Thursday, October 26, 2006

Child Trafficking in America: Sounding the Alarm!

Americans are so utterly ignorant about how their government works in regard to active child trafficking and shamelessly illegal family destruction without any concept of due process, that I have created this blog as a whistle-blower to wake them up. I am a federal whistleblower of an enormous fraud on the American family and one that is provable through long-existing scientific studies. Those in government require the reporting of child abuse, BUT THEY FAIL TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE MASSIVE MONEY USED TO "INVESTIGATE" PARENTS CONSTITUTES THE MOST OBVIOUS POLITICAL MISUSE OF FEDERAL FUNDS for the sole purpose of manipulating custody of children by monumentally ignorant bureaucrats, many of whom are actively working a feminist and/or political agenda. Fathers are labeled "deadbeats" and replaced by an illegal welfare system. These parents are under extreme pressure to empower their children with knowledge in the Internet age, as these children learn about sex earlier and earlier than ever before. I was trained at Harvard about sexual repression, multisystemic youth therapy and AIDS awareness and know firsthand the importance and difficulty of working with children in these difficult areas. These are not simple, black and white, Karl Rove issues as anyone working with children knows. I am nonetheless targeted by the state arbitrarily and illegally largely by robotic political hacks working a sexually repressive and sick system. What's worse, this government promotes broad "sexual predator" myths, myths about the spirited child, and promotes sexual repression institutions worse than the Catholic church which cause enormous wrongful hysteria with men, mothers, children and families.

THIS GOVERNMENT ACTIVELY INVESTIGATES PARENTS FOR POLITICAL ENGINEERING OF FAMILIES AND THIS CONSTITUTES ABUSE OF CHILDREN BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT. NOW THE STATE IS TOTALLY BIASED AGAINST THE PARENT UNCONSTITUTIONALLY FOR POLITICAL POWER AND FOR PROFIT. The full awareness of this fraud is profound, but must be fully exposed. Compare this to Bush foreign policy, and you will find the worst examples of what psychologists call "groupthink" anywhere on earth.

Evidence for this massive fraud is found throughout existing state documents, state attitudes and policies which encourage the wrongful and needless institutionalization of children, wrongful manipulation of child custody through sheer deception and force, even against existing federal guidelines. These horrific decisions by "professional groups" occurred, as the human-skin lampshade industry of the 1940s occurred, in total depravity.

The states now promote a draconian approach to human sexuality and sex education even in an age where porn, sexual predatory hysteria and other forms of sexuality are so readily available to children. These government programs have been proven by major anthropology studies to be the worst possible response for children at risk by criminalizing good parents through illegal and unconstitutional sexual inquisitions expressly forbidden by the Founding Fathers and employing hyperbolas of "sexual conduct" with small children where it is simply not justified. Parents are so thoroughly traumatized by horrible accusations and the theft of their children, that no blog on the Internet can express that pain, but I am trying to help others in this same situation understand that some of us actually get what's going on, and I am no longer blind to what's happening in America. Children, who want to believe in simplistic, black-and-white versions of "good and evil," are exploited by police, Children and Youth agents and other officials for their "witnessing" of "sexual" acts where they have really been manipulated by sexual amplification practices of the state or have witnessed common hygiene examinations, common non-sexual play or necessary matters of health, hygiene or basic sexual education. These accusations are far more common than many believe and are done specifically and systematically to separate children from good families and build fires of outrage within families in order to facilitate these separations and cause tremendous family strife.

These practices are nothing new. In fact, they have been well documented in cults which build "sex magic" and "taboos" into young and vulnerable children. These practices are now common in "modern" Child Services agencies as a way to break apart families.

What was once regarded as inevitable "growing pains" are now exploited by the government as "signs of abuse" in order to force dysfunctionality onto struggling families, a gross violation of our Constitution and international laws regarding crimes against humanity. Few people are aware that the Supreme Court has made such sexual repressive practices by the states illegal in Griswold v. Connecticut where "states may not make it a crime for anyone to use birth control devises, drugs, or to help others use them or learn about them."

Sexual repression has long been associated with various social ills, bigotry and various personality disorders and "hysteria" as first studied extensively by Sigmund Freud. His studies of sexual taboos exposed how "touch taboos" are effectively used to create hysteria for nefarious reasons like child custody manipulations. His work with Victorian hysteria cases and sexual repression theory is actively practiced by the CIA itself in Iraq and around the world. Freud's work provides a clear understanding of "taboo shock" as it wrongfully stigmatizes children in Interpretation of Dreams, c. 1900. This seminal work began an entire scientific field, psychoanalysis, which today is fully established in the scientific community, as sexually repressive institutions can be studied for quantitative and statistically accurate scientific data on real human beings which are Accountable in Courts of Law. Like Nazis of the past, these agencies keep meticulous records. We now have a monocultural location in Bedford County, Pennsylvania which is documenting abuses against children and can be studied scientifically for the ill effects of sexual repression and child trafficking by ignorant bureaucrats. Ironically, these studies are finding a direct correlation between the prevalence of local Hate Groups now being studied for Hate Crime legislation, and the sophisticated hate crimes now being well-documented against parents in order to traffic the children of social and political minorities. We are very close to predicting, with relative scientific certainty, where and how children will be illegally trafficked in America. This will ring as a clarion bell against this repression.

Sexual repression is not unlike riding a bicycle out of balance because some distant relative had a seat phobia. A superstition about sitting squarely on the seat correctly is passed on to future generations. This seat superstition can be learned and taught to your children. The entire family can learn to ride with their arms fully extended in rigid conformity, as they all learn to lean against gravity and peddle lopsidedly because of some irrational fear that the seat might somehow molest their private area. This can all be maintained in great unison for a considerable duration, even for generations. Entire communities might unite around a seat burning festival. But this idiocy comes at a high price. The frequent mechanical breakdowns, muscle and mental stress caused by riding a bicycle like a jackass causes enormous stress, sharp as well as subtle pains, and mental stress or profound hysteria itself. Once your child views another person riding a bicycle seat correctly, you may be forced to demonize that person to keep your child in the "straight and narrow." As a long-haired, "naturalist," hippie-throw-back Dude rides a banana-seat cycle with one hand on chopper handle bars and the other around a can of Diet Coke, your child has just witnessed a true abomination: a truly liberated person riding a bicycle with natural ease(!). The horror to conservatives is that this guy will somehow corrupt the youth, as if they are not thoroughly corrupted already. If you want to see what a sexually repressed person really looks like in mid-air, Google image search: "Richard Nixon on a trampoline." Nixon was raised a Quaker and appears to be the human pylon in this famous photo. As the trampoline tries to liberate him in mid-flight, he is completely rigid, unnatural and always awkwardly tense as absolute "control" cannot be maintained. If you want your child to grow up to be the next Richard Nixon or Karl Rove, keep him or her sexually repressed. Don't ask me to do that with kids that I'm raising, because I know that it is wrong.

Now Republican-inspired sex investigations of parents are not only draconian, they violate the parent's own inherent right to treat his own child who may be suffering from some warped culture of sexual repression or acting out sexually out of pure ignorance. These investigations don't give the parent any option on how the child learns and serve an illegal cultural engineering function as they subvert basic due process procedures designed to secure basic Civil Liberties and protect basic parental rights.

In fact, we now know sexual repression has been the product of warring cultures of the past to indoctrinate youth as rigid conformers. Those who conform are allowed to reproduce and those who do not conform are targeted for herd culling. This may have an Darwinian component for evolution, but this "herd culling" through sexual inquisitions is expressly outlawed by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution Bill of Rights. Sexually repressive practices not only lead to conservative military values, but are, in themselves, solid and accountable indicators of a society on its way to Fascism. As a parent in America today, you have no rights as you may presume and any family can be destroyed by existing government policy that targets
"the nonconforming family" through our Factory school systems and local governments. Minority families rarely exist intact in America. This is by design, which is silently accepted through pure bigotry, the true context of failed families forcibly silenced by the state.

Minorities should already know that schools exist as a factory producing a product, and they should already be aware of their own fate in such a production. By allowing state bureaucrats the power to pick and choose which families to destroy they are encouraged to draw children into the "system" unnecessarily based on little more than a personal or political bias or a nefarious desire to manipulate child custody. This bias against the parent is openly lauded by politicians who set a "silent agenda" against particular minorities targeted for population control and they gain direct benefit from powerful lobbyists. This is the imperative of "preventive" programs where "abuse" is "minimally defined" and bureaucrats are given near absolute power to destroy good families, any family, through the false construct of a "civil" matter designed to function outside of government scrutiny. This destruction leads to unnecessary institutionalizing of our children by the hundreds of thousands, illegal searches of their private areas, drugging children and a welfare culture organized solely to defraud federal programs.

The newly declassified Nazi Germany accounts of their "protection" services are stunningly parallel in their language and techniques to our own agencies. Sexual repression has long been associated with the extreme far right by top psychoanalysts. This is not only a matter of historical importance, but of actual uncanny paralleled application to today's CAPTA imperatives used by American social engineers and promoted by far-right, elitist politicians as effective political programs and "depopulation" programs against minorities. This is anything but a wild conspiracy myth, this is a fact of U.S. policy begun by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Kissinger's work for George W. on the "silent agenda," which targets so-called American political enemies and minorities, is still classified, but his 1974 work is open to full review. This repressive policy fits the current definition of a "Hate Crime" passed by the House for investigations of crimes designed to instill fear into targeted groups. Sexual hysteria is a leading method employed to destroy families through the false appearance of "altruistic" agencies and is fully institutionalized within state "protection" services, even as these agencies fail all requirements of fairness and family preservation mandated by federal law.

The alarming number of men being released from life sentences in prison by DNA evidence is not a coincidence and is yet another telltale sign of a sexually hysterical culture on the far right circumventing decent Constitutional due process and convicting innocent men by the thousands. Men are 5 times more likely than women to have restraining orders placed against them through blatant sexual discrimination in family court actions. This breeds a perverse welfare culture where women are coached to violate their marriage vows and state agents presume various sexual taboos against parents and men in one-sided, barbaric and illegal inquisitions. The parents are effectively conned out of their own children by cultural hacks of the state who function completely outside of any Constitutionally recognized due process and the parents are marginalized out of the entire process that destroys their own children. These parents are placed under extreme duress in order to inflict psychological punishment as "failures," thus crudely stopping the biological process of procreation in politically undesirable parents.

This is my report on massive child trafficking of children condemned to go nowhere and I am sounding the alarm against a massive government and corporate scam that will dwarf all of the other criminal activities of this administration combined. Sexual repression creates enormous social and family ills and is even deadly. Sexual repression is intitutionalized into our children and enforced by unconstitutional state powers. My family has been destroyed, my child stolen by pure politics, illegal inquisitions, numerous Civil Rights violations and "business," AFTER I wrote several letters about Pennsylvania Fraud and nothing can repress my outrage in this dark place in Pennsylvania. If government officials do not act, it is a clear indication that they are co-conspirators of these outrageous injustices against children and the Constitution. "Protecting" children has been attempted by Nazi Germany for social engineering "liberal" educated Jews and now these same simpletons of sexual fear and bigotry are illegally marginalizing parents UNCONSTITUTIONALLY and conspirators to this practice violate federal law and this constitutes one of the largest frauds against our federal government which was formed solely for the purpose of securing Civil Liberties. Buck v. Bell requires extensive due process procedures by the states before carrying out draconian welfare programs. Otherwise, the state violates the equal protection principles of the 14th Amendment. These government hacks not only do not employ due process, they can't even email a critical parent.

