged and the child sex slaves made by this state be exposed.

Ritualistic abuse of children for the purpose of political power, wrongful custody and monetary reward are widespread violations of the Constitution of the United States. We now have very credible evidence that Eugenics is a substantial motivator for child ritualistic abuse by state and local authorities in full collaboration with the Bohemian Grove death cult and federal authorities. These bureaucrats are employing Nazi sex tricks on children and force, inflaming hysteria to traffic in children as sex slaves. Underground Pentagon recruitment of children made fatherless by fraud, ritualistic rape and torture for the creation of Mind Control slaves are major contributors to massive child abuse in the United States. These American Nazis intimidate parents and greatly limit legal services and medical services to parents being attacked in order to traffic in their children. The massive, covert psychological warfare against the American people is never exposed to them as a profound violation of the Constitution. We are going to change all of that!

REPORT Child Abuse in its true context: Nazi Mind Control has been brought to the U.S. to be used against our children! A Nazified culture has no future.

We are seeking those abused by Children and Youth Services, Police and Justice Administrators in the County of Bedford, Pennsylvania over a period of 1980 to the present to bravely testify in regards to the following violations of the Constitution of the United States:

  • Murder, rape or ritualistic abuse of any child or children by state, local or federal officials within the confines of Bedford County, Pennsylvania which constitute a conspiracy against rights. Children have the right to life based upon sound and accurate psychology employed by real parents and not upon the needs of a Nazi-styled government. Federal Child Sex Slaves speak out against state child abuse.

  • Prejudicial investigation of parent so as to spread emotional contagion or falsely defame parent which led to the enslavement or trafficking of a child or children and a conspiracy against rights. The Enslavement of Children by Nazi methods.

  • Trafficking or enslavement of a child or children purely for financial gain by federal programs and a conspiracy against rights. CAPTA child "protection" fraud.

  • Violation of parental rights for equal protection under the law which led to the enslavement or trafficking of a child or children and a conspiracy against rights. The new Reign of Terror for parents.

The neurosis caused in children by the violation of the parental duty can be proven to an intelligent American jury. This neurosis is a profound violation of the child and only Nazis do this to children for the purpose of brainwashing. Nazi bigotry programming is rooted in sexual repression at childhood. Rednecks will attack enlightened parents who do not want to raise their children as Nazis. Parental sex education is used everywhere in Europe to "de-Nazify" Europeans from Nazi Mind Control. Such empowerment of children is profoundly necessary in America today.

The entire "war on terror" is a fraud and has been deeply programmed into Americans through military PsyOps. This is a totalitarian mythic system created by government Mind Control for which only a few "elite" understand and control. The real power system for human beings is subconscious, therefore intelligent and well-educated parents will empower their own children for the realities of a subconscious power system. Freud knew this empowerment of children as normal and necessary as building the "reality principle."

"Elite" children are empowered by comprehensive sex education by their parents because such empowerment builds normal and necessary subconscious understanding in that child. State Department, military PsyOps and CIA employees are all instructed on the importance of early, naturalistic sex education between parent and child. But if you attempt to raise your own children in Bedford as "elite" children, this government will now use Mind Control, force and deception to destroy your family. These Mind Control devices are all emotion-based but are profoundly powerful. This fraud required the destruction of the reality principle in millions of children so that they entered into the delusional media-based programming of the government. It is a basic Nazi sex scam that the subconscious minds of children do not exist or are unimportant. Nothing is further from the truth! Children are sexual and require sophisticated sexual ethics development at childhood by real parents. "De-patterning" their minds away from this natural process causes enormous emotional harm. Your government has built powerful taboos into this issue because it is the very source of a massively fraudulant and wrongful power system. This secret to wrongful and unconstitutional power has utterly inverted our Constitution so that we have become one of the most mind-controlled nations on earth. Parental empowerment of children should not be met with lies, force or deception by governments or mobs. These emotions have been built into the culture just like in North Korea and for the very same reason of brainwashing children. Learn the truth!

In this lawsuit Top Experts will prove:

The over-whelming majority of Americans have been deeply violated at childhood away from the normal development of sexual truth and empowerment by the parental duty so that they were programmed by secret Mind Control operations involving mass media like television. These violated children were then programmed with sex taboos, myths and neurosis which serves secret government agendas. This programming is all sourced at military PsyOps operations for over 50 years. Such programmed children are then easily manipulated by sex, drugs and usury devices of Mind Control for the rest of their lives.

9/11 was an "inside job" proving the intent and purpose of this mass brainwashing.

Nazi Mind Control is found throughout American culture to serve the secret agendas of the military industrial complex. What we were warned by Eisenhower as a "spiritual attack" against the American family has indeed come to pass and is fully normalized as "news" or "entertainment." We simply need the courage to view the big picture. The "spiritual attack" is simply subconscious psychological warfare by those who understand real psychology and enjoy enormous powers to secretly advance it: the Bohemian Grove death cult. They have remained in near-absolute power since World War II. We must resolve to have the courage and decency to advance these truths in a real court of law.

The fact that your deeply held idea of power and authority has been fully inverted to serve a top-down government mythic system is not a coincidence. Freud told our own government how to accomplish this coup over the Constitution and over real parents 100 years ago through Mind Control. You simply must become the exceptional patriot and learn the truth about this powerful Mind Control fraud.

After World War II, President Eisenhower not only advanced an American version of the Nazi War machine, but he advanced a Nazi-inspired road system, Navy, Rocketry, Drug and Mind Control program. The Mind Control program was the most secret because it is the most disturbing and the most unconstitutional. Eisenhower was impressed with everything Nazi, therefore you would be highly negligent to assume he did not secretly advance Nazi Mind Control against us. Mind Control employs sex, drugs and usury devices which have been normalized for which elite children should be protected. All children are elite children.

An intelligent American jury will no longer be deceived by Nazi Mind Control!

Review Roberts Court slavery, Roberts Court terrorism, Roberts Court 9/11 false flag terror attack, Roberts Court Mind Control.

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