Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So You Think Your Children are Safe in Bedford County?

Now that the Courts have destroyed my family without any contact with me, I believe I have the right to appeal to my own government and the current Roberts Court. My dear child is victim of a child bounty that will help pay for your courthouse. I know this by working with hundreds of children in Bedford County schools who have been wrongfully abused by a state agency working a very horrible system. This bounty is implemented and managed by bigoted bureaucrats who improve their institutional status by building false dramas, largely about "sex abuse" and are an abomination to justice anywhere, all in the guise of helping children. My two-year-old daughter is completely innocent of any domestic abuse, has been vehemently protested as such by literally everyone in her life, but is nonetheless wantonly abused physically and mentally by welfare agents along with her innocent sisters. They violate all that is sacred by abusing the full power of the state to pit good parents against one another in a mercurial world of institutional bigotry imposing the impossible legal position of proving some vague accusation did not happen in the fog and confusion of one six-year-old child's hysteria, craftily manipulating this adult-inspired hysteria through pure prejudice which is blatantly unconstitutional.

This is a wonderful child, but she is a prosecutor's dream in that her hysteria and imagination is so malleable so as to be easily manipulated by adults and has terrorized her mother and others with the fear that in this hysterical culture of sexual shame, deeply institutionalized as nowhere else on earth, brief, normal and common events will expand, through sexual amplification techniques routinely employed by state agents, into matters which will be viewed by crass adults as signs of "abuse" for a prosecutorial system, not as signs of an actual culture of shame which has confounded her with needless, hysterical spasms of guilt. She suffers from extreme absorption hysteria where innocent facts can be blended with suggestions and wildly exaggerated fears by wrongful adults in authoritative positions. She must be compassionately addressed by unbiased adults, not by adults with an agenda to find or create "child abuse." To address this hysteria we have employed a proven liberal education and a scientifically sound approach in our own home which we deem as our right to empower our children with knowledge at a time when they seek such knowledge.

These hacks are attempting to criminalize this education and affection through the exploitation of childhood fears that expand any physicality with wild exaggeration, wildly biased suggestions which build false memories through fear tactics and a prosecutorial prejudice with small children that has been addressed by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. This child was forced by court order to spend time with her biological father, even as the mother believes his best friend is a convicted sex offender. Then she bathes them upon their return, looking for abuse. My efforts to find abuse and address this girls' questions, concerns and hysteria, as a responsible and educated father, is later used in the same hysterical fashion against me.

Had these hacks in Bedford County spoken with me on my many visits to their office seeking help, had they not violated my Patients Bill of Rights by having me falsely arrested, had they not sought instead to criminalize a father they knew nothing about, these matters and these children would not have suffered these outrages against their Civil Rights. If you are a parent in Bedford County and attempt to educate your child in order to empower that child with knowledge, these hacks will target and prosecute you without your having any word with them. Their arrogance and dysfunction is total. The total demonizing of a parent is required to expand these lies. So their bigotries are extreme. Therefore parental rights are ignored and your children are ushered into a horrible criminal justice system prematurely, wantonly and destructively. The Patients Bill of Rights designed to avoid these horrors and misunderstandings is completely ignored unconstitutionally. Likewise anything this young girl has initiated in any awkward domestic situation (which is a cry for information and an opportunity for a responsible adult to teach) is exploited in a false context and falsely dramatized to prosecute a targeted adult. Any affection will and is warped into a false context designed to portray innocent and minor events as "sexual" by those with an agenda to create false orphans. They falsely portray fathers as predators without any reasonable contact with the father.

In this Orwellian hellhole where 20% of children are forced into a fatherless "protective" service through crass judgment, police force and mere accusation, this fear is very justified and is actively used by adults with a nefarious agenda to bring children into the CAPTA program or simply to destroy families and marriages for political reasons. This is called eugenics and is advanced unconstitutionally. They demonize proven liberal education as "lewd" by routinely portraying men as sexually exploitative and violate any concept of presumed innocence, privacy and due process of law. They actively violate small children through needless prosecutorial coaching behind closed doors teaching them crude sexual concepts that will ultimately humiliate them and is utterly inhumane, depraved and corrupt.

These adults may see themselves as self-righteous crusaders for children, but are in fact completely incompetent and acting very superficially as judge, jury and executioner which is horrifically destructive to children and families. Once this de facto institutional abuse is reported to the highest authorities in government, nothing is done. Even after this fraud is reported and an investigation begins, these arrogant hacks continue to employ retaliation tactics against this young family clearly against the False Claims Act of federal law. Her total victimization and unnecessary institutionalization was triggered by pure prejudice and retaliation and is not only immoral and arrogantly inept, it is illegal and any first-year law student could easily prove this.

As this agency rushes three healthy, happy and well-adjusted children into this horrible system, this county and its "professional" cohorts receive cash incentives from the federal and state government. Such an incentive is also a lure for massive fraud, as billions of dollars through the CAPTA program are brought into the local coffers by these horrific and unnecessary abuses of our innocent children. Once these bureaucrats take these children, their grades and health decline, they begin to abuse themselves after being needlessly "rape kitted," their lives become a living hell, their pets, home and father all vanish mysteriously before their eyes and their family is utterly destroyed by pure prejudice and unbelievable institutional evil designed to convince them that their loving father was a monster, when in fact they are in the teeth of the Beast itself, a government bent on pure prejudice against men and these children's right to have a father. This system is promoted by powerful Adoption Lawyer Agencies whose fundamental business is the total destruction of parental bonds for profit, and this business stokes the flames and false fires of sexual hysteria which are one of many tools for the destruction of the American Family. This is your government at work and can only be accurately described as The Beast.

You will not want to believe that such a beast reigns in your local government, but you would be dead wrong to ignore the horrific theatre of the absurd that these children were ushered into and which awaits your own children. The reign of fear that drove their mother into the clutches of these family slashers is only growing, the child-bounty program that targets your family is only growing and begs the obvious question: How can so much ignorance, destruction, prejudice and evil actually help children? And why would any self-respecting parent keep her children suspended in fear and doubt in this system that would utterly destroy them? Is there no one out there that understands: the intent of government is NEVER actualized and this ideal is always divorced from the reality of human prejudice, ignorance, greed and incompetence, and in such a void of functionality, keep our precious children out of your evil schemes, away from your unconstitutional police actions and inept bureaucracies!

I need your help to advance a False Claims Act petition against this agency, secure federal protection for whistle-blowing families in distress and discover the full and obscene truth and true scope of this institutional destruction of one in five families in Bedford County. Help defend these children against this ever more destructive system of outrageous lying, perjury and exploitation by Child & Youth Services and its cohorts in order to grab your tax dollars.

Thanks to your help, I am compiling documents from the state which prove the state's and county's bias against fundamental due process rules and against good parents who are wrongfully marginalized and violated in order for these hacks to fraudulently attain CAPTA funds. There is obviously no government over site of the atrocities now going on in this dominantly Republican county, ground zero in a dominantly Republican country biased against "liberals" who actually embrace liberty and good science and sound education for their children. This county has a disproportionately low minority population of any kind due to active family engineering by bureaucrats and police who target them. Any cultural diversity is distasteful to them, as they eventually target children as "victims" of any cultural diversity which does not appeal to their monocultural bigotries. Children who have thrived for centuries in a myriad of cultures throughout the world would ALL be targeted as "victims" by these hacks in Bedford County due to this monocultural bigotry. These tactics are worse than any mob as they manifest themselves as a public service and these agencies truly believe that because children are involved, no one will question their true fraudulent, bigoted and political intent. But the law against government fraud is clear and these hacks are violating it.

Thanks to your response, I am compiling more and more information about similar abuses in Bedford County and urge you to utilize the Freedom of Information Act, the False Claims Act and Civil Rights laws if necessary to get your own information and rage against these outrages against our rights. Your children do not deserve to be made victims of government fear-mongering in their own schools, stripped, manipulated and made to feel guilt and shame for normal childhood activities then coached into expressing "sexuality" in normal household play (as conveniently defined by these idiot prudes from one of the most bizarre and depraved agencies in the nation), as mine have been. The marginalization of parents is akin to subcontracting our military to a foreign, unconstitutional government. For these children, the brutal marginalization of their known and biological father is pure treason to them, leaving them vulnerable to true predators. This process is a biased, one-sided mining expedition, well documented in the annals of childhood psychology, designed to find and exploit childhood hysteria by building a false context, a remarkably easy process with pre-schoolers in the throes of government-induced fear, overwhelming government power and institutional bigotry.

Freud and many others wrote extensively on sexual amplification and hysteria as being very common in children of this age. What is a simple hygienics action by a parent at one age, becomes an irrationally embarrassing event in the same child as he or she matures. This is extremely common in children of this age, and these matters must always be placed in proper perspective, not used to destroy the family itself. A parent's role is to address the irrational fears inherent in these children in a manner that is best for the child, but even as these methods can be misrepresented, wrongfully expanded by sexual amplification techniques and bigotries against men, this parent's actions should not be exaggerated by wrongfully judgmental and biased adults. Hysteria is a difficult mental condition for any parent to approach, but these hacks of the state are overtly biased against the parent and must assume a draconian approach to the parent who is simply misunderstood by the child. They then exploit these families for a clear state and county agenda to secure federal dollars for themselves, their cronies and for local projects. They brazenly perpetuate this evil empire of bureaucrats onto a generally poor and helpless population desperate to save their own children from this horrible system.

If you doubt for one minute that this agency is unconstitutionally bigoted against men and fathers, then please show me one case where my situation is reversed. Where a man brings a young boy suffering from hysteria into a marriage and that boy naturally becomes curious about the step-mother's anatomy. He innocently spys on her and climes on her day and night, in all situations of domestic life and that step-mother responds with compassion and proper education to address the child's primitively sexual questions, how often is this woman instantly placed into a draconian criminal justice system which automatically assumes some predatory sexual intent and demonized and her family destroyed without any due process of law? Who would doubt her attempts to educate for the good of the child? How often is she assumed to be a "sex predator" without any understanding of the context of her family? These hacks in Bedford County are certainly capable of such an outrage against a woman, but such a bigotry against women is rare as they are more often portrayed as "victims" or natural parents and men and fathers are clearly persecuted with unnecessary restraining orders, knee-jerk judgments and pure prejudice on a routine and excessive degree.

Now if you think such an inhumane persecution would not happen to a woman in my situation you are probably right especially where she has her own biological child. Now try to imagine the horror of this woman being removed from her own dear biological child due to this savage, ignorant injustice and utter incompetence of government. Try to imagine the horror to the mother and the child when they are forcibly separated by idiots who criminalize innocent events of childhood curiosity that was unavoidable, extremely common in children and handled in a manner consistent with sound science and sound liberal education applied by the most advanced nations of the world. Now apply this same situation to a father who is falsely portrayed as trailer trash from well before any meaningful facts can be established and is rushed into a prosecutorial fiction factory by these femi-nazi hacks since he has a penis, something they can only portray as insidious and utterly shameful. Since they cannot comprehend the penis, the femi-nazi must criminalize it, make a weapon of it, present it prudishly as insidious and build hysteria around it, even as good parents cannot address such hysteria, they are required to live in complete denial of it like primitive Victorians who spawned their children in shame causing them extreme psychological damage. Instead of empowering children with knowledge, we are to "suspend them in innocence" even when it would be harmful or dangerous for them to remain ignorant.

As a teacher, I am required to report such needless abuse of children by "suspending them in ignorance" about sex, drugs or any other matters that can harm them. Ignorance can kill them and these hypocrites of the state who would instill fear into children and then falsely criminalize parents for addressing this fear is an abomination that would use a child's given knowledge against the father who has empowered the child. Since this abuse of family is systemic in the government itself, this reporting must be raised to the highest levels of public awareness, as our First Amendment rights are so ingeniously designed to encourage. This reporting has drawn and will continue to draw retaliation from those who would defend this institutional child abuse as needfully draconian and private. Such are the machinations of an inherently unconstitutional state agency which is terrified of nothing more than the truth. The enslavement of our children in plywood camps, perverse rape-kitting, broad conspiracies against parents, the perverse coaching of these children in unscientific doctrines of sexual "abuse" is very real and is a necessary role of federal government to investigate these Civil Rights abuses.

These agents claim to only violently rape test innocent two-year-old girls after determining a "serious" abuse. But no such evidence existed, not ever. In fact, the very young girl whose hysteria was first needlessly exploited by these ignorant agents had in fact vehemently protested the needless rape-kitting of our dear baby, an inhumane experience forced upon our two older girls in order to secure federal dollars for Bedford County and its cohorts. The truth is, this agency is blindly drunk with power and sick with a false mission of "protecting" children, who in fact more often than not need federal protection from this agency itself, and has no capacity or mechanism to determine any simple due process procedures. They honor no appeals plea as required by law, employ illegal police tactics to instill fear in young families, have no protocol for dealing with complex issues of childhood hysteria and, in fact, exasperates this hysteria through prosecutorial tactics with small children and fail this family's Patient Bill of Rights through the warped abuses of CAPTA corruption. They fail to interview both parents before violating children and blindly rape-kit little girls based upon intrinsic institutional bigotry against men as perpetrators. What's worse, they jeopardize all efforts to help children who suffer serious abuse and actually need help. By blindly ensnaring innocent families on trivialities in a system which is clearly loathed by anyone who views it, they lose credibility for cases which should actually be fought. Their use of trumped-up and false testimony and duress-driven evidence from small children to ruin good parents for political reasons will ultimately backfire, as children in seriously abusive situations will be the true victims of this institutional overkill.