When my dear daughter was stolen away from me by a warped hysteria and unethical prosecutorial hubris to "protect" her, I became nuclear in my God-given parental instinct and my years of Constitutional study. The theft of my child and the needless, hurtful and perverse rape-kitting of our dear children, including our 2-year-old baby, for the utterly evil reason of retaliation and unethical legal positioning simply because I reported on widespread and illegal abuses of the Pennsylvania use of federal funds has become the event of atomic light, as I will rage out of the darkness as a guiding light that will expose this pure corruption by illegal organizations and a government elected for its "family values." There can be no justice until these government hacks are themselves prosecuted for the wanton destruction of American families. I sent letter after letter, email after email to the Justice Dept., Governor, Secretary of Welfare, Bedford County Children and Youth, and my own congressmen, no responses whatsoever until I became a federal whistleblower.

Those who would target two-year-old babies for retaliation against a parent cannot go unchallenged by any civilized society. This is really the height of a right-wing hubris and straw-man scam that has gone too far in trashing our Constitution and destroying basic parental rights. Like straw-men of our country's past, the penchant for those in power to engage in boogie-man politics and ethnic cleansing simply find new forms of building a false enemy and inflaming the bigotries of irrational intolerance for political power. This is a tried and true American tradition where "ethnic enemies" have traditionally been smeared for sexual "sins" as "heathens," which is largely a distinction based on the sexual taboos of the time between "their values" and "our values." Our nation's historic trophies of slain minorities were very often worn by criminal cultural enforcers such as the penises and vaginas of "savages" for very political, symbolic value. The politics of sex is one of the oldest forms of indoctrination of children. Does it occur to anyone that these cultural enforcers who focus on sexual shame, manipulating the most vulnerable in society, do not exist in many healthy cultures throughout the world and may be a uniquely American Puritanical tradition now used for the illegal cultural indoctrination of children? We cannot even study sexual repression in primates, for we are the only primate that hands its young a syllabus on sexual plumbing at age 14 and call it "Sex Ed." And after 7 years of total Republican control, they call this repression health care?

Today's cultural enforcers largely target fathers caught in custody battles not of their choosing. This is a blatant fraud against a program designed to "protect" children and is using federal funds nefariously to "legally" facilitate a presumed custody dispute between parents, leaving hundreds of thousands of children fatherless. Some politicians nevertheless use the same blood lust and irrational fear tactics that bigots of the past used for ethnic cleansing of "savages" and it brings them the same form of populist political power which few ignorant of history even question. Most "predators" they want to scare you about are straw-men of a false far-right politics. Many of these men are fathers who are victimized through poor representation in failed and false courts highly biased against them and by the all-too-common ambiguous slanders employed about sex abuse used in divorce custody battles or are men like Jack Nicholson in "Cuckoo's Nest" who sought sex with fully mature and willing teenagers. But like the Inquisitions that our Founding Fathers despised, modern, illegal inquisitions target largely the opposite sex of the inquisitors. As men largely ran the Catholic Inquisitions of the 15th Century and targeted women as "witches," today men are targeted as "predators" by largely female inquisitors. The types of devices and hysteria employed by today's Child Services is well documented as literally the same devices used in the past by religiously barbaric inquisitors. In The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo, a clear and modern study of this institutional evil can and is scientifically proven in great detail.

This book has to do with modern, American institutional evil. Believe me, if you read this modern work on existing American institutions, on how good souls turn very bad within existing repressive power systems, your understanding of how wrong and unconstitutional our institutions really are will light up like a neon sign in your brain. And then, do you really want to keep your children ignorant when they must enter these same institutions? Republicans cannot seem to accept the fact that social injustice produces "predators," in human beings, not nature. They can't seem to get their head around how "traditional values" are so thoroughly warped and dysfunctional in minority communities by a government designed to punish them and fundamentally disrespect them. "Traditional values" are granted by the gatekeepers of society or social agents who judge the merits of a family through obvious political and materialistic standards and by the politics of material wealth or military recruitment. This is too difficult for Republicans to fanthom because it is so obvious. They will always associate values as material, crime as an individual choice and not a product of environment. Nothing is further from the truth. Now science can prove this: we can predict murder rates and other crimes precisely through predictable data coming from failed, repressive institutions themselves where respect for the family, and not material wealth, is the standing criterion. Disrespect for the family will issue many, many social ills. It's time we learn to respect families.

It is precisely where government disrespects the family, where minority families are "weeded out," that we see high rates of child trafficking, sexual repression and crime.

Do you believe your children live in "denial" about being sexually abused which must be exposed by political bureaucrats? Do you doubt for one minute that our modern bureaucratic hacks do not use sexual amplification, sexual hyperbole, intimidation and junk science to manipulate your children for the insidious purpose of manipulating child custody? Do you actually believe there are 500,000 sexual predators roving American streets actively looking for children to abduct who must be "cleansed," "castrated" and socially tattooed like Nazi prisoners for our children's safety? These politicians want you to believe this, as they want to sustain your children in ignorance making them vulnerable and is one of the main reasons why sexual bigotries and exploitation are so prevalent in American schools. Right-wing intolerance provides some politicians the political scare tactics that get them elected, though they have virtually no evidence or scientific research to support this irrational fear mongering and disregard true Constitutional Courts which actually require evidence. We have a name for such mindless, arrogant intolerance toward complex, warm-blooded animals, it's called: INSECT. But I challenge anyone to prove that the bureaucratic dysfunction found in Bedford County rises to the sophistication of an insect. These agencies are not so fully sophisticated that they cannot be stopped. This government functions more like a Venus fly trap for hapless parents and children who are easily conned by illegal sexual inquisitions.

Statistics show that 99% of lost children are returned safely home. The vast amount of "sexual predator" reports are bogus. Though this is a parent's worst nightmare, it's also an irrational fear that can be exploited by cultural extremists. Such fear and wildly irrational jealousies can and are actively exploited by bureaucrats SYSTEMATICALLY, and must be investigated as such. The Sex Cult of bureaucrats exists as a private, untouchable entity that serves to instill and sustain irrational fears which destroy families and is a culture that by its nature becomes perverse. Does this sound familiar in the age of Priest molestations? This is a true occult movement within the government created by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, today's state model for domestic population control. The state builds a false cultural court system run by bureaucrats with a feminist or conservative agenda to perpetuate false sexual taboos which are destroying American families. They launch billions of dollars in new programs to placate terrified parents due to sensationalized horror stories. The Willy Horton sensation stories continue to work for redneck politicians, and have little or no relation to scientific fact or actual crime statistics. I have actively sought to find these "sex offenders" roving in our cities and streets. It becomes a joke to the homeless men who seem to be everywhere: "Yes, there is a sex offender. He has a penis, and he didn't have a lawyer." What's worse, few lawyers know how to function in "kangaroo courts" and actively avoid them.

These politicians don't want you to know that their cultural engineering of families by bureaucrats radically circumvents due process and distorts a cultural understanding of "abuse" and actually produce disturbed adults through false cultural imperatives that are draconian and unconstitutionally vague. Targeting parents in illegal sexual inquisitions actually does far more harm to children and families than all "sexual predators" combined.

The U.S. Supreme Court has called these Family Courts "kangaroo courts" for good reason. They make no effort as required by Goldberg v. Kelly to give the injured parent even a fair hearing. We are at the tipping point where these outrages of justice can no longer be tolerated by civilized people. And the number of individuals savagely destroyed by this "system" is staggering and constitutes hundreds of billions of dollars in damages. All that is needed is for the Supreme Court to advance one step further in its rationale of fairness and demand true legal reform for these children, men and families.

Because I've witnessed these same state bureaucrats using this irrational fear and sexual amplification techniques with your children, they've targeted me as one of these "predators." Because Pennsylvania actively defrauds the federal government of millions of dollars by not complying with basic Civil Rights of children, the generally glowing federal guidelines for citizen review panels and basic due process and fundamental protocol is routinely ignored. They must instead spend valuable resources, not for children, but for dumbing down its bureaucratic process which target liberals to present a false compliance to CAPTA and other vaguely evangelical programs providing local governments massive child-trafficking profits for cultural engineering. CAPTA provides no avenue for treatment and criminalizes parents who seek scientifically-based treatment. The children are caught in a draconian bureaucratic hellhole and harshly brainwashed until they are 18. My children were caught in the middle of this bureaucratic dysfunction, their rights thoroughly violated through blatantly criminal and fraudulent acts designed to build the lie that they are "victims." I was not even allowed to seek information in their office, a clear violation of Civil Rights Act of 1964 Desegregation of Public Facilities clause. Such actions against parents in Bedford County is routine. THEY GAVE ME NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER ON THE WHEREABOUTS OR STATUS OF MY OWN CHILD, HAD NO RECORD OF HER, NONE. I could not report these abuses by the state against these children since the bureaucrats were in some kind of transition for more federal aid. What's worse, they fail to communicate on the most basic levels of scientific knowledge. They are fundamentally ignorant and ill-prepared to address commonly recognized behavior in children as studied by top researchers and top psychologists for over 100 years. They are, instead, on a political mission to destroy young families, brainwash children and brainwash wives through proven fear tactics, and build a totally failed and fraudulent welfare culture in its place. Countless men are left the choice to either comply with illegal and obscene "civil" procedures that will destroy their children and utterly humiliate them in their tenderest of years, or leave the family in order to protect these children in silence. Make no mistake about it, men who fight for their children are more often targeted for criminal investigations, labeled "deadbeat dads" and their children rape-kitted and much more likely to be sent to the death camps of the existing foster care system. Even as these men scream for justice and demand their parental rights, these men are demonized in an obscene culture of total corruption. Many men will leave to protect the children and they will be demonized for it.

In a perverse culture designed to build false dramas and bigotries, government dysfunction is but another device used to promote a new ethnic cleansing imperative, which sustains children in ignorance and builds "victims" in order to secure federal grants, enriching those who institutionalize children needlessly. This is because more and more of this ethnic cleansing is targeting minority or non-conforming parents as second-class citizens, not the true cornerstone of the family. Even as a parent must function as a physician, judge and teacher within the family, government hacks will exploit these times and search for any ambiguous moments where sexual hyperbole and shame may be employed with small children against the parent. This completely violates basic parental rights and is utterly illegal in any civilized society.

In Wisconsin v. Yoder, 406 U.S. 205 (1971), the Court upheld the right of Amish parents to withhold their children from public schools. In doing so, the Court unequivocally established the due process right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children. Furthermore, the Court recognized that parents have the right to be free from unnecessary governmental intrusion in the rearing of their children. Id. at 232. When the state impinges upon the fundamental rights of parents, the state interest must be balanced against the interests of the parents. Id.

