Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So You Think Your Children are Safe in Bedford County?

Now that the Courts have destroyed my family without any contact with me, I believe I have the right to appeal to my own government and the current Roberts Court. My dear child is victim of a child bounty that will help pay for your courthouse. I know this by working with hundreds of children in Bedford County schools who have been wrongfully abused by a state agency working a very horrible system. This bounty is implemented and managed by bigoted bureaucrats who improve their institutional status by building false dramas, largely about "sex abuse" and are an abomination to justice anywhere, all in the guise of helping children. My two-year-old daughter is completely innocent of any domestic abuse, has been vehemently protested as such by literally everyone in her life, but is nonetheless wantonly abused physically and mentally by welfare agents along with her innocent sisters. They violate all that is sacred by abusing the full power of the state to pit good parents against one another in a mercurial world of institutional bigotry imposing the impossible legal position of proving some vague accusation did not happen in the fog and confusion of one six-year-old child's hysteria, craftily manipulating this adult-inspired hysteria through pure prejudice which is blatantly unconstitutional.

This is a wonderful child, but she is a prosecutor's dream in that her hysteria and imagination is so malleable so as to be easily manipulated by adults and has terrorized her mother and others with the fear that in this hysterical culture of sexual shame, deeply institutionalized as nowhere else on earth, brief, normal and common events will expand, through sexual amplification techniques routinely employed by state agents, into matters which will be viewed by crass adults as signs of "abuse" for a prosecutorial system, not as signs of an actual culture of shame which has confounded her with needless, hysterical spasms of guilt. She suffers from extreme absorption hysteria where innocent facts can be blended with suggestions and wildly exaggerated fears by wrongful adults in authoritative positions. She must be compassionately addressed by unbiased adults, not by adults with an agenda to find or create "child abuse." To address this hysteria we have employed a proven liberal education and a scientifically sound approach in our own home which we deem as our right to empower our children with knowledge at a time when they seek such knowledge.

These hacks are attempting to criminalize this education and affection through the exploitation of childhood fears that expand any physicality with wild exaggeration, wildly biased suggestions which build false memories through fear tactics and a prosecutorial prejudice with small children that has been addressed by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. This child was forced by court order to spend time with her biological father, even as the mother believes his best friend is a convicted sex offender. Then she bathes them upon their return, looking for abuse. My efforts to find abuse and address this girls' questions, concerns and hysteria, as a responsible and educated father, is later used in the same hysterical fashion against me.

Had these hacks in Bedford County spoken with me on my many visits to their office seeking help, had they not violated my Patients Bill of Rights by having me falsely arrested, had they not sought instead to criminalize a father they knew nothing about, these matters and these children would not have suffered these outrages against their Civil Rights. If you are a parent in Bedford County and attempt to educate your child in order to empower that child with knowledge, these hacks will target and prosecute you without your having any word with them. Their arrogance and dysfunction is total. The total demonizing of a parent is required to expand these lies. So their bigotries are extreme. Therefore parental rights are ignored and your children are ushered into a horrible criminal justice system prematurely, wantonly and destructively. The Patients Bill of Rights designed to avoid these horrors and misunderstandings is completely ignored unconstitutionally. Likewise anything this young girl has initiated in any awkward domestic situation (which is a cry for information and an opportunity for a responsible adult to teach) is exploited in a false context and falsely dramatized to prosecute a targeted adult. Any affection will and is warped into a false context designed to portray innocent and minor events as "sexual" by those with an agenda to create false orphans. They falsely portray fathers as predators without any reasonable contact with the father.

In this Orwellian hellhole where 20% of children are forced into a fatherless "protective" service through crass judgment, police force and mere accusation, this fear is very justified and is actively used by adults with a nefarious agenda to bring children into the CAPTA program or simply to destroy families and marriages for political reasons. This is called eugenics and is advanced unconstitutionally. They demonize proven liberal education as "lewd" by routinely portraying men as sexually exploitative and violate any concept of presumed innocence, privacy and due process of law. They actively violate small children through needless prosecutorial coaching behind closed doors teaching them crude sexual concepts that will ultimately humiliate them and is utterly inhumane, depraved and corrupt.

These adults may see themselves as self-righteous crusaders for children, but are in fact completely incompetent and acting very superficially as judge, jury and executioner which is horrifically destructive to children and families. Once this de facto institutional abuse is reported to the highest authorities in government, nothing is done. Even after this fraud is reported and an investigation begins, these arrogant hacks continue to employ retaliation tactics against this young family clearly against the False Claims Act of federal law. Her total victimization and unnecessary institutionalization was triggered by pure prejudice and retaliation and is not only immoral and arrogantly inept, it is illegal and any first-year law student could easily prove this.