Exploiting normal childhood ambiguities in order to destroy families and children is the highest crime government hacks can commit in the destruction of our most fundamental rights. The sacred bonds of parent and child are wantonly destroyed by 9-to-5 bureaucrats after they have abused the minds and bodies of three innocent small girls.

These same people are focused on demonizing me in the eyes of my wife, telling her lie after lie, and in her duress and fear, they are manipulating her through these fascist tactics. They fail to inform her that in their adversarial system, they routinely trump-up false and misleading charges as an unconstitutional over-kill and prosecutorial bias of the worst magnitude routinely dismissed by good judges. This is a simple divide and conquer strategy to kill the marriage first, then destroy the mother in order to bring these girls into the system, a highly profitable prospect for a county struggling to pay its bills. Once this evil is exposed to the highest levels of government, nothing is done. Why? Because parents have been marginalized by a system that protects government incompetence, lulls the populace in the lie that the state knows best, exploits irrational fears and is blindly fueled by a secretive business model of bringing federal dollars into a state system that benefits in the demise of families for trivial or wildly fabricated accounts of "abuse." This county agency can receive up to $6,000 per month from CAPTA for a child brought into the fostercare and "protective" system, and this clearly leads to abuse. What is really being protected is a massive bureaucracy blindly run by detached and aloof "public servants" confident in their immunity from justice. We are simply the only society on earth actively creating orphans through government policy based on a business profit model. No other government on earth is as ignorant of the history of bigotted family engineering and fascism in the active role of family destruction by those in power.

No one should be lulled into complacency that such horrors will not happen to his family. It already is happening in spades in this strange place where lies, innuendo and hysteria about child abuse is almost an entertainment venue by a very warped and sick conservative culture. But my dear child is now completely in the clutches of neo-nazi, drug-addicted and violence-prone people through blind court order. Thanks to this court, my daughter will be raised to learn that blacks are "coons," hispanics are "wetbacks" and liberals are "perverts" and not by the dear and loving father that she knew, taken from her in the dead of night as in a kind of Kafkaesque novel where no sound evidence, no fair trial and no semblance of reasonable discourse is ever even attempted with a critical witness who spent days at their office seeking information only to be arrested for wanting to know where his family had vanished.

Therefore, through multiple websites and media campaigns, I will open the eyes of all who may blunder into this terrible place and expose Bedford County as the seat of "Barbaric Justice" that it truly is. From its Colonial Tory inception, the bigotted Supreme Court "Dred Scott" pro-slavery decision made at Bedford Springs Hotel, through the raping and abuse of my dear family by these modern would-be Nazis. Your children will learn the truth of your ignorance and your utter dysfunction, even if you yourself are blind to it. But most important, I must expose the business side of CAPTA and reveal to the world how prudish and aloof capitalists make an industry out of false accusations of child abuse, make a simple commodity out of children and violate our families through fraudulent government policy.

The question must be raised as to who will have the courage to view this system honestly and in the true favor of these children, some 20% now in the system in Bedford County? Who will expose the bear-trap which grips these children and destroys God-given bonds, triggered only by the smallest incidents of poverty, confusion and government fear-mongoring? Who will expose the grandest lie of all, that the state has an "interest" in your children greater than your own, when such interest has been warped by federal dollars that reward political agencies for their extreme and unjust tactics against social minorities. I have taught in nearly every school in Bedford County and have heard the constant innuendo and bigotry against men launched hysterically only by vague accusations of "abuse" and the right-wing lies told to teachers about "reporting abuse." Don't be fooled by what this reporting really initiates. It is a machine fueled by millions of federal dollars, run by bigots and idiots for the destruction of children thought to be "liberal." As if we want our children to grow up to be like these ignorant prudes who are the sex police perpetuating a failed culture of shame from generation to generation which is itself the root cause of much abuse.

This system has good doctors and lawyers in total fear of finding the truth in any way counter to these purely biased prosecutors. Defensive medicine will always err on the side of "abuse" especially when so much federal money is involved and not on truth or true science. When these "professionals" err on the side of receiving federal dollars at the expense of innocent families, that is fraud. It is time we give the $10 million given to this agency to destroy families and give it back to the families and children they have abused! A federal jury just awarded $2.5 million to a 4-year-old girl wrongfully abused by police. This is just the beginning of justice! As the law sleeps, children die and evil advances. This is your government at work, make it accountable. Because it is ALWAYS politically expedient to err on the side of "Child Abuse," we must constantly question the motives and abilities of those who destroy our families. You may contact me at: robertscourtroom@yahoo.com

Monday, March 20, 2006

How a Conservative Hysteria about "Sex Abuse" is destroying a family in Bedford, Pennsylvania

I have received over 40,000 emails by concerned parents about my family's case. You will be well advised to note that bureaucrats are actively programmed as puppets and marionettes, especially in regard to children's issues. As I raised my children by Harvard Medical School standards and by direction of the Surgeon General of the United States' mandate to educate ALL of the child, including the subconscious, sexual mind, I was attacked by Tavistock-trained, sexual repression drones. These are the most dangerous members of society, as "child protection" is one of the most asinine scams now destroying millions of American families based on Hitler's sexual repression dictates and eugenics. This blog goes a long way in explaining this Americanized eugenics.

Because of my education at Harvard, I was exposed to the truth about American brainwashing. Children are held in sexual learned ignorance for an unhealthy period of time so that they are indoctrinated into the fictional reality of television, later to be used as their core political reality. Educated parents will raise their children with comprehensive sex education and media restrictions so that they do not acquire a form of neurosis that our government requires: such neurosis of belief in television mesmerists as "parental" gave us 9/11, a false-flag operation which relied on brainwashing through a few key elements of theatre. Those parents who do not know this must be awakened to the truth about American brainwashing. Much of it is sex-based at childhood, where the child's reality principle is not allowed to develop normally through parental sex education and media restriction. These evils have been normalized by a brainwashing government which illegally themes and controls our media.

5,000 Children Stolen and Abused in One Pennsylvania County.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Pennsylvania children are being raised as sheeple to the slaughter. Sexual repression and institutional abuse is being forced onto these children by the thousands as good parents are being actively demonized. Children are being programmed by the demonic media of the Bohemian Grove death cult and not by good parents.

The deliberate retardation of sexual knowledge in children is throwing their minds out of balance. Destroying the parental duty is the taletell sign of brainwashing. The best gift a parent can give to his child is appropriate sex education at the correct time in the child's development. Those who brainwash children attempt to retard this critical development which is really retarding critical thinking. Critical thinking in children begins with understanding the body and how it works. This is why brainwashers build an aura of "innocence" around sexual ignorance, as the child is lured into the sex-control culture of pure banality which is all around them.

Put simply, unchecked governmental tyranny has now afflicted most of America. Over 25 million so-called "noncustodial" parents as direct victims... 3000 helpless children removed from their loving families every week, 9/10ths of them falsely began, and 1 child dying in foster care every hour... that's every hour... Countless victims of legal plundering upon our elder citizens... The list of flagrant due process and civil rights violations is dwarfed only by the number of American families directly affected by their atrocities. We are everywhere. Oh, and, by the way, even when you count all of the governmental personnel involved in these numerous horrors, we - the victims and their families - outnumber, and can outshout and outpaper, those government people, by at least a factor of 10,000 to 1, if not more...

See the latest post.

I thought 2006 would be a positive year for my young family. I had hopes that teaching and my business would help us achieve the American Dream. Instead, my dreams of raising my darling two-year-old daughter safely in a quiet and historic Pennsylvania town has been utterly shattered by a primitive and unconstitutional attack against me and my family by Pennsylvania authorities. This attack, based on hysterical accusations of "child abuse" is part of our nation's new "peculiar institution" which inflicts profound Mind Control trauma onto families, now routinely, as Child and Youth authorities are institutionally recking over 700,000 families a year in the U.S. with false, reckless or culturally based charges of "child abuse" with less than 10% actually convicted of any serious crimes in any fair trial. This is an underground eugenics movement which destroys families through Mind Control trauma on a massive scale. Has trauma been "perfected" by government through Mind Control to manipulate the custody of millions of children through absolute fraud and deception? These "offenders" are violated and their families destroyed largely on an ever-expanding definition of "abuse" which can be created after the fact and promoted by conservative "family" activists and through very aggressive state efforts to secure CAPTA funds and other federal funds which come down from the Bohemian Grove death cult. They are carefully crafted to promote actual eugenics and powerful emotional contagion against targeted populations. These are profoundly political forms of psychological warfare which is being completely documented as such by actual CIA, KGB and other "intelligence" political operations. Now this horrific fraud is "normalized" in much of America but should not be in a real court of law!

Do you truly believe that our Pentagon has little or nothing to do with our children's now universal, draconian authoritarian indoctrination into learned ignorance about sex?

• I worked on Mind Control at Harvard in the 1980s and received very valuable information on countering its horrific effects. These "elite" raise their children much like the Kinderladen movement in post-war Germany as directed by Tavistock and our own CIA/State Department to "denazify" Germany. This is largely due to 600 Nazi mind controllers brought to the U.S. after WWII and employed to advance the American form of Mind Control through mass media and more direct methods. Such denazification of Europe is now absolutely critical in much of America as the non-elite are conditioned to raise their children in ignorance for mass programming. But most Americans are blissfully ignorant of these operations. This ignorance sets children up for wrongful programming, such as sex taboos and political myths which are actual weapons of psychological warfare used by eugenicists to easily manipulate and destroy families. "Elite" children are encouraged to be naked, sexual and to talk openly about it deliberately and in a non-judgmental and a non-threatening manner so as to develop a sophisticated sex/power ethics development. Such sophistication is now actively removed from non-elite children everywhere, causing them to acquire near universal neurosis. Yet, elite children are protected from the sex police who now routinely inflict sexual repression through the imposed delusion that they are "protecting" these children. These elite children then rise to the top of this dualistic and wrongful power system. Non-elite children are fully repressed.

These elite parents are never portrayed as "predators," "pedophiles" or "perverse." They are protected from the sex police and given the basic and necessary privacy for such critical child empowerment. Millions of these children have grown to live exceptionally well-adjusted lives free from many of the evils of sexual repression and these hypocrites know it. In depth studies of these empowered children in Europe prove enormous results in building sophisticated and intelligent adults. Yet they rarely share this information with the non-elite in America. On the contrary, the non-elite are fed a constant and continual Alpha-level mind control of psychic attacks which depict the horrors of child abuse, thus destroying the all-important parental duty of sex education in this targeted population through mass media emotional contagion. These elite children are now found throughout our military and government as raised by the "king's methods" to be "officer material" and other professionals. Why is early sex education considered the "king's methods?" Because this is normal development. Sexual repression comes from the slave-making arts, yet is universally depicted in the non-elite world as normal and "moral." This is a basic Nazi sex scam of the elite used for centuries and it fully represses the political power of the non-elite. It thoroughly dumbs them down about power so that they are easily manipulated.

The "king's method" of raising children also parallels the "liberal" movement in the U.S. in the 1960s with "hippies" and nudist colonies, etc. The fact that this "shocks" "conservatives" is no coincidence. They have been thoroughly programmed to be shocked. This is the very core of terror programming advanced by Tavistock through mass media. And that is the whole point. This shock is the result of trauma-based conditioning which is wrongful conditioning which produces a form of neurosis. This ignorance programming builds trauma, demoralization, learned ignorance and, above all, conformity to wrongful authority systems. It builds militancy and sadism.

• Children are naturally designed to learn about human sexuality in the home at early times through naturalistic parenting. This is so profoundly important today, that it cannot be over-stated.

• By retarding sexual communications and development in children, they are not "held in innocence." Such innocence is determined by the child. If a child is acting out sexually, this indicates the need for sex education. Otherwise, this child will be traumatized by imposed ignorance later in life. Ben Franklin spoke of his own early childhood empowerment about sex as critical for his sense of intelligence which lasted his entire life.

• My children were continually portrayed as being "at risk." This hysteria no doubt affected me as well. But the true risk was clearly their own government, as sexual ignorance was now so all-pervasive that children are now at risk from many directions simultaneously. Therefore, this education is more critically important than ever. When they acted out sexually, it was my parental duty to educate them in a manner that the states now call "lewd," "abusive" or other lies which utterly destroy the parental duty. They do so only to "non-elite" children. These agents of the state are true sexual predators, since they are deliberately trained as sexually sadistic and ignorant cyborgs to destroy families based on imposed Freudian sex taboos and other deception including profound trauma, brainwashing and force. They are never trained that good parents protect their children from these very same devices. This is no accident. The "elite" deliberately are told to encourage early and effective sex education with their own children to protect them, especially if they work at the very top of the power pyramid. These elite know the truth about protecting children and they keep it to themselves.

• Therefore, when our oldest daughter first entered school, she was surrounded by children held in dangerous ignorance and began to believe that she was different. This fact was then amplified a thousand times over by the sexually repressed adults which were all around her, conditioned to see sex abuse everywhere. They were utterly blind to the real abuse, by design. Teachers, parents, police and social workers are deliberately held in ignorance to the methods of the elite. These bigots failed to understand that we were raising elite children! All children should be raised as elite children. How could they understand? Their entire world has been thoroughly manipulated in order to make sexually-repressed grunts for the Pentagon and they are held in profound ignorance of this fact. It is therefore no coincidence that sexual hysteria and child sex abuse is all around them! Failure to educate children as elite children has profound and compounding consequences. Their hysteria, violence, drug-addiction and sadism is a direct result of very wrongful sexual repression programming, but they may never view it in this manner! They are all brainwashed very deliberately not to understand what brainwashing really means! They only know one course of action, to abuse these elite children and turn them into non-elite misfits, conformists and head-cases!