Active and physical fathering is promoted by all prominent medical experts but is simultaneously criminalized by the states. Michael Popkin, in Taming the Spirited Child writes that: "Roughhousing is a great way to connect with children. It's especially good for fathers, who are sometimes better with actions than with words. The action in roughhousing says, 'I like spending time with you, you are important to me; you are fun to play with; I like you.' Roughhousing also creates a good opportunity to teach children how to play actively without hurting other children." Even with such active parenting, children are not "blank slates" to be easily corrupted. These spirited children are largely pre-programmed to be spontaneous, curious and aggressive with or without much adult interference and in ways that are confounding to many adults: "Numerous studies, using the handy circumstance of genetic twins who were separated at birth and raised in different environments pointed out the overwhelming fallacy of the blankslate theory." Yet, government prosecutors still routinely con families and juries by employing this fallacy that these children are easily led astray by a devious parent, requiring draconian sexual repression programs. The truth is, these programs employ voices of authority which the child seeks to respect and become the very inane and harsh voices that fixate a child's highly active and moving world on something "obscene." This is the height of prosecutorial misconduct where sexual hysteria is imposed on a child immorally and a dispicable misuse of tax dollars.

"Tough Love" by redneck hacks in government is a highly dubious yet successful scam that destroys thousands of innocent and healthy families in America by illegally circumventing existing parental rights. This is pure bigotry against fathers, liberals and the socially marginalized as "predators," a new fictional imperative for ethnic cleansing that is largely political and an abomination to the Constitution and the American family itself. And like the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans, no one questions the outrageous abuses of justice until it's too late and obvious to everyone.

Sex education by parents is the only answer to a warped welfare system that suspends them in fear and ignorance, AND SEX EDUCATION BY A PARENT IS THE ONLY ANSWER TO EMPOWERING CHILDREN AGAINST TRUE PREDATORS OF THE STATE WHO CAN'T EVEN GET THEIR FORMS RIGHT FOR UTTERLY FAILED SOCIAL ENGINEERING OF OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN. Why not investigate the hacks who falsely instill fear into our children and target parents based on false and failed religious indoctrinations and bigotries in unconstitutional and failed inquisitions? The states now "investigate" parents routinely to secure more federal funds and wild or misleading exaggerations of child abuse are necessary for this process to completely con the public in believing that this illegal police state targeting parents in "prevention" and "intervention" programs are necessary.

Placing these ignorant bureaucrats above parents is the horrific result and a complete disaster for our children and is completely unconstitutional on so many levels. But the real victims will be children in truly abusive situations, as bureaucratic hacks go about enforcing "minimum standards of child abuse" against parents and causing widespread and justified distrust of this inept, unconstitutional government. They are really building a police state which functions largely outside of due process regulations. Nothing is more clearly a violation of these children's Civil Rights than to illegally marginalize a critical parent who tries to notify government officials of this widespread child abuse by the state. But this practice of wanton Civil Rights abuse is routine and widespread in redneck, "Republican" America. This is redneck segregation where the dumbing down of bureaucratic dysfunction and bigotry finds new depths of depravity and must be hidden in total darkness since these practices are woefully unconstitutional and require unproven or popularist ideas about massive roving "predators" and unproven sexual taboos when really they subvert due process and target parents for "abuse" by bureaucrats who wrongfully target and manipulate other people's children, not their own. This is a practice which largely targets the poor, political or ethnic minorities and the powerless with a bewildering array of Civil Rights violations and unconstitutional conspiracies which illegally grant immunities to those who would set up true kangaroo courts by welfare bureaucrats in America in order to destroy good families and traffic loved children who are then made false orphans. These children are illegally trafficked away from their parents through the rubber-stamping by "courts of equity" which are anything but, and go nowhere but in a failed and perverse "system," but the process fraudulently brings in enormous federal dollars that enrich state bureaucracies and private conspirators who fraudulently tip the scales of justice against children completely outside any semblance of due process by legitimate Constitutional Courts.

These children effectively become wards of the state without true due process and almost universally grow into a harvest of anger, despair and dysfunction through the oppression of the state, as few will want to acknowledge that the anger of these children, products of a failed, illegal and incompetent Nanny State, is truly justified. The state then sends them to depraved camps which are a breeding ground of sexual harrassment and dehumanization like Cove Forge or other plywood farms in the middle of winter complete with primitive cinder-block holding cells and numerous incidents of sexual harrassment and assaults and massive and needless pharmaceutical abuse simply because these children are angry. But these practices empower the state, drug lobbyists and pseudo-legal industries who traffic children for profit and illegally profess enormous powers to shape our children's future which is largely failed and fatherless. Throughout Bedford County entire school systems suffer the dysfunction and fear this system engenders despite millions of tax dollars spent each year and is clearly designed for perverse cultural engineering and profit by a select few who presume a Godlike power over these families. This is massive government fraud where the children are the lowest members of the food chain and receive virtually nothing for the tax dollars spent. The apparent goal of these programs is to produce moronic, sexless robots for "God," not intelligent, thinking children. If you wonder what God the state promotes, you are not alone, but the trend is clearly toward the blurring of government and an evangelical, black and white, "literal" skygod of the Christian far-right. Such an all-seeing Republican skygod is clearly an Orwellian goal of the current administration. This administration will veto any child health initiatives, but promotes the use of casino-style surveillance systems in country elementary schools. Do we really want our children to grow up with no concept of privacy, like black-jack dealers? Sexless, humorless and robotic? Is everyone ignorant of the psychological studies "of those who know that they are being watched," as they become the psychopaths who would be killer "movie stars."

I fully endorse faith-based initiatives when they are transparent and constitutional. I refuse to raise my child in an environment of total sexual repression in the wake of massive scientific condemnation of the Catholic church itself. The states are more repressive and violate children on a much broader scale and thier sex cults are much more sophisticated. I also reject the concept of sexual repression as a faith-based concept. It is an illness which causes a broad range of negative hysteria, fear, paranoia and dysfunction and was fully understood as such in Victorian times. Where are we going with this madness?

This government imposed dysfunction poses in the guise of "protection" and is so palpable in many of these communities and schools that few can see it in its true context and falsely blame poverty, sex or parents, not the corrupt machinations of their own government that actively hides where these massive expenditures actually go. They hide what is actually done to children behind closed doors. Poverty alone does not account for the utter dysfunction of many families in Bedford County, sex can and is widely exaggerated through sick hysteria and bigotries that employ the hushed, perverse and unscientific modernday taboos which are never questioned outside of the perverse culture of child services itself, which has set itself up as immune from any investigations of these atrocities or the utter waste of these failed programs. These taboos would make all children in all cultures throughout the world "victims," and that's the point. This system requires the unconstitutionally vague definitions of "abuse," "neglect" and "victim" in order to enrich those who "address" these problems. It also requires the sensationalizing and unethical exaggeration of "sex predator" cases which serve to instill fear in young children and families, thus sustaining the sick work of violating their most sacred Civil Rights by trafficking children unnecessarily. No one in this process addresses human sexuality through scientifically sound knowledge or treatment, instead those who attempt to do so are criminalized by a barbaric, monocultural bigotry by ignorant government hacks who may not even know that they stigmatize these children and enforce a sick and corrupt system that is fundamentally illegal and outrageously fraudulent. Many of these agents are unaware that they enforce "Eugenics," which is fundamentally an early 20th Century state control over families for which Margaret Sanger largely endorsed the removal of "human weeds" by "placing so-called illiterates, paupers, unemployables, criminals, prostitutes, and dope-fiends on farms and open spaces as long as necessary for the strengthening and development of moral conduct."

Eugenics in modern America is more closely aligned with Republican sentiments as it means roughly in Greek "well born." This is a modern Republican concept where George W. Bush is eugenically superior to Abraham Lincoln due to his status at birth and for no other reason. Active child trafficking and fear imposed by unconstitutional state force requires "victimhood" of the politically powerless and accounts for the majority of this dysfunction as parents are grossly marginalized and intimidated and are never informed that these state agencies are fundamentally fraudulent, illegal and unconstitutional or that the "science" of eugenics is really not a science at all, but a political and cultural illusion of the political elite. All moneys spent on unconstitutional programs for the engineering of families through unconstitutional force are fraudulent. Through the use of massive federal dollars fraudulently distributed for political and cultural imperatives, these children are needlessly institutionalized, drugged and coached about perverse sexual matters in order to criminalize and demonize their own parents. They do not understand that the same bureaucrats who use common sexual amplification techniques to falsely build "abuse" cases would do so to traffic in these children! These children are never given the most fundamental Civil Rights of common criminals to remain silent in matters that would imprison them. These children do not fully understand that these hacks are not there to help them and that they routinely destroy innocent families. These children are victimized further through a modern-day slavery system which is sexually exploitative and hostile and designed to break them away from their parents in their tenderest of years through primitive devices routinely employed by draconian state institutions. These places and practices are very real, these abuses are documented in case after case and can be easily exposed! These institutional children will grow to become criminals and dysfunctional members of society in case after case. But these facts are sustained in total darkness for very good reason. This is utter corruption employed for political power and who gets the blame? FATHERS are routinely gathered in mass arrests and denied fundamental Civil Rights through blatant sexual discrimination as their children grow up fatherless, causing extreme harm and dysfunction to society. These "protection" programs actually provide broad femi-nazi conspiracies against fathers which are fundamentally fraudulent and violate several federal laws..

But why do we have federal laws against such crimes against children and intimidation under color of law if these federal laws which protect basic rights and require due process are not enforced? Why would we tolerate false courts and drug farms run largely by out-of-control femi-nazi bureaucrats who effectively destroy our most sacred of bonds between parent and child, when these all-powerful "courts" send down draconian rulings against parents and children and function completely outside the judicial branch? The answer is politics, perverse power and greed. It also requires the illegal negligence of elected politicians who are directly culpable for NOT INVESTIGATING THESE WIDESPREAD ABUSES OF CHILDREN JUST AS THE FAMILY COURT IS HOODWINKED BY THESE HACKS ABOUT WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON!

Though feminists will quickly associate all men with penises as "predators" and "potential rapists," they are simultaneously in favor of empowering pre-school girls with early sex education to teach them self-esteem, gender fairness and avoid sexual stereotypes which lead to bigotries and future dependence, including the shaping of sexual identity: "Unfortunately, as Phyllis Burke points out in Gender Shock, this is not at all what our society does to children. Many parents and teachers believe that they have to reinforce stereotypical gender role behavior in children. When children act in nonstereotypical ways, such as boys wanting to play with dolls or to make friends with girls rather than tease them, or when girls want to play baseball or fight with boys instead of playing with dolls, they can be deemed to have a gender identity disorder and referred for psychiatric treatment. Ostensibly such treatment is to prevent children from developing into homosexuals, even though homosexuality itself is no longer considered to be a mental disease. Burke documents cases where children have been tortured by the medical profession in the guise of "treatment" to discourage them from treating other children as equals. In forcing kids to suppress half their humanity in the name of gender conformity, patriarchy may actually be creating the homosexual identities it claims to oppose."