As this agency rushes three healthy, happy and well-adjusted children into this horrible system, this county and its "professional" cohorts receive cash incentives from the federal and state government. Such an incentive is also a lure for massive fraud, as billions of dollars through the CAPTA program are brought into the local coffers by these horrific and unnecessary abuses of our innocent children. Once these bureaucrats take these children, their grades and health decline, they begin to abuse themselves after being needlessly "rape kitted," their lives become a living hell, their pets, home and father all vanish mysteriously before their eyes and their family is utterly destroyed by pure prejudice and unbelievable institutional evil designed to convince them that their loving father was a monster, when in fact they are in the teeth of the Beast itself, a government bent on pure prejudice against men and these children's right to have a father. This system is promoted by powerful Adoption Lawyer Agencies whose fundamental business is the total destruction of parental bonds for profit, and this business stokes the flames and false fires of sexual hysteria which are one of many tools for the destruction of the American Family. This is your government at work and can only be accurately described as The Beast.

You will not want to believe that such a beast reigns in your local government, but you would be dead wrong to ignore the horrific theatre of the absurd that these children were ushered into and which awaits your own children. The reign of fear that drove their mother into the clutches of these family slashers is only growing, the child-bounty program that targets your family is only growing and begs the obvious question: How can so much ignorance, destruction, prejudice and evil actually help children? And why would any self-respecting parent keep her children suspended in fear and doubt in this system that would utterly destroy them? Is there no one out there that understands: the intent of government is NEVER actualized and this ideal is always divorced from the reality of human prejudice, ignorance, greed and incompetence, and in such a void of functionality, keep our precious children out of your evil schemes, away from your unconstitutional police actions and inept bureaucracies!

I need your help to advance a False Claims Act petition against this agency, secure federal protection for whistle-blowing families in distress and discover the full and obscene truth and true scope of this institutional destruction of one in five families in Bedford County. Help defend these children against this ever more destructive system of outrageous lying, perjury and exploitation by Child & Youth Services and its cohorts in order to grab your tax dollars.

Thanks to your help, I am compiling documents from the state which prove the state's and county's bias against fundamental due process rules and against good parents who are wrongfully marginalized and violated in order for these hacks to fraudulently attain CAPTA funds. There is obviously no government over site of the atrocities now going on in this dominantly Republican county, ground zero in a dominantly Republican country biased against "liberals" who actually embrace liberty and good science and sound education for their children. This county has a disproportionately low minority population of any kind due to active family engineering by bureaucrats and police who target them. Any cultural diversity is distasteful to them, as they eventually target children as "victims" of any cultural diversity which does not appeal to their monocultural bigotries. Children who have thrived for centuries in a myriad of cultures throughout the world would ALL be targeted as "victims" by these hacks in Bedford County due to this monocultural bigotry. These tactics are worse than any mob as they manifest themselves as a public service and these agencies truly believe that because children are involved, no one will question their true fraudulent, bigoted and political intent. But the law against government fraud is clear and these hacks are violating it.

Thanks to your response, I am compiling more and more information about similar abuses in Bedford County and urge you to utilize the Freedom of Information Act, the False Claims Act and Civil Rights laws if necessary to get your own information and rage against these outrages against our rights. Your children do not deserve to be made victims of government fear-mongering in their own schools, stripped, manipulated and made to feel guilt and shame for normal childhood activities then coached into expressing "sexuality" in normal household play (as conveniently defined by these idiot prudes from one of the most bizarre and depraved agencies in the nation), as mine have been. The marginalization of parents is akin to subcontracting our military to a foreign, unconstitutional government. For these children, the brutal marginalization of their known and biological father is pure treason to them, leaving them vulnerable to true predators. This process is a biased, one-sided mining expedition, well documented in the annals of childhood psychology, designed to find and exploit childhood hysteria by building a false context, a remarkably easy process with pre-schoolers in the throes of government-induced fear, overwhelming government power and institutional bigotry.

Freud and many others wrote extensively on sexual amplification and hysteria as being very common in children of this age. What is a simple hygienics action by a parent at one age, becomes an irrationally embarrassing event in the same child as he or she matures. This is extremely common in children of this age, and these matters must always be placed in proper perspective, not used to destroy the family itself. A parent's role is to address the irrational fears inherent in these children in a manner that is best for the child, but even as these methods can be misrepresented, wrongfully expanded by sexual amplification techniques and bigotries against men, this parent's actions should not be exaggerated by wrongfully judgmental and biased adults. Hysteria is a difficult mental condition for any parent to approach, but these hacks of the state are overtly biased against the parent and must assume a draconian approach to the parent who is simply misunderstood by the child. They then exploit these families for a clear state and county agenda to secure federal dollars for themselves, their cronies and for local projects. They brazenly perpetuate this evil empire of bureaucrats onto a generally poor and helpless population desperate to save their own children from this horrible system.