• I was then physically assaulted, attacked and treated in the most criminal manner imaginable and then my child was given to these same criminals. My wife's father is so utterly sexually repressed that he is truly dangerous, with numerous neurosis conditions including violence. Drugs which serve to cover sexual repression issues are also excessively used. Yet, my two-year-old child was given over to them! There was absolutely no discussion with me about anything, none. Even as I camped out at the Children and Youth offices about 5 times. There was literally no one in Bedford County who stood up to this horrific fraud! They are all Republican cyborgs supplying the Pentagon with child mind slaves. This serves to fully explain the Bohemian Grove child sacrifices. My own children were to be fully sacrificed.

• The police then took on the disposition and methods of this warped, mind-controlled mob and a lynching process was begun. My Patient's Bill of Rights was violated, my children rape-kitted due to my federal whistle-blower writings and my wife was never told the truth. The threats came in hard and heavy as any lynching would severely traumatize the girls. In fact, our children were rape-kitted and manipulated in hypno-chambers multiple times. My wife was thoroughly abused by actual trauma-based conditioning methods given to Gitmo prisoners to "turn" them. Yet these methods have all be "normalized" as "necessary" through Alpha-level emotional mind programming. I was only told by police that my children would be removed from me as if some trial had occurred, as if this Nazi regime knew absolutely no fear of the absolute and total justice that would come to them. Even as I have an absolute parental right to a real evidence-based hearing, none are necessary in Bedford where any knee-jerk bureaucrat can decide the fate of your children. And I could not, nor would not make this up! Sexual hysteria and humiliation is a central tenant to these methods for which children can be protected and this is thoroughly obvious by studying "deprogramming" operations in Iraq. Yet, these idiots never even assumed the most basic and necessary parental duty.

• But such a lynching would absolutely destroy our children! I would not allow these children to be destroyed by lies, sex taboos and smears coming from third-rate child-traffickers. These methods come directly from Nazi German death camps as "clean" methods. This mob is ignorant of this fact for a very nefarious reason: it serves our secret federal government in ways America cannot accept. The "elite" now bringing their children to Bedford Springs are in grave danger by the Bedford sex police, because the elite have been instructed to raise their children in the same manner for which my children were stolen, rape-kitted and trafficked by trauma. This form of hysteria is totally avoidable, criminal and two-sided, but such good science and basic justice has been deliberately removed from these children!

• I have been dealing with mind-controlled, political conformists ever since. These idiots will not wake up to the fact that this is the new realm of eugenics used against one group of people and not another. No constitutional clarity exists anywhere in this system. They literally will not wake up to the fact that sexual repression is a powerful and terribly wrong political manipulation device of Mind Control for which bureaucrats can be fully manipulated as marionette cyborgs and for which children must be protected. These cyborgs are being produced throughout society!

Parents who do not protect their children from these cyborgs are truly naive and negligent. Child trafficking in America will now take your children through wholesale fraud just as mine have been taken. When it happens to you, no one will believe you.

Such a remarkable zeal to destroy families belies the fact that mass murder occurred just over the hill behind Bedford on 9/11. Such mass murder provides no federal money for state investigations. Instead, these "patriots" are manipulated like marionettes to blame a CIA-asset-cave-dweller on the other side of the planet and never question their own government. Yet, the states receive billions of dollars to investigate "non-elite" parents about sex education in the home, "which just so happens" to appear to mind-controlled rednecks as "abuse" and provide millions of "programmable" children for the Pentagon. As sexual hysteria increases, the responsible parent proportionally increases counter-activating education, as directed by our own federal government, which now serves to criminalize the parent. This compounding effect is no accident. This fraud has been fully programmed from the top down as Psy-Ops family destruction just as the eugenicists have done in the 1950s in targeted countries like Iran. The use of pornography in Iran produced mass hysteria, internal strife and helped to topple an entire regime.

I have witnessed these child-trafficking methods in Bedford firsthand and complained about them as a federal whistle-blower. This fraud is done routinely to our children largely because it was done to us. Since 1947, these secret agendas of Mind Control have been advanced and those who worked on them at Harvard know it. They protect their children accordingly! Try and enforce sexual taboos at Harvard against those parents. Many Americans have been deliberately set up for political manipulation through sexual amplification, Hyper Abuse Hysteria and broad sexual hysteria in the media as a consequence of Nazi Mind Control technologies being brought to the U.S. in the 1950s. We now largely view this sexual ignorance as "normal," even as we also know that this is a massive fraud caused by the cold war. There is the rub. We may all be blind to this conditioning by the false proposition that it is 'necessary," but this has been proven to be total cold-war propaganda! This regard for imposed sexual ignorance in children is dead wrong.

Sex education and ethics must be advanced at the proper ages and the elite know it. Children should never be divorced from elitist education simply because they are perceived as non-elite by bureaucrats, especially for young children and only a parent can get this right. We discovered in our efforts to combat HIV/AIDS that the enormous amount of sexually-centered psychological dysfunction and neurosis in America is politically imposed. Where this fraud was highly obvious to the student of psychoanalysis, the society as a whole has been made blind to it. This blindness will utterly destroy our Constitution!

Conditioning society to accept mind-controlled bureaucrats over parents effectively reverses our Constitution's power pyramid. This has been an ongoing mission of secretive authoritarian government programs. We now have the power to wake up a truly open-minded jury to the truth about powerful Mind Control operations in America!

Family activists failed to realize that so much money being provided to "help" some children enter the foster care system may in fact be a political deception which serves eugenics and an actual Nazi movement! This fraud is a financial lure by financially struggling government agencies to wrongfully conform to Mind Control devices which target children from good homes who happen to be on the other side of the political fence. My wife and I agreed to raise our children as naturalistic parents, advancing the truth about the human condition as nature intended, as my training at Harvard and the U.S. Surgeon General also advocated. My daughter was breast-fed for over two years, and highly effective European and modern parenting was considered our duty as educated parents. But in highly conservative Bedford County, we find active eugenics operations designed to radically traumatize children and families about normal and necessary sex education, hygeine and communications. I was trained at Harvard in both the 1980s and 1990s that our country's learned ignorance concerning sexuality may have directly contributed to nearly 1 million HIV and AIDS cases in the U.S. alone. Sexual repression is the leading cause of most forms of mental health disorders. Imposed sexual ignorance serves a profound political function which has functioned underground in America for far too long. The answer to this horrific learned ignorance that has been thoroughly conditioned into every aspect of our society was to undertake a proactive parental obligation of early childhood sex education, especially where children are at high risk, have a family history of sexual repression and are, in fact, acting out sexually.

Acting out sexually is perfectly normal, but not in the minds of actual Mind Controlled political marionettes! They must be deprogrammed away from their obvious eugenics political mission. This is a no-brainer for anyone who has studied this issue, but educated parents are now being criminalized, slandered and radically demoralized illegally, as countless families are being affected by a warped understanding of what is being falsely characterized as "liberal perversion." Yet, where these "perversions" are actively practiced, real perversions are rare. These political conformists are easily manipulated by sexual taboos and have been deliberately conditioned for such manipulation. The obvious truth to Mind Controlled bureaucrats will be "perverse!"

When my wife sought a counselor for our daughter for what I long considered was Conversion Disorder or hysteria, she entered the nightmaric realm of a completely incompetent and corrupt state system of fraud against these same federal programs. I already knew that these programs were political eugenics programs from my work at Harvard and elsewhere on combating actual Nazi Mind Control methods advanced by our own CIA. My family never had a chance in Bedford County, Pennsylvania due to overwhelming conformity to "traditionalist" or "old-school" understanding of sex education which now conveniently serves a profound political function, so I became a federal whistleblower and sent numerous petitions demanding an investigation.

If you need any further evidence that this is purely politically and financially motivated, simply read about this case. You will find that although my family's case is complex, indicating a need for an advanced and sensitive professional mental health approach and at a minimum a mature discussion on the context behind private family matters, these politically motivated prosecutors launched an illegally biased criminal attack against me personally for being a constitutional patriot and for demanding constitutional rights for myself and my young family. This draconian approach to common childhood hysteria is extremely abusive to these children and is utterly barbaric, but it has become the norm in America under Republican domination and the Democrats are also a part of the problem for ignoring these atrocities to justice. Each and every attack these conspirators launch against good parents is simultaneously employed by the elite in federal government and around the world as "necessary" and good parenting methods. This attack against non-elite parents is utter eugenics and powerful emotional contagion advanced to drive us all as cattle.

Imagine a not-so-distant future when CAPTA will allow your political enemy, who has no children, the enormous resources necessary to tap your phone, intercept your mail and emails, question all of your friends and family, alienate you from your wife and monitor your children 24 hours a day. Your children are political and financial gold simply waiting for those who do not approve of your beliefs, your political views or your lifestyle. A simple accusation is all that is necessary, a well-timed witness account after an accident, or a discussion with an hysterical child learning about sexual matters for the first time, an emphasis on shame and a judgmental voice raised sharply at confusing moments, the despicable coaching and fear-mongering of your wife by ignorant bureaucrats in order to rape-test your innocent child for matters of legal positioning and to build wildly prejudicial "evidence" against her own father, this is all that is necessary for your opponent to trump up “evidence” that will take your children and you are in fact at total risk of losing your most precious gift in life to your political enemy without any recourse to the high standard of protections designed in our due process rights. This is obvious Nazi eugenics and we can prove that these programs come directly from Nazi Germany itself!

This crafty enemy employs a gluttonous agency to fraudulently bilk federal tax dollars for his "investigation" and needless and misdirected medical procedures on innocent children. But no one questions this fraud since "child safety" is the wildly popular pretext on which billions of dollars can be secured for local governments and, after all, there is so much money in the system that other agencies must surely be doing the same. The media actively supports this fraud through a drumbeat of sexual hysteria programming! Then he builds false fires which is a clear arson against a good parent, but he is protected and given a blind immunity against his crimes. He will then have bureaucrats or total strangers “protect” your own children for a profit, will ultimately destroy you as a citizen, no matter what the merits of your citizenship might bring and in the process destroy your very soul. This future is now! With such power vested in states to blindly avoid due process rules designed to protect civil liberties, anyone with children is in fact less than a second-class citizen subject to barbaric justice, coercion and political terrorism at the whim of any prude or idiot who would initiate “an investigation.” This is not a futuristic fantasy, but is a widespread atrocity for parents now living this horror and not allowed to even communicate their plight. This illegal social engineering serves a profoundly illegal goal of psychological warfare: it will utterly reverse our Constitution's power structure. CAPTA allows the police to become drunk with power in “civil” matters to avoid functioning within their constitutional oath, it allows C&Y bureaucrats to enjoy powers to lie, cheat and steal completely unknown to others in government, and it fosters the total and absolute abuse of your children who need your love and support, not the institutional shuffle and bizarre culture of shame that will utterly demoralize them.

You say that C&Y agents have a difficult job? This is largely an illusion perfected by Tavistock and other "PR" agencies which advance "crowd control" political operations for the elite. Why then can’t they communicate on any professional level with a Harvard-trained father who has over twenty years of real-world and research experience with childhood hysteria and has been improving this child’s life for the past four years? Why must they hide behind the idiotic powers of unconstitutional police who would truly abuse my dear children with a crude criminal justice system designed to fight rapists and murderers? This political culling device serves eugenics! Isn’t it possible that these agents aren’t really interested in the truth or the well-being of children, but are really in the business of “victimizing” children, criminalizing parents and destroying sacred bonds? They blunder year after year into a desperate and truly sick routine where parents are the enemy and before long lose any degree of moral integrity, learn to enjoy their powers to dispense federal funds to cooperative "professionals," build false dramas which serve to raise their institutional status and become, in fact, The Beast that would needlessly destroy children. Isn’t this then the “Barbaric Justice” that all parents should be warned to avoid in the strongest and most vehement terms?

Barbaric punishments imposed by an extra-constitutional bureaucrat employing civil “preponderance of evidence” guidelines by bureaucrats and not juries are fatally flawed as inherently unconstitutional when the inevitable abuse of power by bureaucrats becomes the defacto scarlet letter of a criminal punishment and a criminal sanction. This completely fraudulent act funded by taxpayers is viewed by all as a criminal badge of shame against untried parents and not merely a “civil matter.” It has been simultaneously advanced as "low intensity conflict" by many heavily-endowed extra-constitutional political organizations. So the drive to manipulate children through fear and junk science is overwhelmingly biased against the parent in this $20 billion/year fraud against the American family. How else can anyone view such a “civil” matter that would separate a parent from a child through abusive police force, stoke the flames of hysteria against the parent through mere accusation, hearsay or pure and unchallenged prejudice and forever blemish the parent’s name and reputation without even speaking to the parent? In fact, parents are deliberately circumvented in order to be thoroughly demonized in the mind's of their own children using carnival veriety of hypnosis, sexual amplification and proven psychological warfare hysteria-building devices!

When Republicans take over progressive programs designed to aid poor children, you get Orwell on steroids. This can expose the true purpose of these programs. As their ideology of sexual shame, greed and "business" can only criminalize those outside of their materialistic and sick moral view. I demand that at a minimum this state function within the existing law passed in 1998 by the Clinton Administration and provide citizen panels of those citizens who actually have experience with this agency. I demand an exposure of the hundreds of child-slaves that have been raped and mind-tortured by our own CIA. We now have hundreds of grown child-slave who want to tell are real American jury the truth about active psychological warfare being advanced against All Americans. This is a fully documented conspiracy with a massive paper trail. Those who have experience with the tyranny and evil of this system must be raised to the authority to judge the plight of parents forced into unnecessary distress simply for protecting their children from obvious government abuse. This panel must actually know what “serious” child abuse means and have the common sense to know that in such a matter of complex childhood hysteria, common and competent family counseling which actually includes the entire family should come BEFORE a draconian police interrogation of small children in a criminal holding cell and the needless and fraudulent rape-kitting of these children! These are obvious mind control devices now being used on a massive scale. This panel must also be trained to honor due process procedures as they were envisioned by our Founding Fathers, not by the thugs who wantonly misuse and ignore basic due process, advance Nazi Mind Control and are deliberately mind-controlled not to use common sense procedures. These bureaucrats have been deliberately brainwashed to distrust parents through powerful trauma-based propaganda, therefore they must be deprogrammed in a real court of law! And this panel must be empowered to provide equal resources to parents to secure sound medical and scientific expertise to fight those who would employ junk science, knee-jerk judgments and crony doctors to fraudulently work on the public dole.