The Child "protection" program known as CAPTA was revised by none other than Republican Congressman Foley, the irony of which few have missed. This program effectively sets up a child trafficking imperative that separates children from critical biological parents, easily, wontonly and nefariously through two highly unconstitutional concepts: one that the state or quasi-legal and drug lobbying organizations know better for children in complex family matters than the parents themselves. It also presumes that the state actually can enforce a "minimum standard of child abuse" without utterly trashing the Constitution or creating travisties of justice against innocent families by a system run by those not even trained on Constitutional Rights. These travesties of justice are now routine and blatantly unconstitutional and violate numerous federal laws as our society has reached the depths of one of the most barbaric tolerances of de facto Child Abuse in the world. This attempt to make children conform to gender identification legislation is new to CAPTA and is scientifically inept and completely unconstitutional. This is due to this administration's federal inaction and disregard for basic Civil Rights. Pennsylvania is the only state that does not even comply with CAPTA regulations by providing citizen review boards, even as it wrongfully institutionalizes thousands of children with federal dollars. This illegal Federal Fraud is routinely rubber-stamped by state bureaucrats and was predicted by Walter Mondale, the founder of CAPTA.

These hacks are so out of touch with reality that they routinely criminalize the very same sex education promoted by the Reagan administration as "critical" for children. They actively lobby against existing federal Civil Rights laws which is itself a conspiracy against basic inalienable Civil Rights of parents to hold and protect their children. THESE ARE CLEARLY ILLEGAL CONSPIRICIES AGAINST THE MOST SACRED RIGHTS IMAGINABLE! Likewise, if a parent must tell the truth about a sexually active child, he risks placing his own child on a barbaric Internet registry as an "offender." And these barbaric programs violate these sacred bonds between parent and child as if parenthood is a mere privilege, as owning a dog. But instead of going after those who would illegally promote the "investigating" of parents, without even informing the parent in many cases, through illegal inquisitions by state hack agencies, the Republican dominance of federal programs has effectively institutionalized these "prevention" programs as illegal inquisitions of fear based on vague and arbitrary ideas of "abuse" or "sexual behavior" designed to shape a hapless electorate into the form of Republican "Family Values" that would traffic the children of those who would not conform to some vague notion of "proper Republican parenting." These are abusive political programs for social engineering which are not checked by federal courts as these programs are so virulently unconstitutional, scientifically barbaric and fraudulent. But there are federal laws for the rights of parents that are routinely violated by CPS hacks..

I worked in this system and have seen those who manipulate children, rubber-stamp federal documents which falsely destroy families, drug children to the point of full submission and with their six figure state salaries, they traffic non-conforming children from plywood shacks to primitive barns for various "treatments," as these children are routinely sexually harrassed and assaulted. God help us when these children are adults. These children are routinely assaulted sexually because they have been taken from their parents and force-fed "meds" because they are angry. This is the precise environment of total government dysfunction that fosters alienation, drug abuse and future sexual predators and it's made manditory by these ignorant hacks who presume a superiority over parents! No parent would place his child in such an environment, none. But the trafficking of pharmaceuticals to these children represents a business larger than the economies of most third-world countries and was considered completely unnecessary just a generation ago when families were relatively intact. 71% of Health and Pharmaceutical PAC money went to Republicans in 2005 and for good reason, Republicans feed unnecessary drugs to our children.

The drug companies who treat anger want you all to believe that these children are sexually abused and lobby against any "liberal" notion that an antiquated and religious-based draconian approach to human sexuality is employed to build a false context to these children's anger. Many of these children are justifiably angry because they have been severely punished for acting out sexually while their parents, through fear, must keep them ignorant. The perversity is the business itself and is the true undercurrent of this corrupting system. Since any parent who attempts to educate his children against these lies about "abuse" can be targetted through the smug and perverse power of bureaucrats, their children stolen by mob rule designed to marginalize parents, intimidate them through police force and bar them from any due process of law which would expose the utter barbarism of this system. The truth behind these children's anger, dysfunction and eventual crimes is hidden by the state itself. For the fraud that finances this unnecessary abuse of children is so massive. And where are these children who resist eventually sent? Try the state's own Cove Forge plywood farm or plywood fosterhomes which are statistically worse deathcamps than many WWII prisoner camps and where sexual harrassment, sexual assault, unconstitutional enslavement in frigid holding cells and constant druging and intimidation is the state's version of "protection." THIS IS ROUTINE ABUSE EASILY EXPOSED AND NO READING OF THE CONSTITUTION WOULD DELEGATE THESE VIOLATIONS OF BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS TO ANY STATE! And where is your "liberal" media exposing these outrages against children taken from their parents through a modern-day slave system and rubber-stamp Family Courts who are routinely conned by the perverse and unconstitutional powers granted to bureaucrats?

Given the total dysfunction of the American Family today in much of rural America, I challenge anyone to prove that this dysfunction is not a product of these lobbyists and the government itself, where such dysfunction historically did not exist in America prior to the Nanny State welfare system as administered by a largely "get tough," fear mongering Republican Congress and administration. When families were allowed to exist in a state protected from the Orwellian politics of fear, where their bonds were actually honored with some semblance of legally based "family values," they thrived and were functionally intact.

In much of New England, extended families existed intact for 5 or 6 generations for two centuries where family bonds were maintained as sacred even as sexual taboos were extreme. Now a family may exist for two years, if at all, where modern superficial and unscientific sexual taboos are routinely exploited through pure bigotry against men in a manner more ignorant, destructive and barbaric than the Puritans. Sexual taboos advanced by both evangelical redneck politics and the femi-nazi sect where all children exposed to nudity, told the truth about human sexuality or any male affection are "abused" is the true destructor of the American Family, as these taboos find no root in history, science or Constitutional Law and must be exaggerated or held in utter darkness to build false dramas about "abuse." These are the unconstitutional devices routinely employed by hacks and find a populist and unscientific power through advancing pure bigotry and fear.

The American family is in sharp decline and under grave assault by unconstitutional government programs and a multitude of conservative lobbying groups targetting "at risk" children, a completely unquestioned or unscientific concept and an unconstitutional con-job against good parents who are committed to sound science.

Historically families and parents provided abundantly for children even when government was highly limited and functioned simply as a one-room schoolhouse. These are historical facts that exist not because human sexuality or "morals" have changed, but that families had the decency to place human sexuality on a more scientifically realistic and non-politically intrusive manner. The politics of sexual bigotry, fear and shame have encroached into our homes and have become completely destructive advocating only an adversarial system of draconian police actions which serve power, greed and family strife, certainly not children. Crime in these children may have increased, due largely to the destruction of their families by these hacks who prudishly blame sex for their own failed prerogatives about ignorant sexual taboos. Much of this institutional abuse is driven by pure prejudice against men as a "pre-emptive" measure, or the substitutions of critical parents by 9-to-5 bureaucrats designed to replace fathers, a blatantly unconstitutional concept of presumed guilt and de facto bigotry against men. Much "evidence" employed to destroy these men denies decades of scientific evidence that confirms aggressive sexuality in children and the critical role of fathers to deal responsibly with this common sexuality. The depth of the state's hypocrisy is breathtaking and includes "negligence" in a parent if a child acts out sexually without being educated by the parent about sex.

Where now families are under savage attack by politicians and lobbyists who campaign for "family values," these families are unable to exist through pure state force which is completely unconstitutional and the trend toward their destruction is also a trend toward the destruction of fatherhood and a bigotry toward nonconforming men and parents who are far superior to 9-to-5 bureaucrats who's only job is to deny the sacred bonds of father and child and traffic in children.

Chief Justice Roberts, I petition you to go on record confirming that the bizarre, scientifically inept and secretive Inquisitions by the state, child coachings and Orwellian police force now destroying American families is indeed what our Founding Fathers would consider Constitutional or else give us back our families and protect our dear children from this utter greed, bureaucratic dysfunction and institutional abuse. Should we not err on the side of parents and not bureaucrats or lobbyists? Isn't virtually every doctrine out of this Republican administration Orwellian in the extreme, designed to con us that they are "pro-children" as they profess to spread this form of "Democracy" around the world, make pre-emptive war to secure "peace" and "protect" children through inane brute force that destroys sacred bonds and the family itself? Where in the Constitution are secretive courts allowed to exist, run by ill-qualified, unelected bureaucrats for the sole function of draconian destruction of parental bonds and function completely outside the judicial branch or blatantly subvert due process therein through absolute perjury against fathers themselves? Mr. Chief Justice Roberts, child trafficking in America is widespread through these illegal state abuses, state arrogance and incompetence, and we demand that federal prosecutors do their Constitutional duty and prosecute those who would create false courts, false orphans, conspiracies against rights or use intimidation or force to destroy good families through blatant violations of existing federal law. Justice must prevail over this madness. Please view the Federal Laws which are ROUTINELY VIOLATED BY CHILDREN & YOUTH SERVICES AND THEIR COHORTS.

The state will resist transparancy into the full scope, methods and force of police intimidation used for cultural engineering and only parents can demand the truth from their own government. Most Americans are aware that there are nearly 500,000 children in fostercare looking for adoptive parents. But very few Americans realize that many of these children are really false orphans taken from loving parents by an incompetent, inept and corrupt government. Parents who practice such modern and proven therapies for sexual education with children, such as multisystemic therapy, are confused with predators themselves by existing "zero-tolerance" legislation with a draconian approach to human sexuality and sex education. Only parents can expose the true profit motives behind the massive lobbying efforts that have expanded our understanding of "abuse" and "neglect" to a point where all parents, everywhere are endangered, second-class citizens.


Social engineering is inherently unconstitutional as it requires broad conspiracies against a Constitution based on individual rights. Much of this social engineering must utilize unconstitutional or false courts and precludes fathers and instead empowers bureaucrats who hold and promote bigotries against parents through numerous unconstitutional devices. The State then employs illegal practices under the color of the law to violate basic parental rights as a measure of knee-jerk routine by employees of Children and Youth Services "who must err on the side of child abuse." This is not only completely unconstitutional, it makes the parent-child bond as the keystone of proper sex education under modern multisystemic therapy and traditional common sense impossible in practice. This is done as a matter to criminalize parents in order to present to the media and public the false and immoral proposition that government must replace parents as the most vital element of society. Juveniles are even placed on scarlet letter websites as "offenders," even as their minds are not fully developed and are often in flux. Therefore these employees and agencies of the state are granted near absolute power over the family and function within a culture of perverse and absolute power that is fundamentally unconstitutional and certainly does not serve the best interests of our children. These agencies attract perverse bureaucrats, many with a political or personal ax to grind, and many with dark motivations for the absolute and perverse power that existing social services provides. This is a profound shift in our culture's values away from the family, Constitution and away from the sacred bonds between parent and child. We have drifted toward the Orwellian world of government deception where even the privileged speech between husband and wife is employed as a weapon of deception to pry apart loving families.

When a child becomes embarrassed by normal and common "sexual" events, these employees build false dramas, may employ physically and psychologically damaging "rape-kitting" assaults against small children and wildly exaggerate these events "for the child's safety" and build a false context to them for mere legal positioning against a wrongfully marginalized parent, destroying the family in the process and enriching those who would traffic children.