If you doubt for one minute that this agency is unconstitutionally bigoted against men and fathers, then please show me one case where my situation is reversed. Where a man brings a young boy suffering from hysteria into a marriage and that boy naturally becomes curious about the step-mother's anatomy. He innocently spys on her and climes on her day and night, in all situations of domestic life and that step-mother responds with compassion and proper education to address the child's primitively sexual questions, how often is this woman instantly placed into a draconian criminal justice system which automatically assumes some predatory sexual intent and demonized and her family destroyed without any due process of law? Who would doubt her attempts to educate for the good of the child? How often is she assumed to be a "sex predator" without any understanding of the context of her family? These hacks in Bedford County are certainly capable of such an outrage against a woman, but such a bigotry against women is rare as they are more often portrayed as "victims" or natural parents and men and fathers are clearly persecuted with unnecessary restraining orders, knee-jerk judgments and pure prejudice on a routine and excessive degree.

Now if you think such an inhumane persecution would not happen to a woman in my situation you are probably right especially where she has her own biological child. Now try to imagine the horror of this woman being removed from her own dear biological child due to this savage, ignorant injustice and utter incompetence of government. Try to imagine the horror to the mother and the child when they are forcibly separated by idiots who criminalize innocent events of childhood curiosity that was unavoidable, extremely common in children and handled in a manner consistent with sound science and sound liberal education applied by the most advanced nations of the world. Now apply this same situation to a father who is falsely portrayed as trailer trash from well before any meaningful facts can be established and is rushed into a prosecutorial fiction factory by these femi-nazi hacks since he has a penis, something they can only portray as insidious and utterly shameful. Since they cannot comprehend the penis, the femi-nazi must criminalize it, make a weapon of it, present it prudishly as insidious and build hysteria around it, even as good parents cannot address such hysteria, they are required to live in complete denial of it like primitive Victorians who spawned their children in shame causing them extreme psychological damage. Instead of empowering children with knowledge, we are to "suspend them in innocence" even when it would be harmful or dangerous for them to remain ignorant.

As a teacher, I am required to report such needless abuse of children by "suspending them in ignorance" about sex, drugs or any other matters that can harm them. Ignorance can kill them and these hypocrites of the state who would instill fear into children and then falsely criminalize parents for addressing this fear is an abomination that would use a child's given knowledge against the father who has empowered the child. Since this abuse of family is systemic in the government itself, this reporting must be raised to the highest levels of public awareness, as our First Amendment rights are so ingeniously designed to encourage. This reporting has drawn and will continue to draw retaliation from those who would defend this institutional child abuse as needfully draconian and private. Such are the machinations of an inherently unconstitutional state agency which is terrified of nothing more than the truth. The enslavement of our children in plywood camps, perverse rape-kitting, broad conspiracies against parents, the perverse coaching of these children in unscientific doctrines of sexual "abuse" is very real and is a necessary role of federal government to investigate these Civil Rights abuses.

These agents claim to only violently rape test innocent two-year-old girls after determining a "serious" abuse. But no such evidence existed, not ever. In fact, the very young girl whose hysteria was first needlessly exploited by these ignorant agents had in fact vehemently protested the needless rape-kitting of our dear baby, an inhumane experience forced upon our two older girls in order to secure federal dollars for Bedford County and its cohorts. The truth is, this agency is blindly drunk with power and sick with a false mission of "protecting" children, who in fact more often than not need federal protection from this agency itself, and has no capacity or mechanism to determine any simple due process procedures. They honor no appeals plea as required by law, employ illegal police tactics to instill fear in young families, have no protocol for dealing with complex issues of childhood hysteria and, in fact, exasperates this hysteria through prosecutorial tactics with small children and fail this family's Patient Bill of Rights through the warped abuses of CAPTA corruption. They fail to interview both parents before violating children and blindly rape-kit little girls based upon intrinsic institutional bigotry against men as perpetrators. What's worse, they jeopardize all efforts to help children who suffer serious abuse and actually need help. By blindly ensnaring innocent families on trivialities in a system which is clearly loathed by anyone who views it, they lose credibility for cases which should actually be fought. Their use of trumped-up and false testimony and duress-driven evidence from small children to ruin good parents for political reasons will ultimately backfire, as children in seriously abusive situations will be the true victims of this institutional overkill.