Where is the oversight to protect our most fundamental liberties to preserve our families and protect them from bureaucratic mind-controlled hacks? How many other counties are reaping profits from this federal system in order to finance prisons and courthouses? I believe shame and intolerance are taught and are not inherent in children. I actually know what a normal and healthy ego development in children requires. My education of these children is actively promoted in most advanced countries throughout the world where shame and ignorance is shown to be mentally abusive to children, and for this I am deemed a threat to this rural farming community which can still inspire primitive punishments of shame and barbaric fears and bigotries against men as rapists and sex fiends. B.F. Skinner's daughter (now an extremely advanced and adjusted adult artist) would absolutely have been stolen away by these hacks in Bedford County for being "abused" and cruelly institutionalized. The same goes for Ben Franklin, Anna Freud and the overwhelming number of children raised by psychoanalysists and other experts in child development. Skinner's work in "liberal" child rearing has helped save countless millions of children from barbaric practices from conservatives who in the 1950s routinely beat their children, these same practices are returning through ignorant political policies in the form of "hysteria is a sign of abuse," "children never lie," "imagination or nightmares are never believed by children as real" and other junk-science designed to hide the fact that children must learn in ways different from adults and this is easily misrepresented in ignorant, authoritarian societies to simplify complex psychology and create a prosecutor's ideal world where all roads lead to "abuse." All these roads lead to Nazi death camps and it's high time to wake up!

But I believe love will prevail and must prevail and act as a powerful buffer against these forces of family destruction and disproportionately draconian punishments. I would never hurt a child in a million years, and my wife knows this. But she is a product of this culture, being manipulated by bigotry and fear all of her life, and must protect her children from within this powerfully corrupt environment. But the power of a crude government agency to twist and pervert incidents of a typical American domestic comedy into a Stephen King horror story is profound and must be confronted in a way that does no further harm to these children. When children love and cry out for their accused parent, there is a profound truth in this love that the lies of bureaucrats can't smother. Nor can the love between husband and wife be diminished by lies and fear if love is truly the way and the light. Compassion is the one word I heard frequently while working in hurricane-ravaged areas in the South. It is one word you will not hear in Bedford County, as I am convinced that this culture has no concept of it. I believe our primitive and puritanical system of judgement has become despotic in its crude and mechanical destruction of families, and this overwhelming evil is nonetheless powerless against the simple truth of love and compassion between a parent and a child or a husband and a wife.

Any government that presumes itself a greater bond than the blood of free men and women is an illegitimate government doomed to dry rot and destruction. This conviction was the abiding light of our forefathers and is the true distinction of the American liberal experiment. My daughter is my blood and this bond is eternally sacred. Throughout history, such a conviction would bring a challenge only by the most despotic of fools. Now that I must fight for my dearest child, I entrust my generous blood to my generous wife, as she must somehow find security for three small girls in this onslaught of institutional evil. As this love must prevail over this crude system, these children must be protected from this system, no matter how warped in money and power it has become.

Before you assume my criticism of the critical work of Child & Youth is overly extreme due to my personal family crisis, please understand that I fully understand the complex nature of parenting in Bedford County. As this is broadly an extremely conservative community with most residents maintaining multi-generational families in the Amish and conservative Christian traditions, these families are nonetheless faced with a 50% teen runaway rate, many teenagers leaving for uncertain futures and subsequently returning poor with children some years later. Fewer than 10% of children from many of these communities ever achieve a college degree, leaving the remainder to face a bleak job market. Drug use is a significant problem and government revenue to address these massive problems is critically limited and is often diverted to prisons and courthouses designed to further facilitate the criminalization of the poor. Sexually repressed children learn about sex in the wrong places, with the wrong guidance, often instilling ignorance and bigotry in them in the process, and clearly in a dangerous environment. These children are becoming active in total ignorance, exposing them to all measures of danger, then punished for it, and how can a parent instruct abstinence in any meaningful way when the child is warped in guilt from his or her own sexual activity done innocently out of complete ignorance? Isn't it then too late to affect the child with positive instruction when shame has been thoroughly instilled in her?

Our child was being taught by someone that the penis was an instrument of shame and violence, a despicably bigoted ploy to damage her young psyche, ruin this family and is actively employed as an institutionally protected lie perpetuated by bureaucrats. Suspending these children in ignorance clearly isn't working, and when our children are getting information which we do not understand, it is our duty to educate with compassion and non-judgment, so to not perpetuate this culture of fear and bigotry onto the next generation. Driving them into harsh criminal or shameful systems of judgment is the worst possible disaster. For shame begets shame in an environment of ignorance, leading inevitably to low self-esteem, drug-dependence and ultimate exploitation. Only the wisdom and love of a true parent can prevent such demise, not the draconian agenda of the state which would routinely err on the side of making "predators" out of loving fathers.

This culture of sexual repression, both through the draconian enforcement of a dominantly Republican Nanny-State and the policing of how we educate our own children in our own homes and the general repressive view of sexuality as inherently evil and criminal regardless of the context is a barbaric view of the human condition and is a fatally flawed puritanical doctrine that does not serve our children by "suspending them in innocence." Such repressive attitudes about sex explains much of the high teenage pregnancy rates, high runaway rates, rampant drug use and the failure to attain a college education in this region.

Thanks to the false charges of sex abuse leveled against countless political enemies of Republicans, such as Scott Ritter, these cases are mounting against those on the far right and exposing the broad fear-mongering tactics of a purely political and evil regime. Scott Ritter was right about weapons of mass destruction not being present in Iraq and was consequentially targeted as a "sex offender" by those Republicans in power. This charge was yet another lie which could not be substantiated and we are now engaged in an illegal and endless war in Iraq which has seriously inflicted tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi children with needless violence, death and demoralization. This tactic of smearing political enemies through sexual slander is right out of the Republican playbook of dirty tricks and is most disgusting when it leads to the needless rape-kitting of very young children who suffered immensely by this barbarism and is employed to destroy families who are deemed to be "liberal" and easy targets by out-of-control government bureaucrats.

Please hear my complaint concerning the Civil Rights violations against myself, my wife and our three daughters. Most severely violated may be my innocent two-year-old daughter as she is the most innocent and stands the most to lose in all of this tragedy. This is a Civil Rights case where the State of Pennsylvania has rushed into a prosecutorial destruction of a family without adhering to due process rules designed to protect Civil Liberties. The fact is, Child & Youth Services employ tactics which avoid good science and are plainly unconstitutional in any context and is a shock to the average citizen who knows little about this agency of the State. They employ a draconian criminal justice system well before such a destructive system is indicated through the exploitation of irrational fear and through a failed policy of bringing in police too early in matters of complex childhood psychology. Worse still is the "framing" of childhood testimony while they are under this extreme duress and illegally avoiding the Patients Bill of Rights requirements of sound medical and psychological counseling before violating these small children with crude prosecutorial tactics. This comfortable relationship with police and prosecutors becomes an absurd misadventure into childhood fantasy, as children this young cannot easily distinguish matters of "sexual intent" with police officers who they naturally seek to impress and please.

Children under such duress naturally blunder into fantasy and are later shameful of their own blunderings, but this shame should attach elsewhere, to those who would exploit and manipulate such a powerful imagination of a small child. This is precisely where a fraudulent detour into hell occurs for those poor parents seeking medical help for their hysterical children and this "health care" and "welfare" agency functions only as a fully biased prosecutor, cowardly hiding behind police and detached from due process requirements, in violation of existing Constitutional Law. This is a violation of Constitutional Law for good reason, it is warped and inhumane and should be vehemently exposed as fraudulent. Our family is destroyed based upon this State’s rush to crass judgment, exploiting small children in a police barracks which only serves to "fix" false testimony and falsely initiate broad character assassinations against the father and mother even before any process of fact finding can reasonably occur. Such abuses by the State lead nearly inevitably to the institutionalization of children away from good homes, leads to the adoption of children away from their God-given parents and toward those who have the means to work such a terrible system.

What's more, our oldest girl's bout with hysteria and leading questions where the idea of crimes was suggested by a police officer and others while she was under duress caused all of this and may indicate an early onset of childhood bi-polar disorder, as her symptoms are classic in this regard. Hypersexuality, delusions, hysteria and phantom pains are highly indicative of this but are going completely undiagnosed by this system bent on criminalizing good parents. These symptoms were well established long before my presence in the family, but neither this fact, nor my efforts to deal with these episodes of hysteria were ever discussed with me prior to destroying this family. Our only evidence of sexual hysteria came in the form of a nightmare or fever-induced hallucination by our oldest daughter while she was very ill in Virginia. But because these authorities have no jurisdiction in Virginia, they are actively engaged in child manipulation to convince a very young child that she had been violated in Pennsylvania, a total and complete lie. What's more, a qualified pediatrician found no evidence of any sexual abuse long after this agency had come to their own inept and economically convenient conclusions using a highly suspect emergency room examination in violation to our family's Patient Bill of Rights and effectively rested their case. This emergency room examination traumatized our young girls and may have damaged them physically without following known protocol for such cases.

My family was forced to move into a small trailer in Bedford County Pennsylvania in 2003 after our home in Virginia was destroyed by Hurricane Isabelle. We later would find that Pennsylvania authorities called us “trailer trash” for living this way, but most obvious to all involved was these authority’s bias against us for religious and cultural reasons which are wildly unprofessional, unscientific and unconstitutional. This bias is also clearly in violation to the existing Patients Bill of Rights by this health provider and their ill-qualified cohorts.

But while in this trailer court, my family experienced pure hysteria in regards to alleged child molesters being in the small court. We were obviously very alarmed, but instructed our children on the dos and don'ts about dealing with strangers and what was inappropriate conduct. This instruction was both direct in the most compassionate and sensitive manner as to what our children should be made aware of as a matter of conduct and safety, and it was indirect in that, our parental conversations about known sex offenders and their conduct was at times being graphically discussed by ourselves and others concerned. My church indeed actively encourages such conversations and education of our children in the home for obvious safety concerns. The need to educate your children in such an hysterical environment requires extreme sensitivity and a preventative approach. Obviously, our children could hear such adult conversations as well, but the hysteria and fear surrounding these concerns about child safety most certainly affected our oldest daughter who was too young to fully understand these matters. She was naturally curious as to why such conduct was dangerous and why other conduct was not and was a very high concern for us, due to her immense sociability and penchant for approaching strangers. Our fears that she would approach the wrong stranger was profound, but equally important to us was that she did not allow such hysteria to attach itself wrongfully to all men, as such irrational fears were also manifested in her.

My personal approach to these very serious issues was sometimes to use humor, irony and sarcasm. Of course, small children can easily misinterpret irony and sarcasm. Some more sophisticated parents would understand this sense of humor as "reverse psychology" or the tendering of small jokes in order to educate children about much more serious matters. But Child & Youth can pervert innocent moments of sarcastic humor from a child's memory and take these completely out of context. They can also take advantage of families in the throes of hardship for living in cramped conditions where the norms of middle-class life are not always possible. They then infuse irrational fear to make these moments loom larger than life in a small child's recollection. This extreme literalism is the hallmark of a fundamentally deceitful prosecutorial bias against "liberal" parents in a purely conservative hellhole environment with no sense of humor. Perhaps there are those very shallow conservative parents who only speak in literal terms to their children. I am not one of those. I realize that conservatives have a very limited sense of humor, but I actually want my children to be emotionally prepared for complex human dialogue and develop a sense of humor. Likewise, had Child & Youth spoken to me before rape testing our innocent girls, this sense of humor would have been explained to them. But as they launch a destructive and unnecessary criminal probe, cowardly hiding behind police, they commit the most outrageous abuse to these children. These children must now grow up with the lie that loving sarcasm and reverse-psychology designed to prepare them for a dangerous and complex world are in fact "criminal," thus perpetuating this horrible bigotry against men into yet another generation. After they have been exposed as abusive, these agents then fabricate lie after lie to cover their asses and criminalize fathers.

Due to exaggerated dangers of sex abuse being hyped in the media and in schools, this difficult balance between proper instruction and the desire not to raise a puritanically misguided child who will later join in this absurd and bigotted redneck Jihad against men (as this culture of shame seems to demand) was extremely daunting. Now enter the brutally incompetent prosecutors who promised "healthcare" and a "guiding light" for families. In fact, this healthcare is mainly available only to "victims" through the CAPTA program. They had in fact denied me basic healthcare after suffering several days without any knowledge as to where my family had vanished. The institutional drive to create children "victims" from "trailer trash" must be overwhelming and is despicably abusive, as the wrongful victimization of children destroys fragile bonds between parent and child at a very tender age of development. These prosecutors actually have no healthcare to provide and are working with sparce healthcare budgets. They lure innocent families with the promise of healthcare, deny this healthcare until "victimhood" can be established, then usher these families into the criminal justice system which serves to forego appropriate mental health evaluations and family counseling and protect their atrocities from public view. They will even go so far as to lie and exaggerate the threat to a judge in order to keep sound family counselling from happening.