These practices are blatantly employed for child custody civil matters in the false and fraudulent guise of a needful criminal investigation fueled by abusive, aloof and unsound federal programs that target parents themselves and driven almost exclusively by a bigotry against men as "predators" and function outside of any scientifically sound protocol and existing federal guidelines designed to limit these institutional abuses of children and basic parental rights. This is not done simply as a measure of unscientific taboo about sexual matters from far-right neo-cons or the perversely powerful bureaucrat, this is done completely outside existing psychiatric science and early childhood education developed over 100 years at the best U.S. universities. These institutionalized practices go counter to my training at Harvard and elsewhere and my study of childhood hysteria and psychology for over 20 years for which draconian approaches to common childhood sexuality are routinely employed through the most harmful and destructive treatments possible for these children. These are driven largely by cultural or quasi-religious imperatives that instill primitive devices of shame into children. Science has proven for over 100 years that children often go through phases of sexual development, some of which can be aggressive or embarrassing causing confusion or hysteria. This is common scientific fact for which responsible parents must address for the health of their children.

It is widely understood that in a 5 or 6 year-old's mind, nightmares, fears or hysteria concerning sexual matters are functionally "real" for the child, common and must be addressed as such with compassion since these children have a penchant to over-react to normal events, especially in a government-induced environment of sexual fear where teachers or virtually anyone is given false power and immunity to destroy families based on the false notion that such hysteria is a product of abuse. This hysteria is extremely common in such an environment where child custody battles are presumed by government hacks before parents even engage in any and where police use the threat of force to intimidate small children with the prospect of losing their parents.

But these hacks exploit common childhood hysteria not only prematurely, but wantonly, even further abusing children in order to falsely portray any form of hysteria, common to anyone with a memory or anyone with small children, as signs of "sexual abuse" and quickly target the parents. Such lies build false dialog between very small children which serves further destruction on any concept of family as this government-induced fear permeates entire communities. This outrageous crime against good science is employed in order to traffic in these children and socially engineer "politically correct" families! For no other culture in the world would separate such a child from a parent unless there is some nefarious profit or political imperative in doing so, NONE.

This is but one of the purist forms of femi-nazi junk science employed by a corrupt national politics that is completely out of touch with the realities of what parents must face in their own homes and is designed to enrich those who would traffic in children and advance a conservative agenda that would socially engineer our families. By employing these false realities of common childhood hysteria, they take advantage of the inherent malliability and innocence of these children to build false "testimony" and "evidence" against the parent through fear and manipulation. Those high up in government are the true benefactors of this outrageous child trafficking and fraud against good science and good families because they are so outgrageously out of touch with real family issues and how common childhood hysteria actually works, that Congressmen like Mark Foley can con us all in the lie that he is "protecting" our children from "predators." And entire communities become devastated by this "protection."

I have been completely confounded by the redneck approach to sex education for children and how this has destroyed my family, but I am devoting this site to exposing the horrific destruction of my family by a bizarre Nanny State agency in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. As you will read, Bedford County is the lunitic fringe of the far right which defies the federal government's own guidelines on sex education, and they're getting away with it. As my wife is so horribly intimidated by police, out of fear and illegal, unconstitutional intimidation designed to circumvent any "legal mechanism through the courts," she cannot communicate with her own husband in order to seek such redress. And this place is so remote, the local Republican monocultural grip so complete on the local government, that this police abuse goes unscrutinized except in rare federal court cases where they almost universally lose any Constitutional challenges. Even so, no law firm seems interested in our case or will only lament the abuses inherent in the existing Nanny State in this corner of Amish Country. Dare I suggest that this intimidation and fear is working in a fundamentally repressed, simplistic and far-right culture ill-prepared for any gray areas? They must build a black and white simplistic reality about sexual taboos that is inherently biased against the parent, utterly false and completely counter to the will of our Founding Fathers who established the jury system precisely to address complexity and made unconstitutional the simpletons of such obvious tyranny.

But our case is falsely warped by simpleton bureaucrats to be as distasteful and as legally unapproachable as possible, a clear violation of any concept of due process and this is routine here. And like Mark Twain's adage that a lie will get half way around the world before the truth has gets its pants on, these hacks actively spread malicious lies to my wife and her family about men as "predators" before any facts about common childhood hysteria were even possible, pre-empting any reasonable dialog on the truth. They then manipulate these children through a fiction factory of child coachings designed to build these lies as material facts through the brainwashing of highly malliable young children. These devices of pure bigotry, deception and conspiracy against rights are clear violations of existing federal law. This is how child trafficking in America works! We demand that Congress and the Supreme Court use the over-sight obligations of their Constitutional authority and address these outrages against good parents and reign in these hacks who traffic our children!

Teachers are told they must conform to the active child trafficking that goes on here through hushed innuendo designed to suggest deep darkness in a parent and not the true darkness of the system itself. Teachers are also well aware that once a child enters into the "system" and is forcibly separated from a valued parent, these children quickly become distant, angry and dysfunctional as a direct result of these hacks who would destroy sacred bonds. There are entire school districts in Bedford County where this dysfunction in the students rules all conduct and teachers know it, because these children's families have been destroyed by those who would "save" them. Teachers then become tools in this horribly warped, immoral and unconstitutional industry where children are separated from their biological parents through unconstitutional state force. Teachers are falsely told that they are immune from prosecution for conspiring against basic parental rights in America, as if parenthood were a mere privilege to be dealt with summarily by unelected hacks, a total violation of federal law and a total outrage against our Constitution! Conspiring to violate basic natural, civil and human rights is still illegal in America even as a Republican administration has run rough-shod over these basic human rights, and it's high time we enforce this most basic of principles of our Founding Fathers!

I know that you will not want to believe that this industry exists, that you want to resist the truth of these horrors with every fibre of your being. But if you would risk your family's very existence on the superficial and bigotted judgment of this utterly failed and corrupt government that would presume a God-like power over parents, you are not worthy of parenthood. They expect that you will not have the stomach for the truth and will rely on the "better judgment of the state," as you are conned out of your own children and as they go about their work in creating 500,000 false orphans for the adoption industry. But redneck cultural engineering of your family is not vuluntary, is certainly not working and breeds only fear that your child might say or do something "sexual" in school, and if you try to empower your children with scientifically sound truth, that these hacks are instilling fears, religious indoctrinations or bigotries that are not healthy, these hacks will take them as a matter of "patriotism" by "suspending them in innocence," even as they are clueless about the true context by which these children act out: the fact that this government attracts, retains and nourishes those who seek absolute, perverse power and this perversity is fiercely defended from within through unconstitutional fear tactics and unconstitutional inquisitions that serves to demonize parents and hide the truth.

This entire process requires a secretive, extra-constitutional system maintained by the unelected and the perverse and functions as a false court, creating false orphans and is a breeding ground for human depravity and the inevitable corruption which comes from such absolute power. Since the Family Court will seldom enter into matters this blatantly perverse being public and elected, these unconstitutional inquisitions function far outside of due process regulations and completely marginalize parents who become the "enemy."

The media fails to expose this widespread child abuse and instead serves to instill fear and hysteria into these children by portraying men as sexual "predators" who must be contained through illegal and unconstitutional inquisitions, lies and police force. But who actually does more harm to the American family, these mythical roving bogeymen or the femi-nazi agencies that descend entire communities into fear of losing their children? This is really suspending your children in ignorance and fear through misguided and draconian state power that would separate good parents from the process of educating their own children about the truth of human sexuality. But in an environment of absolute Nanny State power where children can literally be removed from their parents simply for being empowered in matters of sex, isn't fear and abuse by the state the real threat to these children who need to be empowered against the state itself? Isn't a comprehensive investigation into these dark, dark agencies here in Bedford County justified for our dear children?

As human nature will produce hysteria if enough fear is generated, the fear will become the reality. As children around a campfire will tell stories of vicious bears, these same children soon see bears in every bush, in every rock. The most humane and normal reaction from a parent would be to toy with these fears in order to find humor and lessons in them. But what if the other parent fears the bears even worse than the children? What if the other parent's fears are inflamed by false government exaggeration made real, however irrational they are? That other parent can over-react and seek "healthcare" through falsely advertised government agencies designed to entrap them and manipulate them for legal positioning for child custody. Only, in the case of "child abuse" in redneck America as it now stands "minimally defined," these authorities will wrecklessly over-react and utterly destroy the family itself through the overtly political mis-use of inane, irrational and unconstitutional force. This entire process serves a cultural, political and business culture, not the child.

Anyone who speaks to my dear children will quickly learn that they are not abused but that these beasts have orchestrated a horrible lie to destroy our family and soon I will expose the true scope of the industry destroying our families in their most vulnerable of times, in a place without the rule of Constitutional law.

The local conservative government agency that has destroyed my family for political reasons believes that it has created the perfect mousetrap that will entrap liberal families, build such distasteful and ruinous lies against parents that no one in his right mind will want to question the true business of the agency itself, the true reason for the adoption lawyers hanging about or their sick work in securing CAPTA grants.

Nothing screams for limited government, the rule of law and due process like these hacks who destroy good families, but there is too much money in the pipeline from hell.

As Republican candidates inflame hysteria around sex monsters in ad after ad, monsters that are largely fictional, rare or are often products of trumped-up political rhetoric and redneck justice itself, these Republicans instill unnecessary and irrational fears into our children, promoting more redneck justice that places bureaucrats above parents for obvious social engineering, profit and perverse power. As parents are falsely accused, our society will pay a horrible price for not allowing good science and the Constitution to rule this horror. But when I found out about the active child trafficking for profit in Bedford County, the constant bigotted innuendo about predatory men being virtually everywhere, when unwanted adoption lawyers had more access to my child than I had, these hacks launched a wildly unconstitutional attack against my dear family because as a teacher I did not subscribe to their sick program of active and ruinous child trafficking.

Just as flag burning hysteria is a political rouse designed to attack free speech over a non-existant "crime," these political hacks are so out of touch with reality that they are destroying the American Family itself through pure fear-mongering and may not even know it. What's worse, their hypocracy belies the fact that NONE OF THEM WOULD EXIST had their ancestors not had the very normal sex drives that they now criminalize through many "predatory" laws that simply assumed motivations in men and not actual acts of violence. This is the Orwellian absurdity where men are criminalized for any subconscious thought which nature may have instilled in them for purposes of procreation, completely proven as normal by modern science. Even if the conscious mind does not actually act out sexually upon these pre-wired impulses of nature, our laws and media, like Dateline NBC builds an entertainment venue on men attracted to teenagers. These men are wrong, but is this really breaking news? Isn't this really common human sexuality that children need to be empowered to accept and be prepared to discuss with their parents? Isn't this the sexuality inherent in our forefathers themselves who created our own existence by marrying in their teens? Conservative hysteria about sexuality denies more than scientific fact it denies history and is distorting common and often ambiguous "sexual" activity in a free society as "crimes." Like Philistines who deny history, they deny that our ancestors married in their teens, often married in wide age differences and that these practices are common throughout the world in cultures not warped by uniquely American Puritanical lunacy and idiotic American politics about "sex offenders," and "family values." Education, not conservative social engineering, is the only answer to these natural human tendencies and who better to educate than parents?