Exploiting normal childhood ambiguities in order to destroy families and children is the highest crime government hacks can commit in the destruction of our most fundamental rights. The sacred bonds of parent and child are wantonly destroyed by 9-to-5 bureaucrats after they have abused the minds and bodies of three innocent small girls.

These same people are focused on demonizing me in the eyes of my wife, telling her lie after lie, and in her duress and fear, they are manipulating her through these fascist tactics. They fail to inform her that in their adversarial system, they routinely trump-up false and misleading charges as an unconstitutional over-kill and prosecutorial bias of the worst magnitude routinely dismissed by good judges. This is a simple divide and conquer strategy to kill the marriage first, then destroy the mother in order to bring these girls into the system, a highly profitable prospect for a county struggling to pay its bills. Once this evil is exposed to the highest levels of government, nothing is done. Why? Because parents have been marginalized by a system that protects government incompetence, lulls the populace in the lie that the state knows best, exploits irrational fears and is blindly fueled by a secretive business model of bringing federal dollars into a state system that benefits in the demise of families for trivial or wildly fabricated accounts of "abuse." This county agency can receive up to $6,000 per month from CAPTA for a child brought into the fostercare and "protective" system, and this clearly leads to abuse. What is really being protected is a massive bureaucracy blindly run by detached and aloof "public servants" confident in their immunity from justice. We are simply the only society on earth actively creating orphans through government policy based on a business profit model. No other government on earth is as ignorant of the history of bigotted family engineering and fascism in the active role of family destruction by those in power.

No one should be lulled into complacency that such horrors will not happen to his family. It already is happening in spades in this strange place where lies, innuendo and hysteria about child abuse is almost an entertainment venue by a very warped and sick conservative culture. But my dear child is now completely in the clutches of neo-nazi, drug-addicted and violence-prone people through blind court order. Thanks to this court, my daughter will be raised to learn that blacks are "coons," hispanics are "wetbacks" and liberals are "perverts" and not by the dear and loving father that she knew, taken from her in the dead of night as in a kind of Kafkaesque novel where no sound evidence, no fair trial and no semblance of reasonable discourse is ever even attempted with a critical witness who spent days at their office seeking information only to be arrested for wanting to know where his family had vanished.

Therefore, through multiple websites and media campaigns, I will open the eyes of all who may blunder into this terrible place and expose Bedford County as the seat of "Barbaric Justice" that it truly is. From its Colonial Tory inception, the bigotted Supreme Court "Dred Scott" pro-slavery decision made at Bedford Springs Hotel, through the raping and abuse of my dear family by these modern would-be Nazis. Your children will learn the truth of your ignorance and your utter dysfunction, even if you yourself are blind to it. But most important, I must expose the business side of CAPTA and reveal to the world how prudish and aloof capitalists make an industry out of false accusations of child abuse, make a simple commodity out of children and violate our families through fraudulent government policy.

The question must be raised as to who will have the courage to view this system honestly and in the true favor of these children, some 20% now in the system in Bedford County? Who will expose the bear-trap which grips these children and destroys God-given bonds, triggered only by the smallest incidents of poverty, confusion and government fear-mongoring? Who will expose the grandest lie of all, that the state has an "interest" in your children greater than your own, when such interest has been warped by federal dollars that reward political agencies for their extreme and unjust tactics against social minorities. I have taught in nearly every school in Bedford County and have heard the constant innuendo and bigotry against men launched hysterically only by vague accusations of "abuse" and the right-wing lies told to teachers about "reporting abuse." Don't be fooled by what this reporting really initiates. It is a machine fueled by millions of federal dollars, run by bigots and idiots for the destruction of children thought to be "liberal." As if we want our children to grow up to be like these ignorant prudes who are the sex police perpetuating a failed culture of shame from generation to generation which is itself the root cause of much abuse.

This system has good doctors and lawyers in total fear of finding the truth in any way counter to these purely biased prosecutors. Defensive medicine will always err on the side of "abuse" especially when so much federal money is involved and not on truth or true science. When these "professionals" err on the side of receiving federal dollars at the expense of innocent families, that is fraud. It is time we give the $10 million given to this agency to destroy families and give it back to the families and children they have abused! A federal jury just awarded $2.5 million to a 4-year-old girl wrongfully abused by police. This is just the beginning of justice! As the law sleeps, children die and evil advances. This is your government at work, make it accountable. Because it is ALWAYS politically expedient to err on the side of "Child Abuse," we must constantly question the motives and abilities of those who destroy our families. You may contact me at: robertscourtroom@yahoo.com

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