This is the fundamental mechanism of overwhelming government fraud: abuse the powers of the police in order to attain federal dollars through the unnecessary and excessive victimization of children. This is a real bell-ringer for many right-wing politicians, where false legal dramas involving sexual shame actually advances them politically. The profit for the county lies in securing "victims" for the foster care and "protective" services program. Once victims are established, federal dollars can come pouring into county coffers. But "victims" must be flushed out through the fraudulent promise of healthcare, the lure of bigotry and irrational fears concerning the "roving predator" myth, the "sexual exploitation" and "child prostitution" myth and other lies designed to engender fear in young families and the need for government "protection." Childhood prostitution and sexual exploitation is thankfully very rare in this country, but its power to insight fear in young mothers is a political windfall for those politicians who would benefit from the stoking of this hysteria. Such is the Carl Rove method for securing votes, but fear and bigotry make for a lousy prism on the truth.

So before even speaking to me about the hysteria of one small child, this agency instructed this very young family that either the mother or the father would go to jail based on the common confusion and hysteria of one 6 year-old child. The children were made very well aware of this and the process of securing child victims was well on its way. If a hysterical child caused her mother to lie to authorities and create false child abuse charges against the father, then the mother would go to jail. Imagine this horror and fear in a six-year-old's mind when in her confusions about nudity or matters of "abuse," her mother may go to jail if such matters were not extreme and "truthful." This for a girl who suffers hysteria and delusional fantasies on a regular and continual basis, a condition we pray to God will pass with age but that these prosecutors conveniently ignore.

This all began as my wife's concern over our oldest daughter’s(6) frequent bouts of hysterical fears turned to matters of sex. This girl routinely imagined innocuous events and imagery, such as cartoon characters, as hostile, hyperpresent and "real." She would often wildly expand upon nightmares, vivid fantasies and fears to the point of delusional hysteria, not at all uncommon in small children, especially with adults prompting and rewarding her in the expansion of these mental images. Most reasonable adults know that a first-grader's first encounters with "sex education" from her classmates can be wildly misguided and irrational. The fear-mongoring by government representatives against first-graders is very confusing for a child, and this can lead to powerfully irrational fears and early bigotries which a parent needs to address. Child and Youth is there to exploit this primitive confusion. This girl was coaching our 4-year-old daughter to "put Daddy in jail" in order to win back their biological father. Where she got this logic is unclear, but Child and Youth is more than happy to pursue such a strategy, if it allows them to bring these children into the system. This child has done many alarming things which need to be carefully protected, as a focus on these can inflict unnecessary shame on her. I would only tell such things to a competent MHP, not a prosecutor. But these prosecutors failed on the most basic and fundamental level of medical protocol. When they failed these children's Patient's Bill of Rights, they entered these children into a harsh adult world which was cruel and inhumane. These children were naturally confused and frightened as these prosecutors failed to get any medically sound context behind this childhood hysteria. Such early childhood hysteria is heavily documented through extensive psychological research as being exceedingly unreliable as "evidence" of real-world "events." This has been well documented from Freud through contemporary studies, but this fact only confirms the true nature of this agency as a prosecutorial agency, not a healthcare agency. They are in fact a CAPTA-funds gathering agency and a fraud.

After a hurricane made our home unlivable, we were forced to live in a small trailer with plastic doors and no privacy. Our concern was that our daughter viewed nudity which disturbed her and that a pure environment of hysterical fear about child molesters in the trailer court deeply affected her. My wife had very real fears that this girl was molested early in her life during my wife’s first marriage causing some of this hysteria. Also my concern for our three girls was that this may have been a factor and may in fact be going on outside the home, so I did my best to question them and test their reaction in play as compassionately as possible. But in an environment of pure hysteria, a man showing affection for a child not his biologically can quickly turn into a frenzy of bigotry, innuendo and character assassination, even when such affection is necessary for proper parenting. As forty years ago, a black man seen dating a white woman could set-off similar bigotry in areas of the deep South, with today's politically and culturally warped obsessions about child molesters, any innocent affection is ignorantly miscontrued and exaggerated.

My wife went to Child & Youth in Bedford, PA to seek psychiatric counseling only to find this process of fast-tracking of our children into the criminal justice system and what's more, the children are not apparently permitted to have independent evaluations from an independent mental health professional, MHP. This fast-tracking quickly targeted me as "trailer trash" and a "common boy-friend" perpetrator and not possible events before my presence in the family and this hysteria has never been questioned in any detail by any fully trained MHP.

Even more horribly incompetent and unconstitutional however, was this Child & Youth personnel's targeting of my innocent two-year-old biological daughter as being "abused" by me, forcing her to undergo a horrible rape examination by an unqualified physician. This finding is horribly wrong and vehemently protested by everyone in her life including the two older girls. This child is highly advanced and functioning on a 4 year old level and continually asks for her father throughout this brutally imposed separation. She has absolutely no "complex" issues associated with her and was only placed in such a horrible position as a direct result of this agency’s terrible prejudice against me and their wild disregard for this child's civil rights and patient's bill of rights. Such a wonderful little girl is perfectly articulate, extremely intelligent, has absolutely no evidence of abuse and has been the subject of broad testimony by all involved as to her not ever being abused, but these Welfare Agents want her to suffer this stigma and lie for the rest of her life in order to position themselves for some future court battle. This is entirely due to the intense political or cultural prejudice of this State agency personnel toward myself, a Harvard educated progressive who believes these children deserve far better than a primitive hacking of family members.

I was told initially in this investigation by the investigating State Police Officer that our two-year-old baby was not ever considered a victim. But after I wrote a letter of protest at our Constitutional Rights violations to an agent at Bedford County Children & Youth Services, this woman actively pursued our baby’s case through the Pittsburgh Office of Children & Youth and has now “victimized” her. I believe strongly that this act was illegal and unwarranted and all subsequent attempts to criminalize me is an effort to cover up these atrocities by state officials against my two-year-old daughter. Such an institutional badge of shame will carry with her for the rest of her life and is an utter lie and is de facto child abuse by any definition. This child was terribly abused by a totally unnecessary rape examination by an unqualified physician for matters of legal positioning, what in God's name can be more shameful, fraudulent or more heinously evil?

Such an institutionally orchestrated attack against a helpless and young family is being leveled by wildly unconstitutional agents of the State on the far right who despise my apparent "arrogance" at wanting to educate my children in a manner consistent with my God in an environment of true danger, who is not a primitive God of shame and guilt. There are those within this small extended family and this culture who are suffering from intense sexual shame and an apparent political and religious agenda and are using these children to advance this agenda, even as we know very little about why this criminal fast-tracking is taking place. I believe that my "liberalism" may threaten these people, as my firm belief that the welfare system is being abused as a profit system for Bedford County Republicans may be too painfully accurate for them. They cannot manufacture jobs with a living wage, and why raise the dismal $5.15/hr minimum wage? After all, the minimum wage provides half the jobs in Bedford County, impoverishing nearly half the families willing to work and simultaneously providing a bounteous harvest of child "abuse" victims. They then manufacture false orphans for a pyramid scheme of plywood beds in foster homes run by "child protectors for profit."

Someone apparently wants to destroy this family and put me in jail before I can speak further on these outrages and assist my wife in gaining some presumed advantage in an assumed custody dispute. But my wife only sought medical help for an intact family. The other investigating agent shares the same last name as my in-laws and is said to be possibly related to my wife’s family. This investigation is clearly circumventing long-established due process rules in the name of protecting children under very vague CAPTA criterion which can literally destroy any family. And the State protocol requirement of "serious" child abuse and preservation of family are largely ignored or radically exaggerated by pure prejudice even as this investigation diverts resources from children who actually need it.

Even as CAPTA wording is alarmingly vague in consequence to the destruction of families, it still requires the assumption of proof as to the intent of the parent. CAPTA defines the term "sexual abuse" as: "the employment, use, persuasion, inducement, enticement, or coercion of any child to engage in, or assist any other person to engage in, any sexually explicit conduct." But this simply never happened in this family. There were brief and awkward bathroom moments, spying by the children, grabbing by the children and general weirdness by typical young children in all types of awkward domestic situations. But "serious" child abuse and "intent" for such was absolutely never the case and is being fabricated through proven methods of exploiting childhood hysteria. Any hysteria, by its very definition, is "explicit" for the child. That is the nature of hysteria. What these hacks are doing is taking the very vague language of CAPTA and conveniently applying their own highly biased and fictional ideas about "seriousness" and "sexual intent" and applying these to highly problematic childhood hysteria without any sound evidentiary process whatsoever. This is so wildly unscientific and subjective as to be an utterly ludicrous device for barbarous judgement, destroying a family on pure and extreme prejudice alone.

But our children were happy, sociable, well-adjusted and receiving straight A's in school and were only recently affected negatively by cramped living quarters and by their mother's health problems, which most obviously confused and frightened them. I simply want medical attention for all involved. However you might feel about such cases being in the interest of children, you should read this complaint to come to an informed opinion about the hysteria going on in this case and the crass rush to judgment this agency has undertaken. Though such hysteria cannot be sustained in the name of justice and will ultimately dissipate, it does lynch innocent victims in its early stages as history has shown. Such lynchings in molestation cases are relatively easy given public hysteria and the inherent bias of this prosecutorial system against cultural minorities and progressives such as myself in a rural, horsedrawn community with little or no religious plurality.

The Bedford County Child & Youth in full coordination with the State Police have exploited a child seeking mental health assistance and effectively placed my wife and children in so much unnecessary duress that their full manipulation became child’s play for these authorities. These children were told that their mother would go to jail if their stories were not strong. This is not the America envisioned by our founding fathers, nor is it Constitutional by any rational people.

I am appealing to your reason and sense of justice when I ask that you consider this actual case and consider whether you believe what is happening to this family in Bedford County Pennsylvania is what you consider tolerable and Constitutional in America, or whether you believe as I do that this case is solely based upon wild hysteria, crass judgment and an out-of-control government imposing its political and cultural views on how we are to raise and educate our children in the privacy of our own homes. Would your own family survive such an assault by this powerful government? What is deemed "appropriate" in our own homes, with our own children, is being decided by government hacks who are actually less qualified than I am at helping these kids and are exploiting these children for cultural and political reasons.

This same government shamelessly avoids the "preservation of family" mandate that it claims to enforce and shamelessly allows our health care system to utterly fail the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society. They continue to deny these children adequate mental health services and have totally violated them physically and mentally. This Commonwealth effectively criminalizes any trivial infraction it believes occurred by the puritanical warping of personal and private family matters into highly suggestive and expansive matters of "abuse." All of which is easily attained by the shameless manipulation of preschoolers by the voice of authority, institutional coaching and other coaching methods behind closed doors which are well established for a prosecutorial bias against the father and expressly unconstitutional by standing Supreme Court decisions. The utter indifference of our community to address such evil is likewise horrifying, as this process may one day affect all of our families.

I have been working with noted Law School faculty and students on this case since it is complicated and needs multiple expert Mental Health Professionals, and the Constitutional questions it raises are of interest to several law school faculty. There is a general feeling that the issues this case may raise will address a broad discontent in the legal community over the overly expansive role "child abuse" is playing in these cases and the frequent violations of Constitutional rights of fathers in particular associated with these pre-trail abuses. Such common household occurrences as nudity, horseplay and normal childhood curiosities are being wildly labeled as criminal by a puritanical warping of the human body as an insidious object of shame, resulting in the claim of some mystical spell of "abuse" over these children.

Thanks to this system, I may easily be branded with the modern day version of the "Scarlet Letter" and will be effectively destroyed financially. Such primitive brandings will not reside on me alone. My biological daughter who is two now stands to lose all contact, affection and love of a dear father in her life. She will possibly lose over $500,000 in child support during the course of her development if I am effectively barred from working in my field. I may be placed on a website designed to humiliate, in a 17th Century tradition of the Puritans, without a chance at a fair trial and without any due process of law, all further humiliating and stigmatizing my children throughout their lives. But like Hester Pryne, I am not one to wear such a badge in shame, I am thankful to God for a clear vision of institutional evil, as such clarity of action is rarely given in life.

False or exaggerated child abuse claims were the tip of the fascist bayonet used to pry open the doors of Jews, intellectuals and political rivals in early Nazi Germany. In fact Hitler, a true violator of youth, used such tactics to destroy his opponents early in his reign of terror through the same authoritative abuses now being employed. These "authorities" began as self-righteous child advocates who just happened to investigate undesirable political enemies. Any intellectual, especially Jewish intellectual, who suggested that acts of sexuality were normal in active and healthy children and wished to address such actions with compassion and non-judgment were one of the first to be subjected to Hitler's "solution."

Hitler's "no child left behind" policy toward youth meant ultimately that these youth would not be left behind the front lines. Now we have very young children being ushered to the front lines of a culture of shame and no one heeding the warnings of history. The "authorities" which I have had the rare privilege of speaking with concerning the fate of my own family have dismissed my own wife as having a probable boyfriend, which in their dismissive tone would explain her destruction of my family. But she was not in fact attempting to destroy our family. But more revealing to me is the character assassination employed to demonize me as a "scam artist" because of my apparent failure to provide for her adequately in Bedford County, where she insisted we live. I was portrayed as the drifting boyfriend perpetrator who targeted her children. They have convinced her, through a powerfully suggestive and biased investigation, that even my Harvard degree was a scam, since I had taken more economical night classes there. They failed to inform her that I was one of only eleven to graduate in my program and have successfully worked with hundreds of children in theatres, schools and churches, improving their lives with no devious accusations ever laid against me. This is Pennsylvania government at work, flippantly wrecking "disposable" families.