Instead, we have government programs which allow police to parce and exploit "sexual intent" in matters of complex and often ambiguous sex education between parent and child in their own homes in often awkward or brief moments which can be taken out of context through various Orwellian devices used to target hardened criminals, now applied to children and parents. Our cultural warping toward far-right Republicanism of sexual shame is designed to fulfill a political mission based on ignorant cultural and religious imperatives to expose "liberals." These methods can exploit young children through devices of shame and an understanding of sex education that has migrated eradically over the years and denies basic sex education in the home where it belongs. This education empowers children with critical knowledge and now is easily exploited in a wrongful context. THIS EDUCATION IS NOW CRIMINAL so long as you are a "liberal" or some other minority that these monocultural hacks find distasteful.

Just as children become involved with guns in rural America, it is the responsibility of the parent to education these children on safety, use and mis-use of these weapons. Sexuality is no different. Where dangers of ignorance exist around guns, parents must not allow their children to remain ignorant of these lethal dangers. But when children become active in seeking knowledge on sexual matters, prosecutors in redneck America will quickly presume a bigotry against the father as a threat to the child, instead of a vital educator. They will then allow these bigotries to warp existing facts about sexual education to build a false context to them in an environment of sexual hysteria that is simply unconstitutional, presuming guilt in the father and building horrible lies about the activity through various junk science and child-coachings which must be investigated by federal agencies for their inherently unethical prosecutorial bias. After all, federal guidelines require sex education and dialog by parents, even as this education may have ambiguous overtones, and this education is critical when children are forced into dangerous situations outside the home. Prosecutors or Police who exploit these ambiguities are highly unethical and must be brought to justice for violating the fundamental Civil Rights of children and parents and these abuses are routine in Bedford County. Sex education is vital and not a crime!

This process circumvents not only due process of law, but it circumvents scientifically sound practices that would empower children and a historically sound approach to sex education instead of the bigotted hysteria about "predatory" men who may have, a 100 years ago, become your great-grandfather. As cultural imperatives and sex education methods shift in society, human sexuality fundamentally does not. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY PARENT TO EDUCATE HIS OR HER CHILDREN WITH THE KNOWLEDGE THAT HUMAN BEINGS ARE SEXUAL AT ALL AGES AND THAT THESE IMPULSES ARE NORMAL AND COME FROM THE DEEP-SEATED SUBCONSCIOUS MIND DESIGNED BY NATURE FOR MATTERS OF PROCREATION, NOT SIMPLY FROM THE "sick and "perverse" "BOGEY-MAN." CHILDREN CAN THEN BECOME EMPOWERED WITH THE WISDOM THAT THEY THEMSELVES HAVE ENORMOUS POWER TO PROTECT THEMSELVES, SPEAK WITH THEIR PARENTS ABOUT POSSIBLY THREATENING EVENTS, AND THROUGH LEARNING ABOUT PROPER BOUNDARIES AND SAFETY, SEXUALITY CAN BE PLACED IN ITS PROPER CONTEXT THROUGH SCIENTIFICALLY BASED EDUCATION, WHICH IS NOW CRIMINAL. It is a parents duty to provide this education.

Now femi-nazis in government and media target men as "criminals" in an attempt to impose a new version of human psychiatric science onto the male brain and functionally deny parents the rights to educate their children with the truth about human sexuality as it actually exists. Parents are indeed criminalized for attempting this secular education through unconstitutional religious indoctrinations which would suspend their children in ignorance and have utterly failed these children who will become active in ignorance. In Bedford County, these agencies will build perverse lies through child coachings, exaggerations, modern-day sexual taboos which are fundamentally bigotted against men and other illegal devices in order to build a false context to this education and the real predators are in the system itself: those who would misrepresent minor incidents of common sex education between parent and child as "crimes." Even when the federal government mandates this education! WAKE UP AMERICA and Investigate these hacks who weild the perverse powers of absolute corruption that destroy the sacred bonds between parent and child!

There are indeed active bottom trollers who target loved and innocent children and are a true threat to our children, but many of these "predators" cosey up to state agencies in the form of adoption lawyers and politicians and employ the full powers of the state to remove these children from loving families. Republican Mark Foley is a prime example of one who would use the "system" to forcibly drive children away from their God-given parents by "protection" legislation and simultaneously solicit children for sex who are absent from their parents. Then the Republicans whitewash all of this abuse, after all, these were "other peoples' children" just as CAPTA provides local communities the power to investigate "other peoples' children" and not those in perverse power. Societies are blind to their own taboos and these politicians build the false taboos about sex predators in order be the predators themselves. These predators are throughout the government and system itself and will not investigate themselves. In case after case caseworkers apply their own personal biases against parents through employing false sexual taboos, many inspired by the politics of fear and ignorance, and these predators are drawn to the system for the immense perverse power that it offers them! As I have seen firsthand, your children are far less safe under government "protection" than in the loving homes of parents and your government will hide this fact in total darkness through extremely illegal devices of political power.

Where is the media scrutiny of these true predators who would traffic in children under the guise of official authority, who presume Godlike power to destroy families under the horrifically false guise of a "civil" matter while they themselves blunder into sex scandal after sex scandal? Isn't this a more profoundly disturbing story in America than men who solicit teenagers? When stories of corrupt state agents proliferate from state to state throughout the internet?

These agents of the state are so caught-up with conning the family court with petty deceptions about human sexuality that they have over-looked the law of the land that would protect our children from pure greed, perversion and institutional dysfunction inherent in the system itself. Bedford County has entire school systems destroyed by these hacks who become corrupt in near absolute power and no one in government investigates the true context to this utter dysfunction and corruption. This is a total abomination of justice which must be exposed! As once again, a false prophet on the far-right points to a non-existant or skillfully propagandized monster (a.k.a. Iraq), and like sheep, we are to run away from reason itself, exposing our dear children to Republican inspired Child Trafficking for profit. Just as we are to look away from the War profits, Katrina profits, Oil profits and big drug companies who have profitted enormously from this universal governmental dysfunction and greed. Where is the oversight? Now we are to endure these same people "protecting" our children by skillfully distributing CAPTA profits?

Those very high up in government know that these agencies exist far outside of the Constitution and are run by femi-nazi types with a wildly unconstitutional agenda, treating us all like idiots and hiding their dirty work in total darkness under the lie of "protecting" these children. They must also realize that innocent families are being demonized, literally demonized through a fiction factory of the state that is designed to build demons for children and adults to fear. Through a draconian approach to sexuality which causes far more harm than it addresses, these hacks find tremendous power to manipulate us for political reasons as they inflame false and exaggerated charges in case after case against parents AND THESE ARE MATTERS OF PUBLIC RECORD. But they continue to feed the beast with $200 million of dollars from CAPTA and Billions more from welfare agencies which finance this prosecutorial fraud against parents and help shape their political and "moral" measage, when the obvious fear mongering this generates is a travesty of justice designed to promote redneck justice that keeps Republicans in power.

Any parent who dares to confront this monocultural bigotry head-on risks losing more than his family, he risks losing due process and justice itself, as in the case of Bedford County, there is no redress to sound defense possible. This is a Republican monoculture fully entrenched. The answer to real child abuse is empowering children and parents, not more government redneck bureaucracy designed to criminalize sex education and destroy the sacred bonds between parent and child. Would these political hacks prefer our children learn about sex from strangers or from parents as clearly instructed by Federal Government literature? This conservative con-job against parents is a deal with the devil which must be made crystal clear, as politicians who champion "get tough" legislation against a false enemy will inevitably become the enemy of justice itself, as parents become targetted in a crass and misdirected inquisition, a product of this politically-inspired hysteria. Republican candidates benefit from the irrational fears this money generates and they create the hellhole of "innocent" communities that brainwash children and suspend them in ignorance.

Who can possibly be so naive not to know that $200 million on any table requiring "victimhood" in children will cause a warping effect away from our children's true best interests? Add the billions of dollars for welfare services funneled into these communities and the needless Medicaid expenditures for rape-kitting and brainwashing children needlessly and this money provides the magical draw by the same big business Republicans who feed your doctor free drug samples and gives your dentist free mouthwash. But these Republicans trade in children and needlessly rape-kit them under the guise of "protecting" them. They then drug your wife with powerful pharmaceuticals designed to quell any guilt (and free-thinking) she might suffer from the destruction of her family she has been fraudulently forced to undertake through blatantly illegal conspiracies against her own husband. These political hacks benefit from the forced dysfunction placed on American families that they've utterly destroyed. Follow the money and you will find this corruption is widespread in the state itself, which has empowered perverse bureaucrats over parents, a fostercare deathcamp industry where children die at a much higher rate than with biological parents, drug companies and adoption lawyers over the biological parents. And they have the audacity to call all of these Orwellian outrages "Family Values."

This money should go for scientifically based education, true parental support, treatment and sound healthcare, not a draconian police state obsessed with providing "victims" for Republican campaign ads and children for adoption lawyers.

To say that my family's issues were really "much ado about nothing" is the understatement of the century. It is a rouse that successfully produces false orphans. But Republican-inspired bigotry has done its evil work against me as a liberal, as my child is in high demand. And they are spending enormous tax dollars on this political witch hunt. They like to employ Dr. Phil gotcha science targetting shame, ambiguous moments, inflaming the simpletons of sexual shame who mob good parents through a primitive hysteria, AND IT'S WORKING. Parents are forced to submit to Orwellian police devices, investigations and incarcerations in order to be parents, AND IT'S WORKING. Our child's hysteria about innocent "sexual" matters is not only common, but is inevitable in this warped culture where education which is simultaneously deemed necessary for child safety is also deemed lewd. Common childhood hysteria in this warped culture is relatively easy to address professionally, through non-draconian counselling. But our daughter's issues are really a rouse, as these agents are pre-programmed for knee-jerk over-reaction in order to inflame the known hysteria of the mother and build sexual matters where they don't exist, instill irrational fears and bigotted conspiracies against men as predators, something very alien to the issues of common shame and confussion found in a young child and are really simple to resolve without destroying the family. They are creating a child-trafficking industry by failing the most fundamental constitutional rights of parents.

Some of these agents get sadistic pleasure out of their terrible work and are attracted to this business for dark reasons. Others are very genuine in their desire to protect children, but they are hopelessly human and are vastly inferior to parents and always will be. Few in government actually know what "absolute power" is really like or how it corrupts so absolutely, so heinously. Most in government can't begin to conceive of the power to rape-kit babies, destroy good parents through absolute corruption and run children through an horrific fiction factory that serves to demonize men and send them over the edge and for absolutely no good or sound reason whatsoever. These beasts actively fabricate "victims" out of children and scarlet letters of shame to stick it to good parents that they have wrongfully marginalized. But these tricks will never be turned by the whores of justice, true justice is not so easily tricked. They become the true sexual predators of the state through a false and misguided inquisition that precludes the parents themselves, precludes the most vital element of society. How can we protect the children who need it when the parents themselves are marginalized and allowed to be smeared as sex monsters? They then find personal and political power by bringing in federal dollars through very popular bogey-man politics AND IT'S WORKING. They don't want you to know that the Willie Horton horror stories are actually the products of Republican inspired fiction factories. That Willie Horton was abused in a draconian fashion by state bureaucrats.