This assumption that poverty induced by ill-fortune is a personal defect to be mocked and not a governmental failure is purely counter to the Welfare of this Commonwealth, as I have been accused of failing to provide for my family in a minimum-wage economy where all hope of adequate employment has been effectively exported to China. As I have worked as a teacher in this same community, I have experienced this mono-cultural bias first hand.

Having taught extensively in these rural schools, I know the presumed bias against poor children from working families and in complex or blended families. Such children are always presented to authorities as being "abused" when in reality no one in these conservative communities wants to address the issues of failed wages, poverty and miserable health care. It is an outrage that these same children have their small chance of a normal life destroyed by a narrow-minded bias of crass conservative judgment bent on criminalizing those least able to defend themselves. They want you to believe that I am arrogant and liberal because I actually speak out against such evil. Such a stereotype applied to Harvard Graduates effectively rallies the conservative majority eager to portray any "intellectual" as convinced of his own superiority. In fact, this stereotype is completely typical and not unlike the "spectral evidence" of the witch hunt trials where the demonizing of innocent "witches" relied heavily upon dreams, hysteria, character assassination and the exaggerated testimony by children who become the conduits of their own manipulation.

Now we are faced with a new "solution." The total demasculization of families by the State when any trivial or hysterical accusation of "abuse" results in a draconian rape examination of small children. These authorities do not even use qualified pediatricians for such dirty work, but pursue physically and mentally damaging probings to gain a prosecutorial advantage with juries. Such examinations become de facto child abuse and society is justifiably outraged, but the prosecutorial bias of this system is designed to turn this outrage against the father, stigmatizing these children as "necessarily examined," falsely suggesting trauma, thus assuring an easier prosecution of the father even before any facts are attained or the real issue of hysteria in one child is addressed. Such unwarranted trauma of children serves only to reinforce a wildly evil and destructive prosecutorial bias against fathers and effectively guarantees the instant and total destruction of the family.

It is suggested that those children who are medically examined, even when such examinations are not medically indicated as necessary, will see a higher conviction rate against the defendants. Juries tend to assume that such medical examinations are justified due to trauma and are therefore more prone to convict.

Likewise the bias against the "perpetrator" is speedily ushered onto a fast-track of crass judgment and a Ken-Starr-styled fishing expedition which virtually guarantees his destruction. "Once a professional believes a child has been abused, everything becomes evidence to support that belief. If the children deny initially, that's because they have to keep it secret. If they admit and then deny, that's because they are confused, and it means they were abused. If they deny, admit and then retract, that's evidence that they were abused. Like Freudian and Marxist theory, nothing can count against the allegation of abuse" (Tavris, 1990).

This environment of shame is extremely damaging to the ideal conservative nuclear family model, but modern, blended families are far more complex and sexual tensions and confusions may be far more difficult for children in blended families. Children are finding information about sex at earlier and earlier ages, confusing everyone involved. To exploit these confusions for a prosecutorial advantage is truly immoral as this agency presents itself as a “Service” agency, not a Prosecutorial Agency. The agent’s card to my wife features a pastelle-colored lighthouse and other trappings of comfort, suggesting reasonable healthcare, when in reality this agency has no meaningful or scientific mental health services to offer, has a deliberate bias against fathers, suggesting that they are the "light" and is fully imbedded with police and other prosecutors. A despicably false lure for such a vulnerable family seeking mental health services.

The majority of cultural and religious conservatives in this community have a deliberate bias against blended families in that they view divorced parents as morally suspect and many conservative churches here do not sanction these parents to remarry regardless of the divorce circumstances. Such is an environment which allows for crass and superficial judgment by Child & Youth and the virtual police state now found in rural Pennsylvania. And the hyping of evidence, the trumping up of charges and the criminalization of normal household activities is especially appalling and destructive. Once these State agents take an orthodox position that such families are disposable, rush them into the fast-track for destruction and assume they should not have been allowed to exist in the first place, we see a blending of religious and cultural doctrines of "faith" violating fundamental Constitutional rights.

These people truly want to believe in the 1950s family model and self-righteously apply simplistic rules to modern blended families. Does anyone bother to ask the obvious question? In the 1950s there did not exist a $20 billion/year juggernaut designed to criminalize any minor infraction of a parent's conduct, build wild hysteria about "sex abuse" and empower any devious wife, husband, grandparent or indeed any person anywhere with the power to destroy a family by mere accusation alone. Maybe in the time when due process actually reigned as the law of the land, families were safer, happier and functionally intact? These bureaucrats do not ordinarily live in the complex blended families which are in fact the products of their own institutional destruction, nor do they wish to address any of the issues of mental health, poverty, child support and poor health care which has deteriorated drastically over the past five years.

I have been working with our children for some time in order to understand their mother's obsessive fear of sexual predators and the children's own response to this fear and this case will certainly bring this environment of suggestibility and coaching of these children to light. It is also a matter to discover why children act out sexually and this rests with the father as well as the mother. It will also expose a culture of shame and guilt which is obsessed with this modern-day version of the Salem Witch hunts, in a community obsessed with child predator fears. Such fears easily organize the timid and self-righteous masses against "liberals" who fight for Constitutional rights for fathers. But my work with these children has been effectively turned against them by this biased and crass investigation.

In fact, this coaching and "support" of these children in the horrific and self-perpetuating lie that they have been abused by me is still ongoing. What they find abusive is nothing more than nudity, childhood curiosity, common horseplaying and vague accusations of unwanted contact taken completely out of context and while the child was under extreme duress. No evidence from a legally competent doctor is apparently necessary for these people to destroy a family. The context of normal play, and my questioning and testing of the children for discovery of real abuse is all discounted. When in fact this hysteria is very frustrating and very real and had caused me and my wife to find our own methods of determining if abuse had occurred. These methods are fully discounted even as they are applied by other "professionals" with dolls, gestures and authoritative questioning. However you may feel about Child & Youth agents, they also have an agenda that is biased toward finding criminality in recollections of small children, a highly suspect and unscientific process. This also applies to other professionals working for them, as this prosecutorial bias most assuredly finds them further business with Bedford C&Y and is in fact an easy solution to complex matters of childhood psychology.

Our police are reduced to right-wing thugs out to enrage good parents into committing some future "crime" against the state, such as the hugging of their own God-given child outside of the view of the state. The true crime is against nature itself and is the system which permits police officers to intimidate children and entrap good parents in the most cruel and inhumane manner of entrapment, like the baiting of a wild animal by throttling its young. No one would doubt that the physical torture of a man through brutal beatings, then to tempt this suffering man with illegal narcotics only to criminalize him as a drug user once the pain forces him to accept the drug, no one would doubt that such tactics would constitute illegal entrapment. But such tactics as back-room deals with judges outside of the public eye and outside the good boundaries of solid standards of evidence are being employed here in order to force the cruel separation of children from their parents in the full expectation of "crimes" and the active provocation of such. This is not only routine in these cases, but is firmly institutionalized into the framework of a secretive government agency bent on criminalizing parents. What more evidence of lies and deception in a democracy are necessary than when such deals must be hatched in secret and are not recorded? What lies have been told to these judges? Who can be held accountable? How can we possibly know?

The only transparency in this process is the crystal clear destruction of our Constitutional rights as exuberantly expressed by none other than the voice of authority (this police officer) when he coldly demanded on many occasions that my innocent wife pit her freedom against that of her own husband. That she is informed that her emails are being monitored, her phone calls are not private and that any conversations with her own husband are not privileged, but are in fact grounds to incriminate her and force her children into the deathcamps of the foster care system.

This same police officer calls my wife with further intimidation and strategy sessions designed to enrage and entrap me into committing crimes of passion clearly designed to jeopardize my own child as in a "kidnapping" attempt or worse. Now, who could doubt that such an anti-Constitutional thug could possibly fail to intimidate a six-year-old girl hysterical that her mother may go to jail? This is your "compassionate conservative" government at work.

How many parents have snapped under such compassion? And how often does the media expose the full story of the state's role in the destruction of individual families? Or do we only hear half of the story, further fueling the myth that "get tough" politics--as when Bedford County promotes its jail, full of the county's poorest, as a "profit center" seeking the poor from other counties--is necessary to save the American family? When will the full story of "get tough" politics be exposed? If such a clear, rich and detailed statistic on the state's role of promoting fear as a political policy were to emerge, it would expose the political state as the true benefactor in the demise of the American family and the true perpetrator behind countless crimes of passion segmenting our daily news. What political leaders would benefit from such fear-mongering? Not the enlightened ones, but only those who would gain power as the beasts of history had gained power through the exploitation of irrational fears. This beast would certainly despise your family's privacy, even as he demands his own machinations be done in private.

This thousand-pound gorilla may not visit your family directly, but it will ultimately detroy the family. When you least expect your vanishing civil rights to affect you personally, it will be too late to awaken to the truth that rights are taken away, not by sudden revolution, but by the passive apathy and ignorance of a contented populace, easily manipulated by irrational and unsubstantiated fear.

The Perfect Storm

Having sought information and medical help from Bedford County Child and Youth on about February 1, 2006, I was instead escorted to the State Police barracks at Bedford, PA and was read my rights. I certainly felt "arrested" but was told I was not. I was told that this was a civil matter. The officer was terribly biased, however, making every indication to Child and Youth services that I should be handled as a criminal, watched carefully and made every indication to me that either myself or my wife would face some kind of criminal charges. These charges would be filed with no attempt at family counseling, mediation or any attempt at unprejudiced clarification with me as to the details, the primary adult witness who has worked with children in this system for nearly 20 years. I had suffered for nearly 5 days without knowing what had happened to my family. What I heard from the officer was a perfect storm of accusations of innocent events taken completely out of context and warped into a powerful lie of sexual intent.

I would later learn that my working with Victorian nudes in antique photo restoration became "pornography," and my children's eager and constant climbing on my lap so I could get little work done was portrayed as the active showing of such "pornography." The normal care of cleaning and medicating obvious infections, rashes and soiling in the children's privates was wildly misrepresented as sexual and used to infuse these children with guilt and confusion. Our oldest daughters' straight As in school portended some horrible "abuse" two years earlier as her frequent bouts with non-sexual and extreme hysteria was apparently ignored as irrelavant as sexual hysteria in a growing girl inevitably follows. Likewise, any suggestion of early infantile abuse by others, including known offenders and convicted friends of the biological father were all quickly discounted.

Any knowledge that she had of sex acts was quickly linked to me as a perpetrator of such acts and completely outside of normal due process rules. Though I am to assume that such knowledge is unlikely for a girl this young, it is astounding that in today's age of the internet and other media that the authorities would assume such knowledge was directly given through sex acts. It is also no wonder that in a culture of shame such knowledge would be used as a tool to lynch the father. For in this culture, nothing is more horrible to them than sex knowledge in children and as a teacher in these schools, I know nothing is more common. In this culture, children apparently have little or no transitional knowledge of sexuality from the time of pure innocence to their wedding. Such is a myth based upon religious and cultural imperatives and not based on true psychology where such hysteria in children this young has been documented for over 100 years.

Our child complied with a police officer while under duress and extreme stress. She did what most first graders do in such situations, she provided answers which she believed the police officer wanted to hear. But unlike many children in Bedford County, we raised her in a manner which empowered her to talk about any sexual matters. In fact, when I met her at two years of age, she rarely talked at all, but was now very talkative. As a result, active play, scratching, knee-horse riding or any other activity of play that "burns" in the private area are horrendously labeled as sexual, "fingering" or stimulative in nature. These agents apparently taught her these words, as she had never used them before or understood what they really meant. I knew this to be common sexual amplification techniques, but my wife was ignorant of these things. And games designed to entertain are likewise distorted as sexual "briberies," sexual "threats" and other devices where the context is completely distorted to build sexual intent. Normal activities of play which can be turned to a prosecutorial advantage with suggestions by the authoritative voice such as a police officer in a virtual jail. The authority can take normal events of childhood which are minor and incidental and expand upon them making them loom large in a child's mind. This is a method often used in hypnosis, but on young children is actually easy to do if one were so unethical. This is an act of isolating details, however brief or innocent in context, question it in a repetitive manner and by isolating them, take them out of their true context. These are then memories fit for the prosecution but memories that have been taken out of context.

This is especially easy to do when the child is hysterical about sexual matters in the first place, making it exceedingly easy to jump to the "perpetrator" conclusion and damning the father as the perpetrator. It is even more difficult for blended families as this hysteria may well be rooted in innocent play but may not be viewed as such by a child who may resent the step-father who is not the biological father. Resulting immature sexuality may be manifested in powerful forms of transference which is truly a marvel of the human mind for its complexity of motives, fears and creativity. But this is the realm of childhood that we have all been in and merely takes some reflection to recall such hysteria in our childhood memories.

This police officer has no MHP training and is clearly bent on a prosecutorial bias on the very first day of this case. But even he concluded that no such case could be brought including our baby, though Bedford Child & Youth would press one anyway many weeks later.

The authorities then took it upon themselves to delve further into my wife's hysteria now very much induced by them and convince her of my "targeting" of her children, a despicable leap of judgment with absolutely no bearing in any evidence anywhere. Had I targeted them, why would I wait 4 years in a rural area where I had no adequate employment and could not even secure an adequate income? Could a man targeting children be any less motivated? And any MHP who knows the statistics which drive such investigations would know a man entering his mid forties with no history of exploitation of children is simply not on the charts as a risk offender. In fact, such offenders are so rare as to virtually not exist.

What children have I ever targeted in over 40 years? For whatever reason, my wife, who had always known this and knows that such intent never existed, now was assisting in the manipulation of these events into something diabolical, criminal and untrue. She was under complete duress by this process and was in fact being wildly manipulated. All of this should suggest to any jury or judge that my wife's motives are not genuinely those of someone seeking the truth in a private family matter, but was now effectively in the hands of the State. Where is the common phase of disbelief, the normal and healthy desire to avoid the criminal judicial system in a private family matter? Instead, it is more likely that her irrational fears artificially imposed by these authorities are driving all of this madness and in fact "working the system" against me in a hysterical fashion.

The Bedford County Pennsylvania State Police have consequently examined our young children for sexual child abuse without my consent purely on my wife's and daughters' word, after this hysteria was greatly exaggerated and inflamed, even though these children have been hysterical for some time for which I have been trying to find treatment. The health care system here is in a shambles. My efforts to calm and cuddle them in their hysteria was now being falsely crafted as the cause of such irrational behavior. This hysteria existed before my presence in this family and has corresponded precisely with their mother's health problems, her phobias and culminating with a possible concussion and other severe problems with the mother. Our oldest daughter was convinced that green monsters were in her head and other such delusions. This investigation is also based upon "events" which are alleged to have occurred approximately 18 months to two years previous and is nearly half a lifetime ago for these young children.

Why in God's name are these people placing 2, 4 and 6 year old girls on gurneys to be stripped, humiliated, probed and spread open all based on hysterical testimony from preschoolers about alleged events said to have occurred a year or more in the past? This state-sponsored voyeurism will certainly stigmatize these children for life and effectively "fix" their testimony by the voice of authority and fear of authority, when all they really needed was proper and unbiased therapy, not a rape examination. Children this young are simply too easily manipulated by any number of adults wishing our family harm and any competent and unbiased Mental Health Professional would know this. But this system is wildly out of control to inflict preschoolers with this unnecessary horror.

Likewise, I was told by a police officer that these girls were effectively interrogated by him in the same holding cell interrogation room where I was questioned which I find alarming and insensitive since they are so young and he does not appear to be following MHP protocol. These girls have also been placed under enormous stress by their mother because she has been wildly lied to by authorities and hysterically believes her infant will be taken away from her due to drug concerns related to her illness and has suffered an obvious mental breakdown and recent head injury in a fall.

This is grossly negligent and against MHP protocol as this is all being done in an assumed custody dispute for the safety of an infant, where all such allegations by children are to be held as highly suspect due to the stress and confusion this causes them. And this institutional overkill is all done without any contact with me, the primary adult witness to these alleged incidents. I have extensive education and knowledge of psychological phenomenon such as this hysteria, direct knowledge of this girl's lifelong bouts with hysteria and have published extensively at Harvard and elsewhere on psychological issues relating to similar issues and can be a critical witness to these girls' home environment, but I was not contacted for over six weeks since this process designed to demonize me began. By this time, the rush to judgment was complete and any real perpetrator will most likely go free.

My work has been published for nearly ten years, but now I am being portrayed as some monster and not the person who in reality has aided and worked with hundreds of children over 20 years. I was on the board of directors of a theatre, worked in over 20 schools and dozens of churches all of my life. In fact, the authorities proceeded to demonize me in the most vile and biased manner, launching a wide and destructive dragnet of negative investigation affecting every friend and family member of mine in a horribly biased display of presumed guilt, clearly showing their non-objectivity and unprofessional bias, utterly destroying my family in the process.

Now my wife has fully subscribed to this bias, has been terrorized by this fear of criminality against her and has dug the proverbial hole and continues to dig, living the lie that I am some kind of monster and perpetuating in these small children the lie that they have been abused. This is de facto child abuse by anyone's definition except for the apparent child-advocacy camps which embrace such government overkill. Such groups apparently believe that these children would be better off with the stigma of "abuse" and the taint of criminality in their own blood.

These children are very young and are delusional at times and hysterical about many matters and frequently confuse reality and fantasy, television cartoon monsters with real demons, etc. Read Jeopardy in the Courtroom: A Scientific Analysis of Children's Testimony by Stephen J. Ceci & Maggie Bruck where suggestive interviewing techniques have in fact been shown in research to generate false reports of sexual acts by children this young. This is especially true when children have come from this environment of suggestibility and the "events" are this old. I also hold that the rushing into medical exams and interrogations by police officers has irreversibly damaged these kids. I do not suggest that all children this young are hysterical, but I do know that these children suffer from hysteria and I am not fabricating such simply to build a defense. These children have also coached each other for some time, the nature of which is unknown to me, but I was concerned by the whispering and the distancing in them suggesting that they were instilling fear into each other.

I will give one clear example of hysteria in my own childhood, and I was not under the duress of these children. When I was in the first grade, my class was lectured by a police officer about the dangers of Vietnam era munitions being brought home by returning troops. We were shown slides of what these munitions looked like. In my young mind I began to fear that I had such a rocket or bomb buried in my own sand pile at home. The officer came to my house and discovered that this "bomb" was in reality a tree trunk. Such is the power of hysteria in children of this age when authority figures cherry-pick suggestive details, employ the leading authoritative voice, as they might with adult criminals, and effectively manipulate testimony in very young children. This is exactly what is happening in this case and anyone denying the prosecutorial bias in this case and how it shapes unconstitutional testimony is delusional and completely out of touch with how this system is destroying families.

During a separation from my wife, I had spent many occasions at the Bedford County Department of Child and Youth Services only to be treated in the most horrific manner as a criminal. These agents of the State apparently were told horrific things about me and refused to tell me anything about my biological child, my step-children or my wife even though they told me they were in close contact with them. They told me directly that they would provide a ride for me to the hospital so that I could see a counselor in order to deal with my intense separation anxiety. Instead, an officer of the Pennsylvania State Police arrived and refused to provide me with any treatment, showing instead a severe and obvious bias against me.

The officer then violated many protocols mandated by such Supreme Court rulings as Idaho v. Wright where "unbiased pretrial investigative interviews of suspected sexually abused children are critical to obtaining reliable statements that later might be repeated at trail by MHPs." His refusal to allow me treatment is a clear indication of his bias and contempt for any due process procedures. This officer showed a bias against me and a decidedly divisive approach to a serious family matter which fell broadly outside the Commonwealth's mandated interest in family preservation, and was in fact frequently laced with emotional and psychological accusations of my guilt. He suggested that these children were in dire need of "regaining their innocence," thus requiring my forced separation from them without any evidence that such innocence was ever lost. Nor did the courts or any other "authority" ever contact me before destroying my family. This combines with a grossly suggestive interview from a non-MHP with small children ages 4 and 6 where he apparently prolonged many embarrassing and painful questionings about private parts and suggestive "sexual matters" taken completely out of context. No evidence actually yet attained. I believe the subsequent demonizing of me through my wife, family and all those contacted through this investigation has become irreversibly damaging and has in fact destroyed my family and their prospects of having a normal life.

I can only imagine what has been done to our children in this process and what will be done to them as they age. These accusations are vague and migratory, shifting with the winds, and what is euphemistically called "expansive," meaning these people act like the rule of law does not apply to "child abuse." The ultimate offense to my fatherhood and human dignity came, after nearly two months of dealing with my stepchildren, when these hacks decided to throw in my own biological baby into the "abused" category, almost as an institutional afterthought, implying that such outrageous manipulation of facts can utterly destroy my relationship with my own dear child at the whim of these beasts. Though such evil manipulation of the evidentiary process can successfully work the system in Family Court, it is abuse of State Power in its most vile and barbaric form.

What’s more, the only contact with me came nearly two months into this investigation requesting a written statement from me. This came from a Welfare agent who had the same last name as my estranged in-laws, who I suspected as being involved intimately with this agency. I complied by sending a statement, but heard nothing in return.

Any ambiguities concerning sexual body parts and children is fair game for lynching anyone they feel should go down, and this non-objectivity is highly evident in this case. Likewise, I had waited patiently for the officer to provide the details for a polygraph test so that I could clear my name, but he has never called me, nor left any voicemails. This is clearly intentional for he was clearly given my phone number and was told to call me, but is most likely calling this a "refusal" on my part. Though he cannot have any phone record of even leaving a measage.

My wife may have inadvertantly conditioned the children with very elaborate and detailed descriptions of wrongful conduct by men and instilled in these children irrational fears of men. It was clear to me that these children were being conditioned for fear and ignorance which needed to be countered. But I was also told very clearly that they were in a dangerous environment. So these children were always told the truth about any sexual questions at the time they would arise. All of which are private matters. But when the children over-react to something sexual, the authorities fall in line with my wife's extreme fears. Such specific forms of abuse are nonetheless confusing to girls this young and are easily mistakenly identified or wildly exaggerated. I was truly baffled by the intense physicality of our oldest child only to follow with bouts of hysteria and distance and then physicality again, but this is no indicator of sexual abuse. It is commonly understood as a normal childhood phenomenon. Our oldest daughter would often suggest that such offensive behavior was occurring, and in play or in other casual settings, she would often exaggerate and pretend that such violations were occurring in a humorous manner. I really did not think at the time that these conditionings, however innocent, would become an obsession and cause eventual sustained episodes of hysteria and fear. I originally thought my wife's coaching of the children in this way was appropriate, but what began as a joking and sarcastic tone now turned into a cold and literal attempt to blame me with actual crimes. And the normal confusions of a child this age are completely discounted by these pro-actively destructive Welfare agents working as prosecutors. As their mandate to "preserve the family" is apparently of little interest to them and their relationship with actual prosecutors fully imbedded and conveniently biased against fathers.

In fact, such a mission of Child and Youth to secure a "simple" prosecution of fathers negates the powerfully broad complexities of the blended family, the childhood mind and becomes the antithesis of the mental health profession: mental health treatment actually requires a tolerance for complex ambiguities which a prosecutorial system absolutely despises and will work powerfully to eliminate. The dumbing down of psychological practice in this fashion is inherently unconstitutional, as an adversarial system of simple judgment arises in a field of science that seeks to address human complexities. The full marriage of mental health professionals with the criminal justice system is not only problematic, but is a fraudulent marriage of opposite disciplines unless a fully adequate defense with true mental health professionals is offered as a counterweight. The seeking of "evidence" of adult intent in the testimony of very young children by Welfare agents, as is here highly evident, violates any concept of sound psychological practice and is inherently biased against real understanding of these children and is in fact a prosecutorial weapon. No one should underestimate the degree to which sound psychology has been dismissed early on in this case and is routinely dismissed broadly in these cases, as such does not support the overwhelming prosecutorial bias of conservative simplification. Having viewed this hysteria closely, heard the outrageous warping of the facts, I know this exploitation of hysteria is anything but "unbiased" and requires sound science, not the manipulation of children for a "simple" prosecution.

My wife would frequently joke with the children to "put Daddy in jail" and then "Mommy will get a Republican Daddy." "Putting Daddy in jail" was a common refrain at times by her and the children and it meant blaming Daddy for child abuse. I played along with this game, thinking it would be healthy if the children were ever actually abused, that they could then know that they had this power. But this playful banter and sarcasm was effectively turned against me in a humorless and despicable manner by the authorities when the children began to become hysterical and build stories of "abuse" and coach each other.

I viewed this coaching for months, but did not understand it. The children would whisper to one another when around me and I would react with humor and playfulness. But such reverse psychology ultimately backfired as it was portrayed in a literal light and now must loom large in a young child’s mind. My wife had lost her mutual sense of humor with me and had, instead, convinced the authorities that my playing with the children in this manner was literal and not sarcastic or playful, in other words, had a "sexual" suggestion which bred this hysteria. It is as if a possible concussion had completely altered her sense of observation and reason. I am not so sure that this conditioning of the children was intentionally meant to be hostile toward me, but it has nonetheless served that result, and her irrational fears have infected these children.

There is an implied doctrine in this culture of shame that men are inherently predatorial. I felt it very necessary to counter this evil bias against men through my own therapeutic methods, playing a tiger and other games, and these methods have worked with these children in building trust. These children became far more active, healthy and playful around me through my four years of love and building trust with them. I was also alarmed and angered when their mother constantly challenged this trust and this anger has been misconstrued by my wife as a "gotcha" moment when she believed that I was threatening our daughter to keep her silent. This is a common trick by real child abusers and seems to have carried weight with these authorities, unfortunately for them, I had never insisted that our daughter remain silent about anything. Such was never threatened by me to her, but my wife became wildly hysterical that such was the case.

Young children exposed to this kind of conditioning are highly capable of generating false reports of child abuse, since they are brought up in a highly suggestive environment where they are actively empowered to make such reports and they are simultaneously too young and innocent to know what sexual abuse really is. This is precisely why trained professionals are mandated to discover “serious” child abuse before the full destruction of the family occurs. This process is not applied to this family due to extreme prejudice against the father.

This State government is explicitly promoting a culture of shame which ultimately destroys families and targets minority families. This shame is fully based on religious ideas of sexuality and fear and not on scientific knowledge of human sexuality. Such vague ideas of shame and keeping children ignorant are then institutionalized into schools and other agencies of government in a manner that conditions children to fear.

Child advocate camps, however, believe such claims of conditioning in children is only a ploy used by desperate defense attorneys, and they are apparently winning this battle in the courtrooms. Though I do not believe children are intentional liars, they are at times too young to make such adult distinctions necessary in determining subtle rules of contact and matters of sexual intent. Instead, such adult distinctions are being supplied to them, months or years later. In this case however, our oldest daughter clearly suffers from hysterical delusions and has clearly confused incidental contact with actual sexual abuse, and she simply has been overtly coached by authority figures to make these wrong and immature mistakes in judgment a mistake in memory. For what little I have heard has been grossly taken out of context and such context can and must be made clear by her through direct questioning, which I sincerely hope is not necessary for my defense. She would also be at an age where banter and sarcasm with her at times would be easily misinterpreted and used to imply something completely out of context.