I am the bogey man they want to scare you about. After many attempts to speak to these people about my dear family in their own publicly financed office, they had me falsely arrested. Now I am really the bogey man for them. Yet another product of a totally corrupt and unconstitutional government agency. I am the Harvard educated father that has seen their work from inside out, in our schools, in the eyes of terrified children they have abused and I will expose the completely dysfunctional system that they themselves want to end. There isn't even a simple mechanism for the most basic communication or a mechanism for determining even what "serious" means in common childhood hysteria. This is the nature of hysteria, even in adults. But when parents are unable to educate their children about sexual matters without the overwhelming fear that such education will be exploited, mined and exaggerated in a Ken-Starr style inquisition for its inherent abiguities, these hacks have gone too far and must be stopped! After all, the act of destroying families is their game, not any sound Constitutional mechanism that would make the game fair and this must bring them an extreme and deep-seated torment. I simultaneously extend compassion for these people with the sincere wish that this hysteria will break and reason triumph. But I must now expose a tormented beast within our government and fight like hell to save our dear children. For this system is wildly out of control and I will never stop until reason is restored.

I invite them to come out of the closet and tell us the truth. I know that they abuse our dear children for trivial matters in the most outrageous fashion. But this is understandable because they secretly want to be stopped. They secretly want the world to know that their wildly unnecessary abuses of children and families is really a cry for help. And they want me to tell their awful story. They secretly despise their hacking of these families and want to stop. They know God is very angry that we do not honor parents and that their entire mission in life is to deny the sacred bonds between parent and child. But how can they speak out? For they are trapped in the very unconstitutional system itself. They only need the means and power to speak out. They need to be placed on trial in order to find redemption. Just as the prosecutor for the Duke Lacrosse team rape case needs to be prosecuted and disbarred. These cases are an abomination and must be reversed.

This hysteria about men targeting women and children as "predators" is a political ploy that is working for the Republican establishment. It is a rouse that is brilliantly successful in redneck America. It worked on my own wife. She is effectively pitted against her own husband by illegal police intimidation and will lose her dear children if she does not conform to this imposed institutional bigotry. This is a kind of perfect hate crime where evil itself is raised to a government institutional status and made routine, but I am no longer falling for redneck logic or falling victim to its pure evil. I am no longer being conned by these rednecks. This Republican hysteria is designed to mesh into our culture so completely so as to become invisible and we are made to suffer in silence, in total darkness. It is working, but I am here with the spotlight.

I seek a law firm that is not short-sighted, that will help these caseworkers see through the political haze of this Republican engineered child abuse. I need a law firm that is not afraid to seek the truth and seek damages for my dear children for the absolute abuses done to them physically and mentally by this agency. This agency must pay for failing their most basic Civil Rights and their fundamental right to a critical parent who loves them dearly. By employing illegal intimidation, arrests, unconstitutional inquisitions, unnecessary medical examinations, enslavement of our children in holding cells and behind closed doors and scarlet letters of shame even while I worked in hurricane ravaged New Orleans, these methods are emblematic of the most despotic of governments anywhere and fundamentally typical of this current administration. But I also hope that this law firm will someday address the systemic horrors of this system to the Roberts Court, as this is the highest and most noble of attempts to protect our dear children.

A culture that values corporate and political interests that divide and destroy families will not be long for this world. Lawyers, corporations and government agents are not the answer and are in fact the true second-class citizen, not parents. The Constitution speaks clearly here. I am appealing to Roberts Court to bring clarity, reason and values back to our government through a fresh understanding of our Founding Fathers' wisdom, even as those values that they presumed were self-evident, parental rights, is now under savage attack by wrongful priorities that build a false context, a false value system.

I am the monster to tell your children about, for I am the only one in America fighting for them. The only one in America who values parents over government. As a parent and teacher, I am required to report the abuse of my dear children by their own government. These hacks are extremely dangerous in any proximity to our dear children, as they engage in hate crimes against good parents. REPORT THESE OUTRAGES, AS THIS GOVERNMENT MUST BE TAKEN BACK!

The tactics of Children & Youth Services and their simplistic cohorts-for-profit are so outrageously unconstitutional, destructive and dysfunctional that it defies comprehension. In this corrupt place, "presumption of innocence" for parents is not even remotely possible. The petitioning parent will be arrested, faced with extreme bigotries and must seek a war chest of cash to counter a Ken-Starr styled attack against the American Family. Parents are worse than second-class citizens when they have been targetted by these institutional hacks who are rewarded by a corrupt system that traffics children. Parents are made irrelevant because the Constitution has been effectively replaced by a petty fiction factory by a bizarre state agency that is blindly employed to entrap, manipulate and destroy "liberal" families. Americans must be made to understand that the idea of parental rights is our final chance to save our children, as horrific agencies like this rule without any oversight, without reason and without common sense.

The U.S. teen pregnancy rate is 5 times higher than in Sweden or France. Europeans often bathe with their children, speak frankly and openly, have sexual education in a timely fashion as a healthy alternative to ignorance, fear and shame and are statistically superior to the uniquely puritanical U.S. in the success of their approach. Their approach dispells the myths that sexuality in children is inherently perverse when adult-inspired hysteria or over-reaction to such normal events is the true abuse. As their children are educated, sexual exploitation, as seen by American Priests, is far less common and the uniquely American hysteria over sex abuse is less draconian. Such scandals are rare in Europe, as these children are empowered with knowledge which then allows them to discuss such matters comfortably with parents, not hide them in darkness, ignorance or shame. Many advanced cultures look upon the scandal-mongoring American culture with horror, as such a culture of fear and shame will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and will certainly implode into a shambles. Only good science and parents can bring reason to this madness, even if you are bigotted against the parent.

At Harvard, I was required to write a thesis on sex education as a deterance to sexual exploitation and disease. In 1985 Aids was the mysterious killer that the Reagan administration was largely ignoring, causing hysteria and fear. Eventually, this same government used Harvard's active sex education techniques designed to empower and protect children and adults from disease and exploitation. This approach was used in the government's own literature and given to parents. In 1986 Charles Everett Koop, the Surgeon General and professor of pediatrics, issued a comprehensive approach to early childhood education. It was widely embraced as a healthy approach to dealing with Aids even as it was explicit and direct. It was widely understood that ignorance was the enemy. It was also understood that shame must be addressed directly, since this was a stigma which often interfered with children talking to their parents about possible sexual events. By dealing with shame in children, the parent could engage in productive dialog with children in order to empower them with knowledge and build important communications about critical sexual matters. This approach was designed to replace misguided moral issues with scientifically based education and was designed to address dangerous issues of disease, abuse, possible psychological trauma and was a no-brainer for saving lives and empowering children with critical knowledge.

Early childhood education was advanced as common wisdom to take the stigma of shame, ignorance and fear out of sexual matters. These discussions should occur at the child's level of understanding but includes direct and accurate facts of life. This is the same approach any good parent will have addressing any phobia in a child if such a child is hysterical about such phobia. To address shame in children is even addressed in government literature from the 1980s. But even Dr. Koop was attacked by conservatives for his approach to these serious issues.

As the Surgeon General advocated early childhood sex education in the home, Koop wrote: "The need is critical and the price of neglect is high. The lives of our young people depend on our fulfilling our responsibility." Koop advocated sex education in schools by the third grade, but recommended home education much earlier. He did this not simply to fight AIDS, but to empower children with critical information which might protect them from exploitation. He did not realize that the zeal of conservative "family values" movement would serve to criminalize parents who employed these same proven sex education methods in the home, nor did he anticipate the unconstitutional inquisitions that would lead to a prudish and ignorant depiction and exaggeration of this education as a "crime." Koop writes extensively in The Memoirs of America's Family Doctor that political dysfunction and the way states violate basic parental rights has made the most fundamental rights of parents to educate their children one of the worse health care disasters in the history of the United States. And despite the Supreme Court largely siding with the Surgeon General, the states continue to violate these most basic of rights.

As our children become confused by a warped and sexually bi-polar society, parents must fear the inquisitions that would suspend thier families in imposed ignorance. He is largely viewed as a sex education hero who saved lives, as he stood up against conservatives who often attacked him for his stand against ignorance. Even as his stand was apolitical, it offended far-right conservatives, as the politics of fear and bigotry became the Carl Rove approach to sex education.

Now a bizarre politics is criminalizing parents, branding them with bizarre scarlet letters of shame for applying this proven literature and advice and effectively producing false orphans. This occurs most frequently in the early years of grade school where children are taught mis-guided and shameful myths about "sexual" matters from their classmates, and this is extremely common at this age level. Police, teachers and government agents focusing on childhood hysteria at this level as indications of adult "abuse" is largely a redneck madness, a cultural hack job against good parents who try to use good science to address the human condition and provide critical sex education to counter a child's ignorance. This practice exposes the total disproportionality of values inherent in the "family values" conservative movement, where minor and misrepresented exploitation of "sexual" matters in children serves to destroy the child's own family through mis-guided and draconian state force. The literature I now hold came from the Reagan administration which eventually came to the conclusion that "shame is a disturbance that we must actively eliminate and secure our children from at the earliest possible age." After all, many in the Reagan administration feared that we would be creating gays and gay illness if we did not address the issue of shame. It advances the proposition that our children are sexual and very complex and require a deeply compassionate approach by parents, not inept bureaucrats or prosecutors with a political agenda. In this regard, the state violates numerous federal laws designed to secure parental rights and the state's use of agents to conspire against these rights is expressly illegal under federal law.

I was showered with condoms at my Harvard graduation because of a thesis I truly believed would save lives. But I am now effectively criminalized for providing such education in Bedford County to my own children, in my own home. As sex education can be depicted as "lewd" by crass readings of the CAPTA program, these agents can then apply pure bigotry against me as a man and assume some sexual "intent" on the part of a loving father who would not hurt any child in a million years. Just as any bigot can assume a criminal intent on those of a different race or color through pure prejudice, I am fast-tracked as an "offender," "predator" and other politically charged buzz-words enjoyed by right-wing politicians, my family destroyed by crass lies. My biological daughter is stolen, the court administrator has no record of her and the hacks have me falsely arrested for seeking information on my family in a public building.

I have been fast-tracked into the criminal justice system for following the same literature given to parents by this government. My children are actively led to believe that their father was a monster. My wife force-fed fiction-factory lies pre-cut and designed in advance to terrorize her out of her marriage. The bogey-man myth of men targeting small children is so effective that virtually every Republican idiot buys into it. And this hellhole is overwhelmingly Republican. No man drawn into the system falsely is "presumed innocent," NONE, not even fathers. When parents are apathetic toward the outrageous violations of parental and constitutional rights, this politics of shame will crush them. They falsely believe that these horrors won't happen to their own families. THEY ARE WRONG. This agency is blundering so far outside of the Constitution that it is effectively building a new government, a new industry that will affect all families directly or indirectly.

Dr. Koop did not anticipate that the conservative dominance over his educational approach would warp into the femi-nazi agencies that now engineer American Families. They maintain the false front as firemen who respond to desparate domestic problems and "save" children. In fact, many of these agents now function as the arsonists themselves and are attracted to these positions in the same manner as police and prosecutors who are attracted to positions of near absolute power. Parents are led as sheep to believe that such cultural engineering by bureaucrats in America is normal. Now, like Frankenstein, many of these bureaucrats are coming out of the darkness and expressing the truth, that their evil work against parents is anything but normal and that the true monster is the system itself. These are true heros, and we need their testimony against this abuse of our families and children.

In rural Pennsylvania, I am a proverbial witch for being an educated "liberal." So bizarre and intense is the hysteria, corruption and dysfunction here that it is utterly insane and my dear family's plight is truly unbelievable to most Americans. I have appealed to the highest levels of government about this utter dysfunction and will continue to scream into the darkness until these hacks are stopped. They are sustained by politicians who preclude compassion for very sensitive and complex matters and fear sex offenders will arise to show their particular political party is weak. This is the irrational fear that builds a false context and a hysteria that abuses our children. We are only as strong as our Constitution, even as the storms of hysteria will inevitably arise to challenge our great contract with reason.

Americans don't want to believe that after 20 years of Aids, children are still suspended in ignorance, families destroyed by trivialities and Orwellian inventions are employed routinely by a police state in order to traffic loved children or that such a primitive culture of shame and ignorance still exists in America. Americans want to believe that basic due process still exists in the privacy of their own home, that a parent can be given "the presumption of innocence" and his actions judged by due process and a reasonable approach designed to preserve the family. This is not the case in Bedford County. This is the heart of a culture of shame that will defy all common sense, as our Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves.

But a parent who employs sound "liberal" education through compassion, common sense and science, developed over 100 years ago by top psychologists and used by top educators in the most advanced cultures is criminalized by today's redneck politics in America which exploits fear and ignorance in children. Through sexual amplification techniques, these hacks build a false context to sex education that is ultimately designed to destroy the family. Fear and the shameless exploitation of children who simply need compassion is driving the Republican political machine right over our children's souls. This machine is fueled by pure ignorance, knee-jerk and crass judgment, where redneck bigotries falsely destroy good parents by building a false hysteria into our children. Such ploys by unelected bureaucrats are designed to make the petitioning parent UNEMPLOYABLE through false sex smearing campaigns and false inquisitions which occur in the absence of the parent himself. Nowhere is this more outrageous than in the Republican monoculture of Bedford County, Pennsylvania where such state arrogance and injustice reigns supreme.

But a lengthy discussion with an Alabama gay man I recently met was more revealing to me than years of psychological study of Freud, Jung, James and Skinner. This man believes he is gay due to a childhood trauma that occurred "before I knew I was gay." The "sexual" event was not the central issue but an adult hysteria which confounded him in his ignorance. He was eleven years old and had no sexual knowledge whatsoever, so he was vulnerable to severe trauma by a draconian adult for his normal and predictable blunderings. The boy he was with was thoroughly beaten with a twig by a grandmother for this "sin." Overwhelming confussion and fear resulted and lingered in this man for his entire life. Imagine the innocence and total ignorance of this child being savagely traumatized by the draconian over-reaction by redneck "justice." Such "justice" was built on an hysterically false context that this boy's play was shameful, most certainly causing a lifelong disturbance in this boy and now as a man, he is fighting "demons" that were instilled in him through this culture of shame which employs primitive fears and shame and discounts the obvious benefits of sex education. It hardly seems possible that liberal sex education would be so alien to his Alabama culture, but was absolutely absent in his early childhood.

I suggested that his was a classic case of the fixing of false memories by a wrongfully draconian adult, something that is very common in the Bible Belt. For he was not traumatized by a "sexual" event per se, but by shame wrongfully inflicted in his ignorance, wrongfully sustained in his ignorance. This event had sent his life spinning out of control. I suggested his "sexual" event was very normal and common in warm-blooded animals suspended in ignorance and that he find deep compassion for himself, as he was a victim of a culture of shame, and he was truly confounded and astonished by my non-judgmental suggestion, for he had never heard anyone speak this way.

It is amazing that Bible Belt children are rarely spoken to about facts that are so critical to their lives, but that fear in their parents must be the source of this wrongful ignorance. But today, compassionate education of children about complex sexual matters is actively criminalized as "lewd," securing CAPTA funds for the state and county. Now Nanny State hacks get their unconstitutional powers from suspending us all in ignorance, promoting sex predatory fears and myths, applying them to parents themselves, keeping their dirty work in secret, employing scarlet letters of shame through fear and lies which cannot be challenged through due process and are designed to impoverish and humiliate the parent. Their power requires the full suppression of First Amendment rights, draconian state abuses by woefully illegal police actions and this has been working to keep us all in the dark.

The sexual amplification and puritanical warping of a normal childhood event into traumatic and hellish "crimes" was inflicted by a judgmental adult and had built its own false context based on primitive, cultural and religious imperatives that are wrongfully injurous to the child. Now these wrongful imperatives are inherent in the government itself, imposed by a redneck politics. This child was not educated with compassion, this was unnecessary trauma inflicted upon him through ignorance. Now such ignorance is institutionalized. This redneck "justice" is inherently unjust, ignorant and scientifically inept, as children wrongfully suspended in ignorance by their parents or government will pay a price for becoming "active" in their ignorance, without the knowledge that would empower them. Children educated in sexual matters by their parents ARE FAR LESS LIKELY TO BE EXPLOITED BY ANYONE BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT STIGMATIZED BY ANTIQUATED CONCEPTS OF SHAME AND GUILT AND WILL OPENLY DISCUSS SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS WITH PARENTS OR OTHERS. Police officers who "suspend" these children in "innocence" do them a terrible wrong by suspending them in ignorance and shame.

This same culture of shame and ignorance has our innocent children in its clutches in Bedford County where no compassionate and scientifically accurate education is possible through direct and unconstitutional police force served on our children and their hapless families, and the same draconian approach to sex education, sexual amplification and over-reaction to common childhood curiosities is employed by politically organized institutions to destroy good families, now for financial imperatives for the state and county. We must fight this cultural war against this redneck politics of learned ignorance which will perpetuate this outrageous injustice against common sense, liberty and against our dear children.

This same ignorant and destructive "justice" has filled our prisons, perpetuated a disturbed and puritanically warped culture which actually produces more predators than it cures. Our streets are filled with "offenders" who are often products of a draconian institutional system, as they are products of a failed healthcare system, products of ignorance and fear of punishment which costs society far more than preventative education and healthcare. The scarlet letter applied to them not only doesn't work, it serves a self-fulfilling function that plays into the hands of political fear mongering. U.S. children are far more likely to be raped due to ignorance sustained by a false cultural imperative "sustaining them in innocence" and producing disturbed adults. In fact, these children need to be empowered against this ignorance and this process. A healthy and scientifically sound approach to these issues is not even possible under the existing unethical prosecutorial police state which targets parents, instills irrational fears and has destroyed thousands of families in America through the outrageously unconstitutional and broad readings of CAPTA legislation. The Child Welfare Gateway clearly states that "CAPTA also sets forth a minimum definition of child abuse and neglect."

CAPTA effectively provides funds and incentives for massive fraud by local governments for cultural engineering by enforcing through police force "a minimum definition of child abuse." The 2003 version of the law was clearly promoted by for-profit adoption agencies, drug companies and adoption lawyers who lobbied a largely Republican, pro-business congress. CAPTA effectively provides funds for local hacks to "investigate" parents through unconstitutional inquisitions designed to separate children from their biological parents, the highest form of a de facto criminal sanction imaginable. This sanction is so severe, in fact, that these hacks must seek to criminalize parents in any and all matters possible in order to live with their despicable work of wrecking families. They form a Ken-Starr styled inquisition in order to find any dirt on parents who live quiet and non-public lives. But these hacks are neither empowered by the Constitution, nor educated on its due process procedures of "presumed innocence" and prosecutorial ethics. These hacks are in fact, highly biased against the parents themselves and employ and reward those "professionals" who will share in their biases. The parents are not granted any comparable redress, and as in my case, not even informed of the process. CAPTA makes it easier for the adoption industry to target and adopt loving and wanted children from hapless parents completely marginalized by this outrageously unconstitutional system. It promotes the concept of "victimhood" for common childhood hysteria, long debunked by sound science, where doctors are simultaneously rewarded by drug companies and "must err on the side of child abuse" or face severe legal action.

What was once presented as a program to address "serious" issues of child pornograpy, true unwanted orphans and child prostitution, thankfully still rare in America, is now a $20 Billion beast used to falsely target non-Republican "liberals," the poor and minorities whose children have a market value in this system. Please don't take my word for it, go to the National Center for Missing Children and search the law enforcement database on Pennsylvania cases involving these rare cases of serious child abuse. They don't exist! No child prostitution, no child pornography, nothing in the "serious" category in the entire state. There is no case law on truly serious child abuse cases as CAPTA was initially designed to address. Now any concept of "serious" isn't even necessary for these hacks to take your children.

But everyone assumes that serious child abuse is rampant, requiring a strong political response. The facts indicate that where serious child abuse does occur there are few ambiguities and can be traced to institutional abuse even as these crimes must be addressed, but more emphatically, institutional abuse must be investigated. The horrific cases exploited in the media can be employed as a political tsunami of exaggeration and hysteria, suggesting widespread abuse, which wrongfully engulfs thousands of innocent families through the political exploitation of ambiguous and normal childhood sexuality and serves only the adoption industry, politicians and certainly not children. And no one wants to expose the over-whelming facts that draconian actions of the state that enforces a "minimum standard of child abuse" produces proportionally more actual hysteria, trauma, harm and dysfunction on children than they actually prevent. These actions perpetuate sexual abuse, not prevent them. In short, the state does the worst possible harm to these children, by suspending them in ignorance and traumatizing them through the destruction of their own families, a process which ferments shame and creates disturbed adults.

We demand that when the state employs CAPTA funds to advertise their children for adoption, FALSE ORPHANS be advertised as such. These are children taken from good homes and from loving parents.

The fact is, CAPTA has been expanded to include ambiguous cases where parents are caught in awkward and difficult situations that are raised to the level of "serious" abusers. These parents cannot even educate their own children in a healthy manner. This political con-job against parents allows CPS agents enormous abuses to the Civil Rights of children and parents due to unconstitutionally broad definitions of "abuse." Its minimum definition of child abuse allows bureaucrats broad conspiracy powers to pick and choose which families to destroy based on any arbitrary bias, political orientation or bigotry, not on Constitutionally sound due process that would properly depict the separation of children from their parents as a de facto criminal sanction requiring due process. It directly mentions AIDS in children, but serves to criminalize parents who educate their children on sexual matters that would empower them. It doesn't occur to the hacks running this warped system, that they are producing more fear, dysfunction, hysteria and perceived "abuse" than they resolve and our society is going to hell as a consequence of placing these hacks above parents, granting immunity to any nefarious person who would destroy a family and placing redneck justice above the Constitution.

The false and needless victimization of children is the overwhelming imperative of this sick, unscientific and unconstitutional system. It is time we learn the full extent of this de facto child abuse by state and county officials and vote out the redneck politicians who perpetuate this needless abuse and do not even address it in its true context. The scarlet letter wrongfully applied is a source of tremendous power, so let us empower those violated parents, find redemption for those institutional hacks who want to reform and bring them all to a Democratic Congress. Demand new laws to take back our lost rights and reform their fraudulent claims of "healthcare" and crude, unconstitutional devices used to destroy American Families: Fight Children & Youth abuses.