Our oldest daughter must now be made aware of the difference between incidental contact during play or her routine massaging and actual sexual contact. This education is simply abusive to her and may not be applied at all, even though this failure will certainly hurt my defense. She will need to have a very detailed explanation of her mother's or some authority's idea of "fingering," as I have heard it, or I will simply not have a fair, Constitutional rebuttal of these horribly false charges. Therefore any memory of incidental contact can be exploited by authorities or her mother in a manner which builds false sexual overtones. These false sexual overtones win juries while exploiting children with fear and embarrassment. By indoctrinating these children into a culture of shame, guilt plays a powerful role in manipulating these children.

This guilt is highly abusive, however, and can cause great harm in later years. Guilt can be exploited by prosecutors to "fix" memories in children which will exploit and prolong this hysteria further. Such is what I believe may be occurring in this case, since a middle-aged male police officer embarrassed small children and even me with the authoritative and repetitive interrogation techniques which clearly violate known MHP protocol for sexual abuse investigations of children this young. Children this young simply cannot be coached by police officers effectively or reliably on matters of sexual intent.

Instead, embarrassment is employed to fix memories of "offenses" which in a child's mind looms large by this imposed guilt by authority figures, when the actual event may have been quite trivial, brief, innocent or grossly misinterpreted. Children will naturally fall back on their powerful imaginations, as I had done at that age, and give the officer or MHP precisely the kind of testimony that he/she wants to hear, as leading or suggestive questioning will coach out of them. I can certainly do the same process with our 6-year-old concerning space aliens and purple monsters from TV which are equally "real" in her mind. I can also make her recall times when such monsters were touched, seen and in fact residing in her head. For she has suffered from such clear and precise hysteria in my presence.

This testimony becomes the fruit of a poisonous tree as the child has become effectively traumatized into fixed and false memories by the voice of authority and subsequent coachings for the prosecution. The authorities cherry-pick "sexual" testimony which is often misinterpreted by immature minds. They then use this damning testimony to destroy this family and ignore the fact that this child is capable of producing a host of bizarre and strange testimony if one were inclined to pursue this. This voice of authority can literally create and manipulate events within a young child's mind and this "mining" of memories in pre-schoolers about events which are a year or more old is totally problematic and unreliable. Any true professional would know this. Likewise, if I am not permitted to demonstrate this girl's wild imagination and hysteria through my own professional defense team's examination of her, this is clearly an unconstitutional violation of the confrontation clause and my right to cross-examine those alleging crimes against me. Yet, this is precisely what this system allows to happen.

I know this process of the power of the authoritarian voice extremely well. I have published my thesis on "The Subjective Imperative of Voice" at Harvard nearly ten years ago. This thesis pertains to the powerful effect of the authoritative voice in theatre to build drama, but also applies to children and adults as well. And my witnessing this same power of manipulation being placed on my own children is absolutely horrifying. I will certainly move heaven and earth to expose this evil.

By instilling in these children the idea that they have been abused, these authority figures may effectively build false memories or exaggerations into children too young to resist such conditioning.

It is time that Americans everywhere identify this process for what it is: it is coaching and it is wrong. Like wrongful and unnecessary strip-searching of children, the wrongful manipulation of biased prosecutorial testimony against their father is hurtful and damaging to children. This process is also absolutely damning to my defense and my Constitutional rights of due process. It is also de facto child abuse when the questioning of children about events that may have adult sexual overtones becomes confusing and embarrassing in the child's mind. The child becomes embarrassed by his or her ignorance of such things, and this embarrassment later develops into confusion or guilt which may persist for years, leading them ultimately toward drugs and other dependency. This is the culture of shame and guilt which I had painstakenly tried to avoid in these children when they came to be curious about body parts and how things worked. These "authorities" have no such foresight to avoid indoctrination of these children into embarrassment and shame and must be held accountable.

I consider myself extremely affectionate and I resent any attempt by authorities to take playful ambiguities and turn these into something they are not. If these authorities want to be cold and mechanical at home, so be it. I have always loved and kissed the children and been intentionally engaging and their mother has always been there condoning such affection as properly supportive.

Government intrusion into such private matters is not the America that I will fight for, it is the tip of a fascist's spear and its political component is clear: to expand the definition of "abuse" to include those families who do not share or march in step with religiously based conservative "values." It is only now that a custody issue has been imposed within an awkwardly blended family that this same affection is characterized as inappropriate conduct, "criminal" and "abusive." Why? Because such a family is easily dismissed by conservative authorities as outside the political ideal, problematic, unworthy of preservation and disposable by crass judgment, police force and the systematic rubber-stamping of unnecessary restraining orders. This is a despicable bias against men which must be exposed as the malignant and inhuman assault against a father's love for his children and a government which destroys more than it can possibly rebuild.

One habit that this family has maintained is fingernail scratchings. The girls have loved to be scratched by their mother and me, as well as my wife enjoying back scratches. I believe such scratching is healthy and normal, but in my wife's environment of suggestibility and fear, scratchings are now wrongfully depicted as sexual acts and this is just plain outrageous and stupid. Of course the children are scratched on their backs, around the pants' line and on their butts, this is where they itch. Calling this a sexual act is positively outrageous, primitive and insane. Any intelligent jury will see past this outrageous misrepresentation. Any attempt to convince our daughter that incidental contacts in these areas are abusive needs to be seriously challenged. Any culture that condemns such scratching as "sexual" should itself be a culture condemned.

Likewise, our oldest daughter has long suffered from what I believe are phantom leg cramps and is regularly massaged in her legs and rear. Her mother has done this long before she has met me and I have been charged with doing the same. I have been viewing physical therapists all of my life, literally, and my wife does not even know this. This knowledge of physical therapy comes from the fact that my sister was involved in an accident at about the time I was born and she became paralyzed from the waist down. Her condition required constant physical therapy for which my mother became very proficient and I have learned to use all of my life. I have frequently used physical therapy with the girls, as I have found it to be very effective in dealing with stress and cramps in them. Her mother knows this is all innocent, but may now be convincing the girls that such contact is improper and this is outrageous. And the police officer has implied that massages are somehow linked with sexuality and I vehemently resent this puritanical inference.

Our oldest daughter's intense physical and emotional therapy was initiated and directed by her mother long before she met me. The girl has suffered from hysteria and phantom leg cramps well before my involvement with her mother. In absolute terms, her condition improved under my care to the point where she was very comfortable sitting on my lap or horseplaying around the house and was always happy and active. This was not the case when I met her at age two. At two years of age, she would scream and become hysterical when most men attempted to hold her in any way. This is why her mother and I believed that the violence of my wife's first marriage and possibly sexual abuse by the father or one of his known offender friends may have occurred.

I was charged by my wife with providing care for these children at times. I was nonetheless only active in applying medication, wiping butts, changing diapers, swabbing genitals and other private and personal care of the children only part of the time. But in an environment of suggestibility where these children have been told repeatedly that they have the power "to put Daddy in jail," this limited amount of contact may induce an hysteria in some of the children, or a false interpretation many months later where any contact by the father becomes grossly exaggerated. Freud wrote extensively about such sexual delusions and hysteria over 100 years ago and concluded to the opposite of his original hunches that these events occur largely in the mind and are in fact fantasies. This is very common in childhood and should not be exaggerated by anyone.

In fact, if these children are conditioned to believe men are purely sexual in their motivations, hysteria is a common and inevitable result, making fatherhood in this hysterical culture virtually unworkable. My wife is most certainly guilty of instilling this level of hysteria in her children and the Bedford County culture is absolutely obsessed with molestation hysteria, just look at the newspapers. These stories are often sensationalized but rarely substantiated by the high bar of Constitutional due process, though often the man or the family are destroyed in the process. I also fear this society will instill such hysteria into most or all blended families, making fatherhood with small children in these situations virtually unworkable in a society obsessed with child molestation fears.

I believe as a parent, it was my role to allow the children to express themselves fully, even about sexual matters, because such expression can expose abuse or other important issues. Now this has been turned on its head by apparent hacks. These "Professionals" are calling me the abusive person, in total ignorance of the facts. These people are speculating on the hysteria of very young children that occurred months later and these people do not understand the context to these complex discussions. They err on the side of "child abuse" in a wildly unprofessional manner clearly against protocol and constitutional law. Though they have the audacity to presume they are defending these children against "abuse," these people are in fact violating these children by imposing an extremely hurtful judicial process on them unnecessarily.

I also believed my wife and I were on the same page when we answered all sexual questions honestly, without hysteria or the common taint of "dirtiness" and in a manner that the girls would understand at the time they would ask such questions. Likewise, their touching, grabbing and playing, was not construed by me as anything overtly sexual, nor did my wife at these times suggest that any of this was sexual. The fact remains that children of this age are routinely confused by any sexual situations because they are ignorant about sexual matters. This confusion can lead to guilt and hysteria which should not be exploited and allowed to turn these children's embarrassment at their own ignorance into long-term guilt and shame. Remember a time when you were ignorant of sexual matters and the shame such ignorance produced. Now image this State prosecution being applied to exploit your embarrassment. I believe my approach was the correct one: allow all such embarrassing moments to happen in an environment without shame, give accurate information to children as they request it, and by all means, do not exaggerate such events in a manner that will traumatize the child.

My hope is that the girls grow up without the appalling and abusive tendency in rural, puritanical America of inflicting shame, a sense of dirtiness or the wholly abusive curse that all matters of sexuality are scandalous and require deep mystery and darkness.

This idea that the girls need to "regain their innocence" by arrogant and ill-qualified authorities is centrally flawed and misguided, as these girls deserve the truth, not the imposed and ruinous sanction of a fatherless future. For suspending them in ignorance has been effectively destroyed by this judicial process and such ignorance based on quasi-religious doctrines of shame and fear have no place in our government. These people are over-whelmingly hypocritical in their knowledge that there are those in their family who suffer from extreme sexual shame and must abuse drugs to deal with it. They must now face the fact that these children deserve better and that this culture of shame must be confronted for the failures that it maintains in its own government. I reject this warped view of human sexuality as predatorial, stained or guilt-driven and I maintain that it is my right to educate my daughter in a manner consistent with my beliefs and it is blatantly abusive to any child to be indoctrinated into a culture of shame. This intrusion into the family is abusive even as an "authority" assumes the worst and covers his or her proverbial ass in the process. Such assumptions do not constitute evidentiary requirements of "serious" abuse, and indeed wander into the realm of hysteria and religious indoctrinations. Failure to adhere to strict Constitutional requirements of due process entrap and destroy too many innocent families.

Now these few innocent and brief discussions I have had with my own children in my own home are being turned into something brazenly scandalous in a rather gleeful attempt to generate a good case, cover up unrelated crimes by others, and destroy a family on political and cultural grounds. This is all done under the assumption that this is a disposable family, not the Republican ideal. I want to fight such evil by suggesting that such a throw-away family does not exist, cannot be shown to exist in our laws and cannot be made invisible by the mere blinding assault of Court Orders. This case must, or a similar case must, be raised to a Constitutional Question, as the State abuses are so entrenched as to be functioning well outside the Constitution. Abuse of one family by such a system is a pox on all families.

Also, the implications that blended families will have the same type of chemistry and dialog as biological families and the same type of relationships is blatantly absurd. Children in blended families will hold resentments and be confused in ways that are far more complex than in biological families. Of course blended families are different and more complex and this requires more intelligent authorities. It is important to err on the side of caution in these matters, not impose the draconian hand of a police state. What century are we living in?

I also fear that the two older girls resent my biological child who I adore passionately. This jealousy has led to extensive amounts of coaching between the two girls which at the time I could not understand. I heard whispering and little more. But the girls grew distant from me and their seeming inability to trust me made me angry. After all, I had completely reorganized my life in order to support them financially, since their biological father refused to pay child support on a timely manner. I fear this coaching between the girls was an attempt to win back their biological father and is somehow a product of my wife's irrational fears about sexual predators. In their innocence, the girls have taken some of my sarcastic words and actions as somehow predatorial. The oldest daughter is especially hysterical at times, as she has extreme delusions of monsters, space aliens and the like. Her mother has had similar delusions as a child and these are commonly linked as genetic and are very common.

Even though I worked effectively full time for Bedford Area School District, I was never able to get any kind of health insurance other than the State Access card which has proven to be a worthless fraud for my family, as no doctor wanted to accept it. Now that I have moved to get better health insurance for my family, my wife is rejecting this, having been apparently convinced by this system that I am a monster.

Let me assure you that at the time my wife went to the police, I felt that I was the luckiest man on earth with a wonderful family. I had serious anxieties and depression, but I largely related these to money problems. I had gone to church with her the Sunday before and am always open to counseling. But my wife had never attempted to confront me personally or seek counseling. That is why I am convinced that something or someone else is behind her motivations and that she is not acting rationally or alone.

As I am trying to understand this inhuman system that will destroy our child and may force the other children to go on trial, stigmatizing them for life. I am over 1,000 miles away from my wife now in order to provide real health care, earn meaningful support for my child and give my wife the space she needs so as to diminish much of the irrational fears that she seems to be suffering from. I consider myself abundantly lucky to be living in a federally declared disaster area where Republican dysfunction reigns supreme and even the Post Office does not work, six months after a storm. I much prefer this to the functioning Republican government of Bedford County.

I will get through to my baby at some point and explain all of this to her when she is old enough to understand. But I will also need justice for these children. These are truly horrible people promoting an intolerant orthodox view of sexuality and bent on continuing a cycle of darkness and shame into the next generation of our children. If you can help me in Bedford with any of these complex issues, please respond and check back to this blog. I believe these children are not abused, but for this God-awful system.

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